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  1. Congrats Saz, Hardcore Holly & The King!! Thank you Colin and Chris2K for all the work you have put into the site.
  2. Challenge for Gladiators, The Crystal Maze & Takeshi's Castle and FX for NCIS!
  3. :balloons Happy Birthday :balloons
  4. Since I love being nosey and knowing things :P, what does CWL stand for? Cheers :)
  5. Taken from Digital Spy Taken from The Sun Can't say I'm surprised what with it being back in America and Australia. Really looking forward to it, as long as they don't hire Ian Wright as presenter like the rumours say.
  6. Trust WWE to change the rules after all these years :lol
  7. Mine was worser, freaking Hornswoggle :P
  8. :-0 Anything by Scooch, yes I did say Scooch :lol
  9. Thankies guys and congrats to SKK I hope you have as much fun being quizmistress (erm quizmaster) as I did :P
  10. Well done to all the winners :)
  11. Congratulations to everybody who won and Mitch for being entered into the HOF!
  12. Happy New Year everybody :)
  13. I'm a huge Spongebob fan, everybody else thinks I'm mad :lol
  14. So far I have gotten: * MP3 Player * Lots of chocolates/sweets (I think people are trying to fatten me up) * Spongebob Fleece Blanket * Spongebob Belt * Pink Superman top * Betty Boop Street Angel top * Scissor Sisters Calendar * A set of keyrings of the little stuffed characters from the Vauxhall Corsa adverts) * Money
  15. I'll enter, since I need a new TWO T-shirt ;)
  16. The only wrestling schools I know of in Scotland are the ones listed in the pinned thread here, but then again I don't know everything :P
  17. I'll do this now since I don't know when I'll be on over Christmas. Merry Christmas Peeps and have a Happy New Year! On a unrelated note, nice to see Ray using the avatar I have used here at Christmas for a couple of years. :lol:
  18. Last I heard of them was they were doing joint shows with Rebel Pro Wrestling (I think that was the name), just visted the Elite Wrestling Academy's website and it seems a dead site.
  19. I hope it's nothing serious Mitch. As for me I feel the same as I do everyday lately like ****!
  20. Can you simplify that for a simpleton like me? :lol
  21. Thanks again peeps, I can confirm it's not the Eric Prydz video. :P Looking on HMV's website, I can't see anything about them accepting cheques. Yeah it is on Amazon, to be honest I only deleted a Amazon account a couple of months ago and I don't fancy signing up for another one just yet.
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