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  1. Rogue is definitely worth playing, adds a new dimension to the templars, as the assassins aren't just right by default. I'm (re)playing witcher 3 on my PS5 as the load times are now bearable. I previously played the main campaign and half of heart of stone on my ps4 before I got too annoyed with the slow loading. Finished the 1st playthrough + expansions, now on death march playthrough.
  2. So, I've spent today watching the OG trilogy, and I freely admit this may be a controversial opinion, but S-M3 did not deserve all the hate it got. Maybe it's because I'm older now, but Harry's death hit me right in the feels... and I don't really have any feels.
  3. @MikeI was exactly the same, he just seemed a really weird choice, but he absolutely smashed it. Never been so happy to have been wrong.
  4. So, I know this is a thread rez, but whatever, there's literally nothing else going on here...I mean, considering 1 ) the state of the world, 2 ) AEW being awesome 3) the lack of any new posts we, the people of this forum, may just have aged out of all this...and that genuinely makes me sad. If no one else has said this, then I feel I should : thank you Kam. For a good, long while in my early to mid adult years (at least by average standards, i'd be shocked to reach 50) this forum was a place where expression wasn't censored, even if it wasn't popular or mainstream. I make no bones that most people will see me as an arsehole, as my opinions could and can be polarizing, to be kind, but this was a place where I wasn't just shut down, instead i was called on my bullshit opinions not by insults or rhetoric, but by reasoned argument (most of the time, at least). I think that's something that's missing in the wider web today. If the enduring legacy of this forum is that it made some people less shitty human beings, then that's something to be proud of and more than 99.9999999% of forums could ever hope for. Apologies for the off topic rambling, I'm kinda drunk. In vino veritas, as the saying goes (according to Archer... I dunno, who am I, Reginald Foster?). On topic... episodes I got to before abandoning Riverdale : 1st episode Scream TV series : S2e01 Hoops : i dunno, like 4 or 5 eps. I'll be honest, I was on watching it as some shite I hadn't watched before while my primary focus was drinking and playing games. You : s01e01 - ok, so, creepy, less cool Dexter... no thanks Breaking Bad L s05e02 or e03... binged the whole thing to there with my bro, then we both got outta sync schedule wise and haven't managed to finish it yet. Sabrina - the netflix series, watched p1 + special and just CBA after that. Tokyo Ghoul - 1st season, not bothered with the rest.
  5. The Rise of Skywalker was a disappointment after The Last Jedi. Neither is perfect, by any means, but at least TLJ tried something different (albeit to mixed reception) while TRoS was a misguided attempt to retcon all of the so called controversy out. Even with that said, nothing TRoS did was especially bad, per se, but it was trying to fit too much into its' runtime. Giving it another half hour (at least), or splitting the movie in two and expanding on, well, everything, in two parts would have served the story much better. A franchise that managed it? Well, Marvel, obviously, though it feels like a cheat since it's obviously not over, just the end of an era. Furious 7 also did a spectacular job closing out the Paul Walker era in terrible circumstances (though WAY better than TRoS, it has to be said).
  6. SCSA, and, dare I say (oh, shit, I guess I do) Chris Benoit. Is he a piece of shit for what he did? No doubt, but that doesn't change what he was capable of between the bells. Also, Michaels, Eddie and Pillman. And The Rock, as a talker, was godly. Also, and it goes against literally every fiber of my being to say this, but Cena was deservedly the man during his Super-Cena run.
  7. At least you have that as an excuse.... I watched them voluntarily, though it was, at least partially, ironic (I mean, seriously, what vampire fiction could hope to hold a candle to Buffy/Angel). As it turns out, not Twilight. Though I will give both Robert and Kristen their due, since as shite as Twilight was, their output since could not have been more different. Not to mention, infinitely superior. In Twilight, they are pretty much the definition of actors being let down by the material they are given, as they have both proved since, though Rob especially. I'm actually keen to see his take on Bruce/Batman which I would not have credited when I watched the Twilight series. As for disappointments, well, the whole of the final season of Game of Thrones. The weird bit about this is, I don't actually have any problem with where it landed in the end, it's the getting there that was the issue. And, how can I not mention "Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker" or, to give it the title it deserves, "Star Wars: The Epic Ass Pull from Nowhere"
  8. Ah, don't get me wrong, the people who actually design new tech are just amazingly intelligent. It's just that they deliberately design it so that almost anyone can do it. I used to work for a company that, amongst other things, built PC's and servers from high level components (eg. case, motherboard, ram, cpu, psu, hdd etc.). I was on the services side, but the training on the production side could have been a day. Fortunately, the production manager was as solid as they come and would, at least, double check everything until he was absolutely sure of his staffs capability. Sadly, the company we worked for is no more (hey credit crunch, fuck you guy), but everyone has moved on to better since.
