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  1. At download 2007 two people said they could do powerbombs, so ultimately i put them up to the challenge. There was a old tent to cushion my fall as well so it seemed alright. Not only did they not project it too far so it meant i landed on my neck, i also missed the mattress. As revenge i pissed on their tent on the last night
  2. With that in mind i'm guessing that Shawn Michaels will be back from taking his time off. Surprised they're doing 2 nights in Cardiff for both the April and November tours this year o.o Normally it's just Smackdown prior to Survivor Series. Saying that mind i've got my eye on the tv tapings this year, I had never felt so ripped off in my life seeing the survivor series tour when it came to Cardiff last year ¬_¬
  3. either wrestling in the midlands is a far greater industry than i realised, or the market is going to get saturated reaaaallly quickly
  4. They must be running out now, we've had blue bloods, a real man's man, goodwill ambassador, having a bulldog as a mascot. I'm sure they can't have that many english stereotypes to pull out of the creative hat.
  5. Image 1: After months of debating who would would win the title off of Hogan, the only result creative team could come up with was for Hogan to drop the title to God. Image 2: Upon being told to "talk to my ass because the face ain't listening" after asking for time off, Shawn did not realise that Vince was serious Image 3: Hogan:"your acting career will end up just like mine" Image 4: With hornswoggle's arms being too small to go around JBL's waste, he sought to different methods to stop JBL choking on his pride upon entering this matchup
  6. Never try and give HHH a backdrop, he'll inevitably just smash your face against his knee
  7. The most successful promotions out there have somewhere along the line been part of the NWA, then left to move on to better things.
  8. If you miss a dropkick, it actually hurts you more security guards are on a similar level of weakness as referees, which is why it always takes more than 4 security guards to suppress one wrestler Wrestlers are not allowed to carry weapons that could actually kill the opponent i.e. knives, guns etc. regardless of how personal the feud is. Any weapons carried that could kill the opponent must not be used to the full effect of their power (i.e. how HHH's sledgehammer). During a Hardcore match any weapon is acceptable (be it a paddle, watermelon or a cake). During ANY other match however, weapons can only be selected from under the ring. Few more additional ones He pays your wages, he looks after you when you get injured, but it's still alright to make fun of your boss and sometimes attack him A promotion will always be stuck at indy status until it has accepted, then gone on to discard the title lineage of the NWA
  9. it was that moment that i began liking Batista, i was growing displeased with Edge constantly using cheap victories and his relationship with vicky to keep his title, and not in the way that i would pay money to see him getting his ass kicked. Then again, it could have been anyone that beat him up prior to CM Punk challenging him and i still would have become a fan.
  10. I tend to turn my phone off, and don't go on the internet at all between Smackdown and Wrestlemania. I'll probably keep the habit going until after RAW. I'm curious to see how i'll react to Wrestlemania this year seeing as this will be the first Wrestlemania i've seen without alcohol being part of the equation.
  11. I went to see the Smackdown house show in Cardiff last October, and the crowd chants sounded more like the crowds you get on saturday morning kid's tv.
  12. Then you get the Santino vs. Mark Henry MITB qualifier
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