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  1. I'm not gonna be happy with this storyline until they reveal that Gable is also an illegitimate Angle spawn, and his secret kids have been a tag team this whole time without knowing they share the same Dad. This storyline is already in ridiculous soap opera territory, so why not just go with it full tilt?
  2. CCK won the CZW Tag Titles in Birmingham this week. Best thing about it was the reaction of all those people who never expected CZW titles to change hands on a UK show.
  3. I really want there to be a double twist with the whole Orton/Wyatt Family deal. Have Harper win the Battle Royale and challenge Bray. Have Orton pretend like he's entering the match to "protect" Bray. During the Triple Threat at Mania Orton inevitably turns on Bray, only to find that Bray and Harper were fully prepared for it, and they've been playing Orton all along. Harper's frustration with Orton, him losing to Orton, Bray giving Harper the Sister Abigail and shunning him from the Family, all of it has been part of Bray's masterplan to let Randy think he was in control of the situation and breaking up the Family, when in reality Bray has been pulling the strings all along. If they could pull it off, it'd go a way towards making Bray a legitimate champion and hopefully cement him in a main event position. They could even go on to rebuild the Family afterwards. There's been lots of speculation about Sanity possibly being tied to the Wyatts, especially since Bray's changed his gear to include the symbol of chaos, which is the same symbol all over the gear worn by Sanity. In reality it's because they get their gear made by the same person, but it could all be for the sake of consistency leading to bringing Sanity in as part of Bray's new flock?
  4. They foreshadowed how this is gonna play out back in September: It doesn't make sense for Orton to jump Bray immediately. He's gonna let Bray think he's gotten away with it before he strikes...
  5. Punk vs Austin, using the same storyline they used for the dream match setup on the WWE Allstars game. Unnf.
  6. Nobody I guess. They'll throw another match together to fill the void and put the angle on the backburner until Rollins returns.
  7. It's only just twigged that 5 star wrestling are the same people responsible for that shitty, shitty wrestling game called 5 star wrestling. From what I remember the game was supposed to be a way to fund the wrestling shows, when in reality it looks like it was just a way for them to get the imports they wanted. I know it's probably a really snobbish attitude to have, but I don't count that 5 Star show as a UK Wrestling show. Sure it's a show that took place in the UK, but where World of Sport and WWE actually made a point of utilising and showcasing UK talent, this 5 Star show just didn't. Actually, they seem to have more in common with 1PW than anyone else, and we all know how that went down...
  8. WWE need to have a serious think about how they book their rumbles. The last few have been a case of having a great first half that fizzles out to a shitty finish. I'd seriously consider having a completely left field winner next year and taking a punt on making stars rather than relying on a bunch of guys who just won't be there much longer, or have already had their chance. In fact, next year desperately needs to go to someone like Braun or Joe, or hell, even Big Cass if he floats Vince's boat as much as the rumours make out. They need a new beast instead of having to throw armfuls of cash at guys like Brock or Goldberg, and having someone put on a massively dominant showing in the rumble sounds like a good way to do it.
  9. I understand why WWE (misguidedly) do it, but it's still bullshit that they completely job out all their full time guys to bunch of aging part timers. Goldberg, Brock, and Taker just made the entirety of the WWE roster look like they are in no way any competition for them whatsoever. If the projected Goldberg/Owens match goes ahead at Fast Lane, then I'm assuming Goldberg wins the Universal Title to take that into the match versus Brock at Mania, but what then? They've made the roster look like nobody can stand up to either of those guys, so what do they do about getting the title back off them afterwards? Braun, maybe? But still, it's shit that WWE still refuse to use the older guys to make stars of the new guys. Well, except for them still throwing everything behind Reigns, and putting him seemingly into a Mania program with Undertaker. I just feel like there are guys that could benefit from being made to look good against folks like Goldberg or Brock.
  10. That WWE.com video is hilarious. It's literally 1 minute and 1 second of Tyler walking. Literally just walking.
  11. Randy said himself that he feels like he should change his attire up a bit, so the fact that he hasn't suggests that this whole Wyatt deal isn't going to last very long. It's a bit crap though, because it blatantly gives away that Randy isn't a "proper" part of the family.
  12. I doubt you'll get an actual Women's Rumble. More likely is that they'd have a Women's Battle Royale somewhere down the line for a number one contendership or something? They need to keep the proper Rumble as the once a year attraction it is. If anything they could increase the number of entrants to 40 again one of the years and have some of the women enter with the guys. In fact, Sasha Banks was tweeting about it earlier this week and referencing Chyna and Beth Phoenix, so it's not outside the realms of possibility that we might get one or two of the girls in this year's. From doing some quick math, it looks like there are still 8 or 9 spots that haven't been announced, which I'd assume is for surprises/NXT/Cruiserweights and possibly one or two of the girls.
  13. I thought Galloway didn't renew his TNA deal?
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