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  1. Yeah, my mate introduced me to Kasabian a few months back. I managed to catch abit of their set at Leeds, and also bought their album when it came out on Monday, and i think its brilliant. Am also very fond of The Killers right now, and The Libertines' new effort is jolly good to. :)
  2. Yorke doesnt have a heart and soul when it comes to football. Hes won it all, hes got all the money. He is lazy and useless in any team.
  3. Just got back from leeds.. and you cant knock the darkness untill you see them live. They are absolutey brilliant live and totally deserve them awards. They played 3 new songs at Leeds, and they all sounded great to. Next album should be good.
  4. Guns dont kill people rappers do.... woooo wooo wooooooo
  5. Yes, Many joyous experiences for the both of you today! Have fun dood and doodette!
  6. Starting Line Gonna get my green day collection out soon to prepare for the first night of leeds. Was looking forward to seeing yellowcard and new found glory on friday to.. but they have both pulled out :( How annoying is it when a band, eg NFG, pull out a few days before the festival? and noone is replacing them. hmph.
  7. I was actually quite shocked to see The Libertines get to number 2. I think they are a great band and all.. but their not exactly mainstream chart topping kind of band. Which can only mean singles are surely not selling that well anymore.
  8. Vampiro

    Good Luck

    I passed just about and got onto my course i wanted at Lincoln Uni.
  9. Vampiro


    Its all about society wanting everyone to be 'normal' and because goths or what not are seen as disobeying societys norms, they are deviant. Which isnt true. Maybe if society didnt look down at these trends, people would just get along with no conflict!
  10. Vampiro


    I dont have a problem with anyone, Goth, Mosher, Scally whatever unless they cause trouble for no apparant reason. Goths tend to keep themselves to themselves. Most i have come across seem abit strange.. but thats not all goths. I would never consider myself to ever be a goth. I couldnt for a starter wear black all day every day. And i couldt listen to heavy metal all the time. I need some more chilled out, and fun stuff to listen to! But goth is just a phase which tends to be around more younger people, and they will grow out of it when they have to grow up and start living seriously.
  11. Robbie Savage.. why birmingham rate hi mso highly is beyond me. He is a donkey. I think Roy Keane is past it now, but in his day, he was as good as Vieira and Gerrard. I dont think Wayne Rooney is overrated. He deserves all the attention he is getting, hes an absolutely wonderful player. He will be Evertons one and only hope to staying in the premiership this season if he doesnt leave. I personally thought Fletchers first full season in the Uniteds first team was a good one. This year he will be better, and after that, you will be able to start comparing him to Beckham. Getting onto Beckham, he isnt overrated at all. Hes a bloody excellent player. United lost the title last year, not only because Arsenal were so prolific, but because we lost Beckham. We had noone decent on free-kicks, corners, and crosses. Beckham was the heart of united, and we need to quickly get another beckham before we are bled dry.
  12. Thats not the case as they had a BBQ last year and did that :P The reason Nadia didnt get interviewed inside was because they had that big stand thing built this year for Davina to interview people outside infront of the audience which i think is better.
  13. Nah Jason didnt lose by a couple of votes.. Nadia got 74% of the total votes. I can see why people like her. I personally wanted Stu to win.. amazing dood. After he left i wanted Jay to win! But well done to the winner! And whats all that "her" rubbish.. she was obviously meant to be a woman, born into the wrong body. You shouldnt dislike her just because she has had a sex change, it doesnt make her any less of a winner than anyone else.
  14. I not overweight.. but i could do to join the gym.. or do my own excerise routene to get back into shape. 2 mins of running these days and im knackered!
  15. lol i was going to say that in my post but i didnt want to rub it in that scotland have no achievments.
  16. Not really petty. I choose them because England is my home nation and victorys like that mean alot to me. Your Scottish for god sakes, and yes, if scotland got beat like England did against France id be happy about it.. but it wouldnt be my best game EVER. You get pride in England losing, when you should be thinking about Scotlands achievements! Thats why its petty.
  17. Ronaldo for me every time! That is the non goofy Ronaldo ofcourse :P Whenever he comes on for either Portugal, or United there is a sudden spring in the team. I think Paul Scholes however is a damn important and influecial member of Uniteds and Englands teams.
  18. England 5 - 1 Germany But the best for me has to be the victory over scotland in Euro 96. Gazza what? ;) Beating Arsenal 6-0 at Old Trafford the other year was damn special to! And Russ, i think its petty, and sad to have your best game EVER as the England vs France one. I think you are purposely raking it up again, wudya just droppit? :P thankyou! Because its getting old.
  19. man.. thats terrible news! What a downer he must have been on after the set!
  20. To be fair, if all they know is your age it could be annnyone. I mean, your age is on your profile..
  21. When i first heard them.. i hated them. When i heard them again.. i hated them a little bit more.. When i heard them again.. my hatred grew.. can you see a pattern here? An utter pointless band.
  22. My mates sending me a song from them right now! ill post my thoughts on it later ;)
  23. Maybe it could be because his music is dull and boring ;) Dont take offense i just find it hard to stay interested. I made an effort to watch aswell. I think ill be trying my best next year to get tickets to this event as it looks bloody amazing! Already talk of the organisers wanting the stones or U2! Who else will be tryin their luck in a ticket next year?
  24. Is there a reason we are all posting our star signs?
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