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  1. The finish to the IC match sucked, real lame, crappy ending. Enjoyed Morrison v Sheamus and I'm no fan of Morrison so it was definitely something good. Miz is booked like a loser, he cant even beat Jerry Lawler clean and even with Riley's help he struggles to beat Orton. I guess if they want their champ coming off as worthless then it's working. Really liked the 4 way too, I dont get people wantng Del Rio as champ over Edge, Del Rio wasn't even feuding for the title a week ago, at least Edge has been chasing the belt for a while. If Del Rio is gonna win the title then why waste it where he was inserted into the match on TV 2 DAYS BEFORE THE PPV. That would be stupid. Build the guy up for his first title win instead of booking on the fly. Edge has gone downhill the last year and he sucks as a face but at least we're guaranteed better matches than Kane has been having. Also, the Cody Rhodes gimmick is getting old, quick. It's like an indy gimmick. The tantrum was alright the first time now it's just annoying. Its a midcard gimmick that and he wont get further until he drops it. Overall though, I thought it was one of WWE's better PPV's this year but that isn't saying much. Above average.
  2. How would you justify booking Silva/Sonnen again? You cant unless he loses to Belfort and he probably wont be back in time for the August show.
  3. If you're gonna end the streak you may as well end it by having someone win clean, that would get someone way more over than having someone cheat just to turn them heel.
  4. Also, they changed the title and had MITB cashed in the next night on Raw instead, shows that they care about TV ratings a lot more.
  5. Unfortunately we'll probably get Orton v Cena again.
  6. I've heard it's because they want to become popular in India, where the owners are from and they don't feel they can do that with the style Allardyce's teams play. If they get Jol then it's a good decision.
  7. I dunno about that. [YOUTUBE]5xir5HN24e8[/YOUTUBE]
  8. This show was awful. The Cena angle is insulting, after how big they played it up, he is already hired back and he wasn't off TV for one week and he's back in time to wrestle on the very next PPV. The next PPV looks like it was booked by Russo too with all the gimmicks. A chairs match, really?
  9. Yeah, Smackdown is easily the worst wrestling show on TV. Edge v Kane is the worst feud of the year too.
  10. I think Jones was a breakthrough guy more in 09, not 10.
  11. Should have had odds on Thiago Alves actually making weight this time.
  12. He did it because they had a game against West Ham a few days after and West Ham were struggling so he felt, give his main side a rest because they were more likely to beat West Ham and it was definitely a more important game and on paper, a game more easier for Blackpool to get three points. Of course he won't admit that. I think the manager should decide the team, play who he wants but they have to fine him after what they did to McCarthy and Wolves last year or else there is an inconsistency.
  13. Watched The Assassination of Jesse James and 3:10 to Yuma recently. Both are excellent. Loved Crowe's character in the later, a great villain and the Jesse James movie is one of the most underrated movies I've seen.
  14. It's bullshit, they promised Fitch a title shot and that's been taken away. I'm no Fitch fan but if you beat everyone that is put in front of you and are told if you win your next fight then you get a title shot well, you should get a title shot.
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