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  1. Anyone feeling GSP and Kampmann by decision? With both fights being interesting to watch, but not the most action packed 25/15 minutes that we're going to see.
  2. Fitch looked incredible, great fight, how it wasn't scored 29-27 by the judges is beyond me. Prado has no business fighting with Davis. Maia should of had SOTN, and he looked pretty damn good. Dave Herman is so bad, I don't see why Big Nog get's SOTN when he has earned more cash than David and Maia put together and has the weakest sub of the night. By far. Silva looked great but it was against Bonnar so who cares. 2 fights left, if he were to fight middleweights I would like them to be Bisping (otherwise we will here him for years after Silva retires saying he was the guy who would of beat Silva) and Chris Weidman who should smash Boetch when they fight. Great card though! Oh yeah I think this was the first time I have scored a 10-7 in the Teixeira v Maldonado fight.
  3. I have watched The Life Aquatic and Burn After Reading today. They didn't get great reviews from what I've read but if you enjoy quirky comedy's (a term I dislike to use for some reason) then they are both worth a watch, especially the former.
  4. Sonnen apparently called Weidman the best middleweight. To be fair Sonnen would get caught in a choke at some point from him. Am pretty interested with the Rampage-Teixeira, Rampage might come in shape with a point to prove against Dana and co. Then again probably not and he'll get leg kicked a ton.
  5. Weidman is still another fight away from a title shot (Belcher?), otherwise the UFC would of said that this was a fight to see who fights Silva next. Bisping still hasn't beat anyone top 10 at the time (which is terrible considering MW isn't a great division), and Lombard best win is what? Shlemenko? Boetsch presents his toughest challenge to date. Apparently if Lombard wins he is going to get a title shot. But seriously, I don't even see a way how these guys beat Silva apart from a punchers chance. This is still a weak division with a very dominant champion who isn't willing to move.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we all in assumption that what the payouts are shown to be from the commission are complete BS, and the UFC have extra locker room bonuses that are paid out to fighters? I'm can't imagine Mendes not getting a extra bonus for his KO, and I think we all know that Sonnen got paid more that 50k by the UFC. Also Weidman looked good last night and Munoz chin again failed him miserably.
  7. Aren't CM Punk and Sonnen friends? Very funny though. It was obvious from the start that Sonnen was never going to appeal. I think the only interesting fights for Silva are 205'ers moving down, because Silva is certainly not going fight Jones or GSP so he can keep his legacy. Rashad would be my preferred fight over anyone at 185.
  8. I heard the audio for that promo on the Jordan Breen show last week, maybe the funniest thing i have heard mma wise. Despite MW not being great, I still see guys like Okami, Boetsch, Bisping beating Franklin at MW and he can forget LHW. Also does anyone think that Silva Sonnen will do over a million buys? I just don't see it. 800,000 sounds right to me.
  9. Glad I randomly woke up for the qualifying. Red Bull looked terrible. Alonso messed up. Hamilton and Button did good times. Still can't get use to that qualifying system, despite it being far more exciting than it use to be.
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