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  1. I wondered when we would see the WWE go down the route of mixed tag matches. Some brilliant teams there!
  2. Awful news. Can't imagine how devastated she must be.
  3. Kind of forgettable Smackdown. Not much highlights. The fake Gable/Benjamin win raised my eyebrows and was interesting. Return of Becky Lynch, who I've not seen much of, was great. Breezango/Bludgeon Brothers/Ascension stuff was dull, no real point to any of it I feel. Bludgeon Brothers have been bludgeoned to death already with poor creative handling. Nice to see Xavier go through in the US tourney. Aaaaaand WWE just killed the whole Daniel Bryan vs McMahon w/ Kevin & Sami thing. Seriously? A handicap match against AJ for the WWE title? Daniel Bryan really telling Shane to leave the ring? This is being handled all wrong now. It was done great up until lately. Daniel Bryan is now just coming off as a complete tool, we can't be seeing a DB heel turn, surely not? But that's the way it looks like. Looks like Shane is going to end up the face for this. What shambles!
  4. The women are boring right now? I'm more entertained by the women's stuff than most of the guy's stuff right now. Not a fan of how the WWE are handling this entire Kane/Browman/Brock thing. I like the dynamic growing between Jordan & Seth. I seriously need to see Wyatt & Hardy team up and this entire feud thing as a ruse then it's revealed at the Rumble that actually, they're going to team and be a new dominant force. Hardy's stuff had me genuinely entertained. Never saw any of the Good Brothers & Finn before, but I'm excited to see what the fuss is about.
  5. Happy New Year to everyone!
  6. I'm not a PC expert but as far as I'm aware it can be a tricky process getting parts that are compatible, building your own PC is the cheapest option in buying all the parts separately but is still more costly than just buying a console. I wanted to try to upgrade my current PC and found that I'd need a brand new motherboard to do so which would have cost me far too much money, so might as well have just bought a new PC for that price.
  7. I thought that the GTS looked like a nasty hit when he hit it on Kendrick!
  8. - The whole Elias/Cena thing was a mixed bag. Cena was great, Elias was somewhat bland. Their match was a bore to be honest, even the crowd threw in a "THIS IS BORING" right before they finished things up. Also Cena winning defeats the whole point of this but it's Cena so it was obviously going to be him. At least Cena did a good job of putting Elias over but I'm not 100% sold on his character. Felt like Cena's ring rust really showed, plus I could hear both of them shouting their instructions to each other while they worked in-ring (maybe Elias's mic still on?). Crowd couldn't care about this match, neither could I. - Hiedo's debut was pretty neat. I think the only reason it's really here is to get a cheap GTS pop from the Chicago crowd. Brian Kendrick is really lost his vibe. Hideo seems to be a great addition to the roster. Hoping for him and Balor to team. Also apart from the GTS, the crowd didn't seem to care about this either. Slow start to the night. Super glad we have a Cruiserweight division again! - I love the Women's Division! The video package for the Women's Royal Rumble gives me goosebumps everytime. - Women's match was brilliant. Kind of a "well what did that achieve?" moment but still good nonetheless. First time I felt the crowd was really interested in what was going on. I missed the whole Paige thing so glad I can see her now! She really knows how to rile up the crowd. Glad Absolution went over clean and didn't follow the Riot Squad's fate from Smackdown. - Kane's match was kind of meh. It happened. Don't know what else to say. - Same with Balor and Hawkins. Just kind of... there. - Took a long break from the WWE and I feel like Bray has had zero character progression since then. Love the firefly gimmick though. Nice to see Woken Matt Hardy in person. - Christmas match was shoddy because it's a Christmas match, but we got some great action in there. Hope Cedric picks up the belt. - Great match with Roman and Samoa! Great ending, really set the feud up brilliant between these two. - Seth's delivery of the "You'll never be Dean Ambrose" was brilliant. Jason's "I'll be better" fell flat on it's face after that. - Bliss is fantastic on the microphone. I don't think Asuka will actually win the Rumble, it's too obvious. - Main event was surprising! Great match and it was really important Jordan picked up the win rather than Seth. Didn't expect that! Overall it was an "okay" edition of RAW. Lots of things happened that were just like "...what?" Honestly the show would have been better without a lot of this horseshoeing in wrestlers just to have them on the show. Lot of it felt like filler for time. But the quality was there in places!
