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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcNKWC35Yk4 Feels like an end of an era to me. I remember lots of talk about this during its making and beforeits release on this forum.
  2. Been working through a lot of the 99 PPV's across all promotions, man the crowd was hot that year all over the place.
  3. I predict Shane will attempt to kill himself.
  4. Yes that was a good one, the 24 specials are easily the best thing on the Network.
  5. The 4 way should be good, I imagine Brock is losing the belt to make way for his UFC return fight.
  6. A new "pack" of interviews is on their site forming a commentary track. Interesting names include Barry Blaustein and Paul Jay, the makers of Beyond the Mat and Wrestling with Shadows.
  7. And this episode was the most fun I have had in watching them in many years, it was great.
  8. Same Jericho who said he sees Punk coming back one day, all fine and dandy, at one point?
  9. "Will you still love me tomorrow" you know, after I curb stomp you.
  10. He was just being Dean. Austin was likely being fed lines from the truck, also. If Dean had appeared on Austin Podcast One show, and it was the two of them sitting on a couch, there is no way Austin would have been so obtuse.
  11. I just want my, "The Slip and Fall of TNA" DVD.
  12. No, Nitro was #1 priority at this point. The show was an hour long, sans adverts, about 40 minutes which is why it seems shorter. They did a better job of showcasing as much as possible than TNA did with the same timeslot on Spike. But then, everybody does things better than TNA, the most irrelevant mess of a promotion in the history of wrestling.
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