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  1. It's not the thinking differently part, it's the black and white "you're wrong, I'm right" part, that there can't be different views and opinions on sexuality or whatever, it's got to be about not caring, or being fucked up, and then it comes down to people having to list their life C.V. to justify their opinions. You can care about something more, and you can change your mind about something, and you can be really concerned about something, but that doesn't make you factually correct, it's just the reason you believe what you believe, and that's fine, but it doesn't mean what you believe is inherently more correct than what anyone else, who isn't perhaps so invested in the situation, believes.
  2. Oh don't play the "you're not a X, your opinion doesn't count" card, you're better than that. I'm having the exact same thing with tiny letters too, no idea what it is, or what causes it, it's like sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't. I also can't correct it, like all the font size options are either too big, or too small, I think the default font must be like a 4.5 or something. This is a 4, which is a little too small. But this is a 5, which is a little too big.
  3. Yeah, I mean, it's very, very sad, and, as wrestling deaths go, this one's a real shitter for me, but, surprising? He was a professional wrestler in his 60s who's been morbidly obese for virtually his entire adult life. I don't think anyone can really say this news is too shocking.
  4. Wait Machine Gun Kelly's going to be there!? Only order a small pie this week Chris, I don't think anyone's going to want to miss this!
  5. I wonder if they'll do it on Monday, Benoit vs. Bret style.
  6. Yeah, that would be me too. Viscerally, I'd have a problem with it, just as an immediate reaction, but that would be my problem to get over, not her's.
  7. http://cinefantastiqueonline.com/wp-content/uploads/house-of-the-long-shadows-group-picture.jpg He didn't die, he returned.
  8. Today can really just about fuck off for celebrity deaths.
  9. As in "how much consensual sex they choose to have", not "how much they consent to the amount of sex they have". I certainly wouldn't go around calling people "a whore" for willingly making the decision to become an escort, if that's what you're asking. The general question of the thread is a pretty selfish one. It's basically asking would you rather your daughter have a job you, personally, disapprove of or a partner you, personally, disapprove of, which is kind of a meaningless question as it is. The question doesn't actually imply that anyone is in danger, or being exploited, or even vaguely unhappy about the situation, other than the father. A significantly better and harder question would be "Your daughter's broke and, for whatever reason, you can't help. Would you rather she married a horrible, abusive rich man she didn't love, or became a prostitute" with it being explicit that she wouldn't be happy in either.
  10. If she's not being manipulated or abused in any way, obviously the prostitute. Fuck out of here with that "She's a whore!" 1930s bullshit. It's no parent's business who their adult children happily consent to have sex with, how much of that sex they consent to having, and what they get in return for it.
  11. Lack of an alternative? If you like North American-style pro-wrestling, you can either watch WWE, or you can fuck off, and that's the choice people have been making hence, you know, most people fucking off.
  12. For a 22 year old? I don't know, I can't say I see too many cracks from what I've seen of him (mostly the French national team).
  13. The Onion, killing it;
  14. It's going to be a real battle of the egos. Cena vs. Trips; a man who, according to everyone asked about it backstage, has literally no idea how to not kill people's momentum, versus a man who would probably rather bankrupt the WWE than lose a feud clean. Only one ridiculous man-child can win.
