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  1. Maybe with his former gimmicks "Save us y2j" etc he is coming back as a heel and say stuff like I can only save you if you save yourselves etc :/ just a thought.
  2. 1) JTG 2) Primo 3) Heath Slater 4) Mark Henry 5) Hernandez 6) Kid Kash 7) Winter 8) Anarquia 9) Curt Hawkins 10) Drew Mcintyre
  3. I would love to see Bound for Glory (or any PPV for that matter) in a theatre, think it would be a rather decent experience.
  4. Sure it may be a work, Sting and Hogan will probably happen at BFG but after that I don't think we'll be seeing him in a TNA ring anymore and the past year story line since 10-10-10 will end. As someone said, in the promo he pointed towards the younger talents. Was a great show I think. The last few shows so far leading up to BFG have possibly been TNA's best this year. I think they should of probably booked the ladder match a bit later on in the show and gave it a bit of a build up, would of made the match and the X-division seem more worth while.
  5. The worst for the future of the companies sake would of course be Cena and Orton both walking out as champions. I get a sneaky feeling that the main event will be stopped for some reason (wink wink) and then start a new feud which, unfortunately will leave Alberto floating around not doing much.
  6. If you watch the Pope Vs RVD match you can tell from pretty early on that pope was working a knee injury. I don't think the Tenay, Taz, Or even Morgan picked up on it. But it was there. I actually think Crimson looked good in his match with Angle. I've never been a crimson fan and thought he was being pushed too much, but he actually looked good in this match. Although now I presume he is injured after the attack by Joe. It was a much better show than the previous week.. Oh, and what the hell was going on with Bubba, Gunner and Steiner in the back? It was so random and confusing I just had to laugh. Oh, one more thing. Gay sting was brilliantly entertaining. Hogans reaction was TV gold! :) But yeah, still agree that there is plenty of room for improvement.
  7. Apart from watching Raw and Smackdown clips online. TNA Impact is the only wrestling show I get to watch....which is a shame really.
  8. Wow joint 4th :) This is a pretty decent game :)
  9. As some of you may know I am a pretty big TNA fan and usually get annoyed by the slating that the company gets. But saying that, this show was an absolute mess. The way (to me anyhow) the sting and flair interview went down is as if that would be the main event of the night. With all the angles through the show it really seemed as if they were trying to push this as a main event. But wait...30 minutes until the end of the show and we find out that Beer Money will be defending their tag titles.... The main event was good, but think it would of had more impact on the show if it had the build up that the non-existent flair - sting main event had. The gauntlet was pretty good, although the outcome was so obvious. Just seemed more to be a show case of the new talent. EY is tv gold. Even slap my arms in the same way he does now. I just don't know where this is leading and for what good it is doing the TV title that 8 months ago was fought over in very good matches with Doug Williams and AJ Styles. Overall I think the matches in TNA are passable. It's just the build up around them that needs work.
  10. Shame really. I can't see Matt getting much exposure anywhere else now apart from his internet shows for his hardcore 'fans'. Would of liked to see them come back and at least do a decent programme with Beer Money. Think that could of got a few people to tune in to TNA.. R.I.P Matt Hardys career.
  11. Shame really. I can't see Matt getting much exposure anywhere else now apart from his internet shows for his hardcore 'fans'. Would of liked to see them come back and at least do a decent programme with Beer Money. Think that could of got a few people to tune in to TNA.. R.I.P Matt Hardys career.
  12. I've been watching TNA for the past year and for the most part have enjoyed what they put out. But this PPV was just so meh! As mentioned above. It seemed as if none of the workers really cared at all about it. I think the only thing I really enjoyed was Alex Shelleys Figure 4. That look painful! Other than that I myself am starting to loose faith a little in TNA. I'm not one who reads spoilers. With the announcement regarding the X division lets hope they start pushing some young hungry talent who really need to show what they've got. TNA seriously needs some fresh faces.
  13. According to DHSmiths Facebook page he is going to Japan :)
  14. Hmm ignore that Tyler Reks comment, seems to be nothing more than internet rumours.
  15. I know I shouldn't jump the gun or really get my hopes up and assume anything. But I'm now hoping for Melina to drag John with her to TNA and we have AJ Styles Vs Morrison. mmmmhmmmm that's good wrestling. Tyler Recks gone now?
  16. Probably will be one of them dodgy both people pin each other jobs.
  17. Not the best wrestler in the world (and maybe a little off topic) But I think Bully Ray has had an amazing year so far. But overall I would probably say Punk. This whole angle has rejuvenated peoples interests again.
  18. Brilliant. I've not been a WWE fan for a while and in fact have not been watching much of it. But reading all about this CM Punk stuff has really gained my interest again :)
  19. I might get flamed for this but.... Rene Dupree! I think he had a great look, was extremely young and had bags of potential. Then of course they gave him Fifi and the rest is history :/
  20. PMSL - Whoops! Stupid typos! I of course meant hands :)
  21. Well my call is this... Aj Vs Daniels main event. All revolves around the words which daniels spoke on the last impact. "At the end of the match I'll shake ends with my best friend." Well, there will be a ref bump (it is a tna main event after all) out comes Low-Ki and coasts AJ the match. Daniels and Low-ki shake hands as the show goes off the air.
  22. Not usally. But it does depend on how long the match runs. On the last ppv the Jarrett VS Angle match had two (I think) commercials in it. Just a quick question. Can we do predictions in this thread? I have something I want to call right now :)
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