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  1. - Sami Zayn up to 800k? - Apollo and maybe Titus up to 500k. - Liv Morgan as aforementioned up to 500k. - Bray Wyatt down to 600k - Akira Tozawa down to 500k - Brian Kendrick down 400k, seeing as he's injured - Noam Dar down to 400k if not 200k, seeing as he's injured. - R-Truth down to 200k - How about the possibility of adding Mr. McMahon? At 200k. He doesn't make an awful lot of appearances but it being WM Season, why not? - Same with The Undertaker Quite a lot. :lol:
  2. Watched it all as of far, really good fun! Looking forward towards the Premier League, I couldn't even name anyone other than the top 4 who are already seeded, who should get picked for the Premier League. Suljovic is a good pick, but he's mentioned many times before that he'd rather be at home with his family. Taylor will retire of course and Lewis and Barney are probably a safe bet. Wade, Klaasen, Chizzy have all had a week year and I'm not sure if it may be a bit too early to put Rob Cross in.
  3. Guess you can drop James Ellsworth too, not sure if anyone has to change their picks due to that matter.
  4. I'd at least keep Maria at 200k or 100k, I'd also put Mike Kanellis down to 400k. Not much happening with him at all. What's with Neville? Down to 500 or 400k? He's good as gone I guess, unless something miraculously happens.
  5. I'd put Rusev down to 600, Miz maybe up to 800? He is champ right but I guess the same could go for Corbin, so maybe it's arguable. Also take Mark Henry out or knock him down a notch. He officially retired a few weeks ago.
  6. On a grander scale maybe, but does the WWE PPV business mean anything with the network? Not really, not really anymore. The names WrestleMania, Summerslam or Royal Rumble will garner viewership anyway but I guess it isn't a problem to give us two hot Main-Events on what used to be a "B-PPV", I mean it still is a B-PPV per se but people will tune in.
  7. So even with the possibility of Brock appearing and disrupting the triple threat match, how stupidly booked is this triple threat match? Everyone was making their case on being No. 1 contenders but Kurt puts them all in the match for Summerslam. However down the road the contenders have a triple threat, so essentially the winner of that match COULD be the true No. 1 contender right? Anyone follow? So stupid.
  8. To go on further, maybe they would though. If there's a heel or authority figure oppressing a "LGBT character" then it might just do some damage. It's unfortunately a risk all around.
  9. **Sigh**, live is all and good but right in the spot 205Live is in after SmackDown is finished? So people will actually be leaving before the finals kick off. Really a shame because I'm sure the tournament will be awesome.
  10. Didn't Baron Corbin get any points? He made an appearance on Smackdown during the Main Event.
  11. Where to? Obviously head to the marquee events in Oberhausen but you need to do Hamburg. The crowd, atmosphere and of course the legendary Markthalle make these events very special.
  12. That reaction tho. Seriously can't wait for BSS vs. CCK
  13. I had to have another look, I remember refreshing the results on Hashtag Wrestling. Apparently it was per Knockout!
  14. What crocks of shit the people behind 5-Star Wrestling are. Using a terror attack as an excuse to wrestlers as to why they had to cancel 15 shows in massive arenas. They're still selling tickets for the events too and haven't even made an announcement. Silly enough, that their CM Punk/1 Million Dollars backfired on them, how on earth did they think they could pull this off? Feel bad for the fans, who have been ripped off by these slimeballs. Brit Wrestling is flourishing and they're still some shitheads around like it's still the 2000's.
  15. Yes, I'd at least add Dunne, Bate, Seven, Andrews and Wolfgang to the 100,000 category. They make NXT appearances here and there.
  16. Yeah I saw that, any other CZW guys on tour in England? Figure if CCK isn't going over the pond for a small tour then Scarlet and Graves will get them back eventually. Still, totally unexpected. In other news, Toni Storm became the first PROGRESS Ladies Champion yesterday after beating Jinny and Laura Di Matteo in Day 2 of the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament and Trent Seven lost in the first round to Matt Riddle via submission in 6 Seconds! :omg: He shall now be known as Trent Six. :D And how about this. Grado and Joe Coffey have got their opponents for ICW Shugs Hoose Party 4. Sha Samuels and for one night only Noam Dar!
  17. I'm not sure if I can let this sink in. I'm devastated, heartbroken, frustrated, I just don't understand it. I've been really unwell since the news broke yesterday morning. Cornell, alongside Vedder and Patton was a hero for me, who I idolized throughout my difficult times to this day. Although I was never old enough to live through the Seattle era, I found comfort in Soundgarden's and Pearl Jam's music in particular some 15 years later. He's also one of the reasons I started playing music back in my late teenage years, I collected everything from Soundgarden to TOTD to Audioslave to his solo projects and whatever B-Sides and Rarities there were to grab. Every piece of music with his involvement, every album, is an immense ride for me. I saw him last year here in Hamburg, he looked well, was chatty, was fit, talked about jogging around the Alster here in Hamburg. No signs at all. He was one of the good ones, he beat it all, he had a lot of things planned. I least expected the circumstances surrounding his death from him. 52 years old is no age to die. R.I.P.
  18. I think Ambrose vs. Wyatt was more suitable for the Main Event, seeing how Joe/Rollins ended pretty much like how a mid-show segment would go. I think with the Universal Title gone, put some more light on the Intercontinental Title. It very much needs it.
  19. WWE held their usual tryouts in the UK before RAW kicked off in London. William Regal, Matt Bloom and Steve Corino were there to scout. Looking at the article and the photos, here a few names that took part: - Jurn Simmons - Marius Al-Ani - BT Gunn - Stevie Boy - Martin Kirby - Flash Morgan Webster - Travis Banks - TK Cooper - Chris Brookes - Adam “Flex” Maxted - Juvenile X - T-K-O - Josh Bodom - Chris Tyler - Sadie Gibbs - "Big Grizzly" Steve Griffiths - Liam Thomson - Ivan Kostadinov http://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/article/wwe-tryout-london-may-2017 Happy that they've got the opportunity but if Jurn Simmons and Marius Al-Ani leave wXw, I'll be a sad bunny. Jurn is on fire and Marius hasn't used his full potential yet. Happy for #CCK, TK Cooper and Flash though.
  20. Add Patrick Clark to 100,000, Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan to 200,000.
  21. That's another thing, they've silently made the Houses of Horror match a non-title match.
  22. In unexpected news, Axel Dieter Jr. is leaving wXw at the end of the month to head overseas. NXT is the rumour going round and obviously the most likely. All the best for him, but it's kind of a bummer because I feel his story and the Ringkampf story didn't climax properly and he certainly had a lot more to go as a singles competitor. Both he and Walter also started a great run for PROGRESS too. He's really going to leave a gap for wXw but the future is bright.
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