  15. He'll never be a good promo as long as he keeps dressing like that. He looks like he's, at best, mentally unwell, or, at worst, an actual pedophile (which isn't helped by him always talking about and/or touching kids). He's constantly dressed like someone you'd expect to see wandering around a shopping mall, talking to themselves, smelling vaguely like human shit. The 90s cap, the neon colours, the sweat bands, the shorts, the really creepy lack of body hair... I mean, I know wrestlers don't exactly look normal at the best of times, and their fashion sense pretty much ended it's evolution in 1975, but I can't help but feel genuinely uncomfortable when Cena comes out dressed like that. It's just so weird, it's actually kinda creepy. Like, he's almost 40. Really try and picture a 40 year old dressed like that without bursting into tears at the horror of it all. I think it's because it's that uncanny valley line between real and fake, like, a man in his pants, it's like, whatever, it's a wrestler, they wear pants, move on, that's fine, and then Dean Ambrose in a t-shirt and jeans is whatever, because people dress like that, that's fine, and then Cena turns up, and it's like... it's like a costume made up of normal clothes, it's like both, yet neither, and it's so fucking creepy! It's like someone took the worst dressed, most obnoxious kid in America from, like, Delaware, and he's hot shit in Delaware, and his name's, like, Mason or Trapper or some stupid shit named after a job that doesn't exist anymore, and then they just inflated him to some ridiculous degree, and I get it, like, I get the point; John Cena looks how uncool kids want to look when they're older, so uncool kids like him, but, sadly, I'm not a kid, and I'm particularly cool, so to me, yeah, he just looks like a nonce.
  16. Yet again, I find myself watching WWE out of convenience. It really is a good show to do other things to. Does anyone see a little Rock 'n' Sock Connection in Reigns and Ambrose? I dig it, it's a rare positive with WWE that they'd actually taken a step back with Roman Reigns, tried something new, learnt some lessons, and not just barrelled on and told everyone to fuck themselves like they've been doing with Cena for years. I've always really liked the chemistry the Shield have as actors (or maybe it's real, I don't know). They just always seemed like actual friends, with actual team work, like they really had each other's backs in a genuine way. I remember there was a RAW were they got beaten down and outnumbered by, I think, Evolution, and the show went off the air to them trying, and failing, to regroup, and it was really kinda sad, in an intentional way, it was clear they had, like, an emergency plan, and it was to get physically close to each other, like a pack of dogs, and I thought that was a neat touch that really made the beatdown seem tragic, and Ambrose and Reigns still have that. I can't even put my finger on it, but there's just something about the way they treat each other and they way them move around each other that gets over this idea that they're a team, and that they're communicating, it's not just ticking off a list of spots, and they don't act like they can read each other's minds. Just little things like them both checking on each other to make sure they're leaving the ring at the same time, or how they walked backwards until they bumped into each other to make sure no one could get behind them. It's the tiniest touches, but it's what made The Shield the best thing in years and years and years, and they still have it. So, yeah, they're really cool. Everything else was meh or sucked, but there was more of the former. Cena got muted so I didn't vomit, Owens' accent is still weird as shit, even for a Quebecois, I can't decide if I'm actually attracted to Paige, or if it's just a nostalgia pop from her reminding me of every single girl I ever hooked up with between the ages of 15 and 18, the Primetime Players looked great, but everything else was at least tolerable as background noise.
  17. Speaking of World Trade Center time-lapses, this is legitimately the video that plays on the walls of the lift going from the basement to the top floor;
  18. Fun horror shlock is fun. I just wish their music was slightly better. They're in that Slipknot camp for me, where I LOVE the schtick, but not the actual songs (although I do like Ghost's music more than Slipknot's because they stick with their theme more). Slipknot < Ghost < The Misfits is my rock-shlock scale based on the actual music living up to the outside funness.
  19. Obesity > Steroids, apparently. Who'd have thought. Up late working on some nonsense and needed something mindless in the background that would find a middle ground between me going insane in the silence, whilst also not interesting me enough to be distracting. I settled on WWE, obviously. I missed the Bruce Jenner vs. Apple Genius match, which was a stupid thing to do, seeing as it was apparently the only thing worth caring about. Everything else has been rubbish. Not even shit, just rubbish, which is worse, because it's less emotional. Doesn't help that no one in the crowd seems to care to much about anything, and that I really don't like Ryback for some reason. Seth Rollins being booked like a bum for, what, two months or so also isn't a positive. Bigmatt red pilling with the house show revelation though, now the crowd's lack of reaction to everything makes more sense. Highlight of my night so far was some dude in a Bruins jersey doing the single whitest dance in the history of the social construct of race during R-Truth's entrance. Made the entire show worth while. EDIT: Duthty finish in twen'y fifteen Daddy! This is officially the night of the rib;
  20. There's something about John Cena's face in that picture that makes him look like he's transitioning into his new life as a man after 40 years of living a lie.