  9. Merry Christmas to TWO and all it's members past & present.
  10. They hate each other for now. I can forsee some sort of angle where they grow an admiration or kind of respect for each other after putting each other through hell and back and rather than trying to take each other out decide to work together as the two monsters of WWE. It's not likely to happen, just something I thought would be nice for shock value and entertaining television if it went down that route! What's far more likely to happen is that Kane will put Braun over as the "new" monster in WWE and probably start leading up to Kane's eventual retirement.
  11. Just had an amazing thought that we could see Braun and Kane team up to take down Lesnar and then form a tag team. THAT would be amazing.
  12. Oh I can see why it's successful, if you're a multi-player gamer then the Division is probably a good game to grab for your friends. Playing with strangers is always a bad experience for me and my friends usually never tend to play the same games I play so I'm always restricted to single player. With the right squad, my Division experience could have been 10x better than what it was. Also, I'm sure this will also apply to the new Walking Dead game too. With the right squad, this game has massive potential.
  13. I don't think Stephanie will be an entrant. Hoping to see some amazing returns and maybe a good NXT debut from both Rumbles!
  14. I'm already getting Division vibes (ew). I hope the single-player is solid. Division flopped massively on the single-player element.
  15. PC is ultimately the better platform for gaming. It's flexibility, ability to customize, etc means it has the capacity beyond any console which is undeniable. However, I prefer console gaming because I don't want to spend 1000's of cash just to game. Console may be less powerful and adaptable than PC gaming, but is much more reliable and accessible. I do eventually want to transition onto playing on PC as well as console, but only for things like Steam games and games you can't get on console. Console will always be my main choice.
  16. Nah, I'm 110% for it. I love the direction the WWE is taking with regards to it's Women's division, giving them their own Rumble is a MASSIVE step forwards. As long as it follows the tradition of including both talent from Smackdown & RAW and not just the RAW women's locker room I can see a great mesh of characters in there. We only get the Rumble once a year so two in one night, for me, is acceptable. Money is already on either Asuka or Paige to win it, I have a feeling Paige as I've heard she's responsible (somewhat) for the Women's division being treated more seriously and getting rid of "Divas" so it would be fitting for her to win!
  17. Surprisingly good triple threat match, disappointing result with Dolph winning was hoping for a Roode win and was sure it was coming until he was pulled to the outside. Felt like the crowd wanting a Roode win as well! Fatal Four Way Tag was pretty exciting stuff! Done a 180 on Rusev and English and was pulling for them to win, especially since they were more over than the Uso's for their promo pre-match. It's clear Rusev & English are more over than the Uso's, and was pretty bland when the Uso's went over. Was disappointed in the lumberjack match, was hoping for more of a dynamic but it ended up being a complete chaotic mess with people not really knowing what to do and how to do it and just whaling on whatever was infront of them. Riot Squad were absolutely underused and I feel like their whole build has been wasted since they didn't do anything to stand out. Carmella teased a cash in and I'd have preferred her to actually cash in but for some reason the Riot Squad had other ideas?? I have no idea. Felt the passion in Natalya's speech after the match, could feel the frustration so looking forward to see where that goes. But after a great build up I feel like this fell flat on it's face in terms of story, the wrestling was superb. Bludgeon brothers - who cares. If they had shown up earlier after the fatal four way to lay waste to the Uso's and set up Uso's vs Brothers at Royal Rumble, THEN I would have cared. Bludgeon Brothers for me have 0 hype and 0 interest - didn't even watch. The Tag Match with Owens & Zayne went about as expected, wasn't too surprised. Thought they worked the double referee gimmick pretty well, although I honestly was expecting one of them to ring the bell then the other overrule. I was expecting Shane to pretend to see a submission from Owns/Zayne and ring the bell, Bryan overrule and restart. I felt that Shane's complete halt of the pinfall was done brilliant, and now we have a nice little angle here. Pretty obvious how this match was going to go but it was executed brilliantly. AJ & Jinder I was entirely overwhelmed for and barely watched, although from what I did see Jinder gave a very amazing performance and for what the two could achieve they achieved a great match. I was expecting a Jinder win so AJ winning is a surprise and probably boots Jinder back down to mid-card where he belongs for now until he can deliver - we don't want another Great Khali we've been there done that! Are PPV's Smackdown/RAW exclusive now? I remember noticing that there was no RAW at all whereas we used to see both RAW & Smackdown titles defended here. Well seeing as Brock is a part-time wrestler holding the Universal Championship (I mean that sentence alone should cause alarm), where was the Cruiserweight (probably because of Swann?) and the RAW women's championship? RAW tag titles? I don't know I feel like there could have been so much more to this PPV than what there was. Maybe I'm remembering WWE wrong from when I used to watch, it has been a while. Overall it was an alright PPV but nothing special or memorable - I don't think I'll be thinking or discussing this any time in the future.
