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  1. ^ were you in Sheffield? Anyway, I got to meet Chris Jericho.. so happy about that. Got 3 pics with him :)
  2. http://silverlink.borders.co.uk/events/silverlink/26/#6445 :)
  3. Meet the Superstars of WWE, who'll be meeting fans and signing copies of the new DVD 'SummerSlam 2009' hmv Liverpool One - Sun 8 Nov at 3.00* *Event will be a signing only. Fans can pick up free wristbands at hmv which allow them access to the signing. 300 Wristbands will be available only from hmv Liverpool One from 10.30am on the day of the event onwards. One wristband per customer maximum, in person only, while stocks last, subject to availability, at participating store only. To avoid disappointment it should be noted that all Personal Appearances are subject to changes and WWE/hmv provides no assurances that the talent named will be attending on the day. and WWE at Borders Silverlink! (Newcastle) 11:00 am, Fri 6th November 2009 Details still to be confirmed but there will be an instore appearance by some of the stars of WWE!
  4. So I take it Jericho is going to tour with Raw? And maybe appear at the SD! taping? I'm only going to see him so I wanna make sure I do..
  5. *wishes the 5 months away*. I can't wait, already. lol.
  6. With such short notice, I didn't have any money to get them. So I'll do what I did for the Sheffield show, just get 'em off Ebay..
  7. My last show was on Tuesday.. now life is boring again, lol. :( I miss seeing Jericho everyday LOL
  8. The 3 shows were awesome! I was noticed by Jericho all 3 times xD I had a happy birthday Jericho sign at the Sheffield show, and he saw it. I also wrote on my face and I saw him trying to read it lol. He came over during the match and leant over the railing next to where I was and argued with us. Raw on Monday was awesome, HBK threw Jericho right next to me =D On Tuesday, he slowed down and stared at my sign for like 10 seconds [save_Me.Y2J] He so knows me now lol I was there 3 days in a row, and he easily saw me at them all =D Seats were better than I thought too, Brum show, I was right next to the ramp, Sheffield, next to the ramp, Manchester, back of the floor seats so I had first row view of the entrance.
  9. haha, i asked about hotels when i was new here, but yeah, it didn't go down too well lol.. now i just find out for myself. =)
  10. Signing in Sheffield is Mickie James & Kofi Kingston. My friend called the store.
  11. Nah, HBK wasn't in Germany last night so I doubt he'll do the houseshow. He might be over here for the taping on the 10th but I doubt he'll do the houseshows.
  12. Houseshows they normally arrive at the arena about 2/3 hours before. Tapings, normally about 6/7 hours before. Hotels... I don't let people in on that info anymore xD
  13. [double post] WWE.com have taken down the Tesco signing in Birmingham/Coventry, so now there's only one signing in Birmingham.
  14. mehhh, i've met santino and i'm not bothered about beth. *waits for the other signings to be confirmed* anyone know who's at the other birmingham[coventry] one?
  15. I just noticed, I tried locating the Tesco store for the 'Birmingham' signing, but it's in Coventry... UM what?
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