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  1. Cheers for the help everyone. I've tried the box office line and no go at the moment - even at 11:33PM ... still nowt. The previews are on the box office channel which says to call the number but still no go.
  2. Is anyone else getting the same 'There are currently no Sky box office events for booking' message when calling the box office line? And I cant book it via my box as well?? Is it me? It is 7 days before the event is it not! Bah :?
  3. I'm miffed this morning as I totally forgot about the whole event being on last night.. so I've bought a copy from t'net instead. Sounds a decent PPV as well :sad5:
  4. Just had the '19' - 'Break The Code' video in the UK... Thats my lot for tonight then ............. I'm starting to think its Edge playing about with people now because I cant really see Y2J popping up anytime soon.
  5. Does anyone really care about the new diva search loada crap? It just takes up a lot of wasted time that isnt really needed!
  6. Absolutely bloody fantastic! :D Give the bloke more time on the show for god's sake vince.. Santino is class. Well.. looks like Jericho isnt making an entrance tonight then. CRAP!
  7. 19..... I hope, and pray, they arent putting 'whoever' is coming onto the Survivor Series PPV - because for me, its gone on far enough now :D
  8. Well... my whole month will be complete after tonight: * Little Socko - and the smallest frog splash I've ever seen :D * HOPEFULLY Jericho back - havent heard about the new vid.. so fingers crossed And - is it me, or does Trips now look like Jeff Hardy's bigger, harder brother?? Love the new trips top though.
  9. God I hope it wasnt about Edge as well - it would be such a bloody let down, it really would!
  10. I said near enough the same thing to my mate who went with me to Sheffield a few weeks ago! What is it that keeps us interested in WWE and wrestling as a whole? Being a fan myself since the age of around 6 years old when I used to watch wrestling on saturday afternoons, I have grown to love the WWE as a side passion. I cant put my finger on what it is but I think its a combination of excellent and gripping storylines when there is a really big one ie: the Invasion or something really major happening. The passing of Eddie Guerrero was a huge loss to me, and I did feel it very hard - which was very very weird, as I dont know the bloke at all.. but I think its something after watching and reacting to the bloke's hard work over the years that you get to thinking that they are superhuman - and I have to admit, I did shed a few tears on the Raw tribute show when all the wrestlers stood on the stage and tolled the honour bell. The same goes for Mr Perfect - for me, one of the best athletes I've ever had the pleasure watching... I shed tears when I saw his wife & family at the Hall Of Fame ceremony. Over the years, I've seen some superhuman athletes emerge - from Bret Hart who I've always fondly remembered and as soon as that music hits - the hair stands on end. Then was the emergence of Kurt Angle - another super athlete and another of the best wrestlers of all time. There is nothing like it in the world for me - and I cannot imagine what watching a major event would be like in the crowd in the US.. I've seen the UK crowd reaction, and I can imagine it being a hellova lot more! All I can say is - I cannot wait until Jericho comes back ... even if he is the worst wrestler on earth, the buzz it would give me would be enough - and I can imagine the same for a lot of other people as well. I love the WWE, I always will. Its running in the family now - because I've passed it down to my nephews as well.. so hopefully, there will always be a fan in the family at some point :D
  11. I'll admit it as well - my main interest in this PPV was to see Jericho come back.. cue the video sequence, I was majorly happy - then what did we get.... Edge @ Survivor Series. Now, is this some sort of joke from the WWE? Nothing wrong with Edge, the bloke is fab and I'd love to see him back - but I want Jericho back dammit :P.... MAJORLY dissapointed last night :sad5:
  12. So here it is - my mini review thing! Please bear with me with this as this is the first time I have done one of these. We went off at 6pm last night, the arena was getting busy by then as is the norm - one thing I did notice, that there were more adults than kids going to the show. We had the executive suite tickets so we waiting at Entrance B - doors opened at 6.30 and we trooped off to the lift upto the suite. Boring part first: If you want a good view of the wrestling, its great in a suite - the bad part, which they bare faced lied to us about was a: private bar - there was none b: catering - no food was on the table which we were told there would be and c: our own waitress, which we were told wouldnt be happening until we complained and they said they would bring us things from the concourse which was good. Did get our own private bathroom though which is a godsend at the arena. Anywho.... We nearly missed the start of the show getting hotdogs and such because it was that packed - but we got back to see the small version of