  21. Depending on what statistics you thing make any sport "bigger" than any other, you could already comfortably argue that soccer is more popular than either hockey or baseball in America right now, especially with young people. The only problem is that the sport is more popular than the league. The problem is that the MLS is so, so far behind even the NHL that it's not even worth talking about, but soccer itself, as a sport, in terms of World Cups and Champions Leagues and the Premier League and La Liga is right up there as a contender for third, if not second, most popular sport in the country. As an anecdotal example, every American I know under the age of about 35-40 has a favourite English, Spanish or Italian football team that they could tell you something about, and at least support in name, but only the die hard fans would say they have a favourite MLS team, and even less of them actually watch their team or know anything other than it's name and the fact it's their nearest one.
  22. I really hope UEFA boycott the next World Cup, just to see what happens. Nothing's going to change if they don't, even if everyone gets banged up, Blatter's proven he's untouchable and he's got enough third world cronies to back him up. They should do a UEFA vs. CONCACAF "Countries That Aren't Awful To Live In Cup" whilst the worst, least watched World Cup in history goes on in Russia. If they just put it in NFL stadiums, the US would have to build literally nothing, and FIFA would probably end up pushing soccer mainstream in American culture overnight. 2014, in Brazil, had 12 host cities, in the US, using NFL, or even MLS, stadiums, you could have Dallas or Houston, New York/New Jersey, Baltimore/Washington, Miami, Arizona or Denver, Los Angeles or San Francisco, New Orleans, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago or Detroit and Philadelphia, all between 50,000 and 100,000, all seated, all with airports, relatively little government-sponsored homophobic genocide, no slaves anymore, and people who can actually afford to buy tickets. Add that American's sense of cultural identity means basically everyone in the country has at least two teams to cheer for; Mexico and South Korea in the south west, Ireland in Boston, Germany and Poland in the mid-west, Netherlands and Italy in New York, Brazil in New Jersey, Sweden up north, France in Louisiana, the African teams in the south-east, England in New England. Wah, it would be fun.
  23. Ah, I see, yeah, I missed your point. I guess it depends if AJ gives a shit about never being in the WWE. You hear it a lot that indie guys make more money than NXT guys, and they all have to basically come to the decision to lose money in exchange for their dreams possibly coming true. It's a gamble, but, as you say, if he's confident he's as good as he says he is, he'll make his month back in a year.
  24. In terms of TNA "originals", not guys who were big in WWE first, it's Samoa Joe and, at a time, Gail Kim. They killed them both soon enough though, what with them being TNA and all. I think the "AJ Styles didn't draw" is a little bit of a silly argument. One, he's not coming in as the NWO, he'd be built up as a nobody, like Bryan was, like Kevin Steen was, like CM Punk was, like The Shield were, like the Wyatts were. In modern WWE, drawing power outside the company has absolutely nothing to do with success within it. Tyler Black didn't draw a penny his whole life, now he's WWE Champion, Jon Moxley was a CZW guy no one had ever heard of who's know the most popular babyface in professional wrestling. If you're going to recruit based on drawing power, you might as well just sign Samoa Joe and shut NXT down, because you've now signed literally every professional wrestler who ever sold a pay-per-view on their name alone, outside of the WWE, in the last ten years. I don't even like AJ Styles, I think he's overrated, I don't think he's got any charisma at all, and I think his look and personality is inherently unlikable, but saying he can't draw is like looking at the upcoming list of NBA draft rookies and going, "Pfft, where their rings at though?". Lack of success in unsuccessful places doesn't instantly mean lack of potential in places that know what they're doing.
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