  18. I'd like to see Shane throw Zayne and Owens in at #1 & #2 respectively then one of them go on to win it. That would be a shocker and in theme with the current "Shane's out to get them" storyline
  19. Ew. The "Yep" movement. God-damn. I hate that AJ Styles says he "built" Smackdown Live. Just a bit of a slap in the face to all who came before especially considering he was TNA for Smackdown's best years. Just these little things that bug me about the lines he uses to try to get cheap pop's.Actually like this segment with the Singh brothers so glad it didn't go down the route I thought it was with the Singh brothers convincing AJ! That would have been awful. Had the potential to be awful, ended up being quite good! Women's division stuff was good as usual. Natalya was great on commentary. It did pretty much mirror what happened on RAW with the locker room coming to the rescue, so I'm sure they must be going somewhere with this since it's mirroring each other so closely. Dolph vs Baron was pointless. Might as well have just done a brawl backstage save us all the time to watch their entrances. Bludgeon Brothers vs Breezango?? That's a squash match if I ever saw one. Bludgeon Brothers are so woefully underused. Debut should have been much more impactful since they were already established in WWE because of their Wyatt Brother's stint. Listening to their entrance, NO-ONE cares that they are there. I sure don't. Didn't even watch the match, what's the point? I'm just glad that they showed the scream on the replay because that was golden. Liking all of the Zayne/Owens stuff, come to think of it we COULD see a Zayne/Owens win at Rumble with the angle they are going at... Imagine Shane puts them in at #1 and #2 for the Rumble then one of them goes on to win it? That would be a good story! They've brought back the Yep movement for me, was ew at first now it's pretty funny. A second guest referee? How is that going to work? Definitely setting up a Shane vs Daniel. Intriguing how it's going to work and definitely makes me want to tune in on Sunday! Aiden English could grow on me with those songs! Well that three way promo was sort of only kiiiind of really awkward. Two wins for English & Rusev? Over the tag champs? Interesting Mojo Rawley vs Zack Ryder at CoC. Probably a Rawley win, or else his heel turn was pointless. Shinsuke is so entertaining to watch! Great match between Nakamura and Owens these two work well together. Daniel inserting himself into the match once the ref was taken out was a nice touch! Good Smackdown this week!
  20. Rusev? Shinsuke? Maybe because I'm just completely out of the game, but from what I've saw neither of these guys are ready for Rumble wins. That would be like deflating a balloon if either of them won it. Don't understand everyone's love of Rusev, don't see what the hype is! They're really pushing Braun right now, so him winning could be plausible. No idea on how long Jeff Hardy is going to be out of the game for, but if Woken Matt is in the Rumble we could see a nice return from him with an interaction between the two. I'd genuinely like to see a Sheamus return to the top leagues, I feel like he has better potential than what he's being used with now.