the pyro kicking the show off. Match Card Carlito vs Cody Rhodes Not a bad match from both - Carlito getting a nice bit of heat from the crowd and a decent small pop for Cody Cody won clean over Carlito - who complained about the state of 'english' apples at the start which got a good reaction Super Crazy vs Snitsky Walkover for Snitsky in a quite boring match it must be said. Good pop for SC - Snitsky clean win and afterwards attacks SC. Hacksaw comes 'running' down to ringside complete with 2x4 - good pop! Snitsky big boots Duggan and leaves. Elijah Burke vs Tommy Dreamer Good match I thought - dreamer won clean with the Dreamer version of the DDT. Good pop for Tommy! The Miz vs Balls Mahoney The Miz got a nice heated reception from the crowd, he came to the ring complete with the blonde and the brunette (take it that is KK and Layla or other??) .... VERY dull match - crowd not interested at all and a lot of empty seats - must be food time! Miz won clean if I remember right Harry Smith & William Regal vs Cade & Murdoch for the titles Big pop for Regal & Smith - what interested me was the fact that not a lot of people knew who Regal was coming down to the ring with, but when Regal announced that he was the Bulldogs son - the crowd gave a big pop! Good match - Cade & Murdoch running over to the crowd at the start to shut them up - Murdoch 'attempting' to climb into the audience which got a massive pop!! Regal/Smith won by DQ after getting hit with the belt - Cade/Murdoch attacking both at the end until Regal 'Hulked Up' - and the young smith hitting his dads old Running Powerslam which got a good pop! Cue - modified bulldog music - good reaction from the audience. Note from me: Harry Smith looks very very good indeed - needs to bulk up a bit though I thought. INTERVAL FOR 30 MINS Candice vs Beth Phoenix - for the womens title Good match as well - Candice looks bloody skinny in the flesh and Beth does look hellova lot bigger than most Diva's. Good reaction from the crowd for both - more so for Candice. Beth won clean though in the end - but kudos for Candice for a good attempt. Santino vs Hardcore Holly Big heat for Santino who was on the mic for quite a bit - crowd shouting louder WHATS each time .. very good. Good pop for Holly - who won clean with the Alabama Slam Average match though overall. Kennedy vs Val Venis For me, 2nd best match of the night - crowd went nuts for Kennedy! Came to the ring, did the pose for the microphone - no mic came down!!!! Funniest thing I've seen on WWE for ages - he had to adopt the pose again and Tony Chimel placed MIC in hand... bloody funny indeed! Both had a 'merch' throwing competition, Val gave his towel to a kid in the audience which got a good round of applause for - Kennedy went to throw his shirt into the crowd and made out to throw it, only to throw it at ringside - good heat there.... Val threw it into the crowd to get another round of applause... good crowd baiting there from both. Good reaction for Kennedy from the crowd during the match - who won clean via the slam from the middle rope..... Val injured after the match it looked like Jeff Hardy + Triple H vs Orton & Umaga Massive pop for Orton it has to be said - not much crowd reaction for Umaga. Big pop for Jeff and MASSIVE for the Game - who looks not as big in real life. Good match - best bits of the night, seeing the Swanton done live and the Pedigree took the roof off with the reaction it got. Jeff/HHH won clean over Orton with the Pedigree - both got a standing ovation and both Jeff/Triple H spent a long time with the crowd which was very nice to see. Overall - brilliant entertainment. BAD BITS: Apart from the lack of a private bar/having to get our own food the first time round/no free catering like we were promised the only bad bit was the price of the programmes. Now, I heard a lot of people complaining about this - they were £15 each which I think is wrong if you have a lot of kids - £8/10 would be a lot better - we bought one anyway and found it slightly out of date with what is in it. A few wrestlers have departed the WWE now and are still in the programme. ALSO (just thought of this) the people sitting at ringside were told to stay in their seats during the match and kept sat down - when a match was won - everyone rushes to the side of the aisle they had which if you are a minor, you may get crushed in the stampede.... then, the arena security stopped people from overly shaking hands/hand slapping the wrestlers last night which I thought was wrong, the only time they stopped doing it was at the end of the night when Jeff/Trips were going around the crowds for a long time. Didnt see how much the merch was though as the crowd round the merch tables were massive - did want an Orton shirt as well. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, and cant wait for April until Smackdown comes to Sheffield.
  13. Did anyone go to the Sheffield signing today?
  14. Just got back from the Sheffield showing tonight.. an absolute cracker it was as well! I'm wanting to post the full match card and spoilers, should I stick them in the spoilers section?
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