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  1. Has anyone watched the animated series that came out last year on Netflix? What did you think? And does anyone know when the next series comes out?
  2. My pick for worst would be Tag Team Wrestling for NES. There was absolutely nothing good about that game.
  3. I always wondered, how does Soylent Green taste?
  4. EGL

    Show Revivals

    Some of the old X-Files episodes were hilarious, too, like the one with Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek in it. Jose Chung's from Outer Space, I think it was called. The season they did a couple years ago was pretty good, and I've enjoyed this season so far except for the season premiere. The one about the Mengele Effect from a couple weeks ago was really good.
  5. I rewatched some of them on Hulu recently. Episodes 2-5 or so used recycled stuff from episode 1. I never caught that before and found it interesting. I used to love Lost in Space. Professor Smith was awesome. "Don't dawdle, you ninny! Oh the pain, the pain!" I think they're doing a reboot series, maybe on Netflix. I've seen a space for it with no content listed on Netflix and IMDB has a Lost in Space (2018) listed if you look up the show.
  6. All good picks, Mr. Windham. Is IRS in the WWE HoF yet?
  7. Did you ever try it? What did you think?
  8. I miss Blitzball! Brother was probably the best player at Blitzball. Oh and funny enough - I once saw a girl on a dating site do her whole profile in Al Bhed.
  9. I've just got Letter Soup and Solitaire on mine. It really depends what kinds of games you like. FFXV (I think that's the number?) was alright but not like any of the old FF games at all. It's one of those where you build up your town, resources, and battle forces. I've been meaning to check out Star Trek Timelines since it came out, but still haven't (I love Star Trek). But it looked pretty cool. Criminal Case isn't bad. It's one of those find the hidden item games. There are a couple games I usually see adverts for that look like they might be worth checking out, but I can't remember the names of them right now. I'll post them next time I see them, though. I tried the Jeopardy game a while ago and was kind of disappointed. There are a couple of newer Angry Birds games out now, too, if you're into that. I've enjoyed Panda Pop and Snoopy Pop in the past, although I ultimately ended up deleting them from my phone.
  10. Just now saw about this. Do you ever talk about TWO Stars at all?
  11. It was a pretty good show, although not many who said they would call actually did. I was sad you guys didn't make it. I miss you folks. :(
  12. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2013/12/28/efg-radio--european-invasion-special-188 Date and time have been set as Saturday, Dec 28 2PM Eastern USA time, 7PM UK time. There's the link. I really do hope at least a few of you can make it. It'll be nice to hear from you guys again!
  13. So I've been talking with some people on this efedding Facebook group, and it looks like they want to do a best of 2013 discussion. Is that cool with you guys?
  14. Thanks guys! And of course anyone else from TWO Stars is welcome to join, as well.
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