  21. Pretty decent show tonight. Liked the whole idea of the Shield taking on Joe, Sheamus & Cesaro alone. Ultimately think they did a good job with the whole thing - Seth & Roman picking up the wins over Shemus & Cesaro. Knew Dean was going to be the one who picked up the loss here out of the three but it was handled perfectly with his loss being accredited to Jason Jordan's interference. Cruiserweight match was good quality and Swann's suspension barely mentioned, but nice little match. Again loved the women's division stuff this week. Week in and week out this keeps impressing me more and more, the women's division stuff is miles ahead of a good portion of the men's division at times! Was hoping Absolution would offer Asuka a place within their ranks and thats what that whole build up of them letting her go was for. The idea of giving her "warnings" doesn't make sense to me, bit of a disappointment with that. Liked the whole women's locker room coming out and dominating but honestly they kind of botched that moment. That moment should've ended with finishers on all three members of Absolution and them laid out on the mat IMO - numbers game should have prevented them from being able to retreat. Loved the Kane/Bruan stuff again this week even though I absolutely detest how Kane is being handled creatively right now. Crawling away from Braun? Cowering in the corner? Shaking his head in disbelief?? This is not the Kane I know & love. When Kane did the sit up and looked down at him I thought finally he was getting back into it, but then as soon as Braun did the same thing he literally cowered in the corner and I couldn't help thinking how belittling that was to Kane's entire character - how can you take him seriously when you see him crawling away like that? When Braun sat up and looked him in the eye, Kane should have sadistically smiled as should have Braun. Then Kane should have grabbed his neck for a chokeslam, Braun apply the exact same while they were both sitting down. Both of them pull each other up with both of them having the Chokeslam hold applied, struggling to get dominance over the other before one went through the table with a Chokeslam. I'm fine with Braun getting one over on the Big Red Machine, but the way in which it was done was horrific. I get they're trying to push him as a real monster, but you can do that without making The Big Red Machine look like a chump. Although to be fair, when Kane ditched his mask originally and then went corporate that one time, it's still hard to take him seriously after all that (I mean seriously, come on WWE). Breaking my immersion seeing Kane so out of character.
  22. Kiss his WWE career goodbye at the very least! Wonder how they are going to address this on RAW though
  23. Gutted! Can't imagine how this must be playing on his mind with what happened to Austin & Edge.
  24. Well in this case I'm willing to move past the poor first impression of the gimmick, I've yet to see her actually wrestle so can't comment on her wrestling. I do agree Viking would be so much more impressionable than Southern, nothing wrong with a Southern gimmick but it can't feel forced and I honestly don't think her attire matches her gimmick like Lance & Murdoch back in the day! Yeah I get the sense of a different vibe. It's interesting that Ruby isn't in it, I whole-heartedly believe the only reason Dolph is in the US title match is so he can eat the pinfall and leave the whole Roode/Baron feud open and uncertain. Dolph's commentary was awful, his line of "I should go see this a bit closer" was delivered painfully, and I don't think he even cared much about what he was doing, so why should we? Lic & Carmella would be good match! Great name for them too. I was sure that because they weren't exactly "new" to WWE and used to be the Wyatt Family (this is how long ago I watched WWE last) that they would have been pushed a lot bigger than just being up against jobbers. We already know these guys are badass from their previous runs, I would have been much more interested in them establishing dominance in the tag team title race than over completely forgettable jobbers. Takes away the excitement of seeing them in action entirely, I didn't even watch. I would have rather seen these two in the tag title CoC match than Rusef & whatshisname. One thing I've noticed since returning to watching is the push for Samoan wrestlers in WWE! No I completely agree to be honest. If it wasn't for her riding the co-tails of Ric Flair's success I doubt Charlotte would be where she is now. I want her to move out of her father's shadow and be her OWN wrestler, not a copy/paste version of her father. What's the point in doing what's already been done? Same entrance music with a little slight variation, same finisher, same attire... pointless. I feel the same about Natalya as well, I feel like both of them could be much more than what they are but perhaps the creative teams are sure that we want to relive these great wrestlers through these new ones, whereas I'd rather see two new great wrestlers than them shadow what once was. It was nice to see Rusev & Aiden English not only get a win but also get a spot on the card at Clash of Champions. It's obvious that this Rusev Day gimmick is over with the crowd and I wouldn't mind seeing Rusev & Aiden getting a run with the tag titles. Realistically though, they will probably just be taking the fall in the Fatal 4-Way Tag Match. I wasn't quite entertained with those two, but perhaps they just need a little more time to warm up to. As I said before I'd have preferred the Bludgeon Brothers to get that card spot - would have made a more intense match I feel by far. I have one question, why did Jinder get it in the first place? Surely there were better candidates?? Again I've not seen enough to judge but that's due to me only just being back. Since being back I've noticed that I look forward to the women's division segments and matches 3x more than I did before I stopped - it's seriously bumped up in quality!
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