  9. I can see how it might be a good thing for some people, especially in regards to forcing you out of your comfort zone with what you read. But, it's very much not for me. I can spout pretentious, pseudo-intellectual bullshit with the best of them if I really have to (by which I, of course, mean their deep and meaningful insight into the mind of the creative and the unique paradigm their world building presents to the reader...) , but I can't abide being made to listen to it from other people. I had quite enough of that in tertiary education, thanks...
  10. Rewatch as in background I don't have to pay attention too and is better than the BS on terrestrial... Archer and Rick and Morty. Also South Park, Family Guy and American Dad. Rewatch as in pay attention to, pretty much any Joss Whedon show, but I don't really have time to even keep up with the current stuff I watch, so that doesn't happen.
  11. Ugh, digital assistants... eww... I make a point of making all my friends and family who have and use them regret it. Go on, explain why spotify thinks you LOVE Rick Astley ... or why amazon has delivered a 40 inch strap on.
  12. @lymmo Well, they're starting to bridge the gap between consoles and PC's. Hardware wise, it seems like Sony are a bit stuck. Their single model is probably going to be at or around the same price as the high end xbox.... which spanks it in performance terms. As someone who bleeds blue, it actually hurts to say that. Microsoft have made all the right moves in terms of user friendly features (cross play, play anywhere etc.), their subscription services piss all over Sony's from a dizzying height, and they seem to have learned all the lessons they needed to from the XBone's botched launch and subsequent trouncing in this generation. That hi/lo split is a stroke of genius too. When it comes to exclusives, that's a battle for Sony to lose. Between god of War 2 and Spider-man 2, they practically guarantee a huge uptake in the hardware themselves. That said, if Microsofts' relationship with Nintendo eventually sees those two releasing cross platform versions of what were previously exclusive franchises (Zelda on xbox, halo on switch etc.) then that would work to negate Sony's dominance to some extent. As good as Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Mario vs Rabbids are, not to mention Mario Kart, the Switch is the one console I don't own. As for what I'll be remortgaging my house to buy come holiday season.... I have enough equity to get both :p Though, realistically, it'll probably be an xbox series x, especially if the rumors about steam, epic games and GOG Galaxy are true... I have so many games on steam and GOG it's not even a consideration. Well, until GOW2 or Spidey 2 launches and I sell a kidney to buy a PS5.
  13. I mean, there definitely is something to be gained from it in the broadest sense, but hacking your home wifi probably isn't worth the effort when so many people willingly join, for instance, McDonalds002... SURPRISE! that's not actually a McDonalds wifi you just joined and every password you enter for every site you use now belongs to the bad actor. There is a reason WIfi remains turned off on most people in the tech industries devices. I'd sooner go without internet than connect to some rando's open wifi. Even then, I'd use a vpn and if they can crack that, you're pretty screwed anyway..., they're basically at the level of a nation state, so if China wants to read my email that badly, there is pretty much sweet FA I, or anyone else, can do to stop them.
  14. If you think that M2 thing pissed you off, imagine ordering a Q6600 literally 2 days before the i5 launch. Yeah, that was me, seeing 50% of the order I hadn't even received yet pissed down the drain. Never, ever again. Bleeding edge can f*** right off. Also, you're 100% right, there isn't very much to learn if you have, no word of a lie, half a brain. That doesn't stop sales people getting it wrong, but it is very much plug and play if you read the compatibility guides. Most importantly, the internet and youtube are your friend. If you get the kit right in the first instance, then a monkey could basically do it... or a small child, since that's who actually does do it for most electronics manufacturers.
  15. etz


    WW3 is a stretch, but a dirty bomb strike on US or UK military assets abroad seems plausible. A dirty bomb on either homeland or civilian assets however seems implausible, if only because Iran is probably wise enough to understand the consequences of such a thing. Specifically, we would turn their country into a irradiated glass wasteland. At least, I hope they are. Admittedly, this might be an overstatement, but not as much of one as we might think. Personally, I work with a couple of Iranian people, including one I would literally take a bullet for, so I really hope it doesn't escalate further. The vast majority of people everywhere are just that, people. Sure, they have their issues, but we all do. Let's not let a couple of dipshit idiots ruin the whole world for nothing (or, very little, at least).
  16. CM Punk vs Cena, mostly for the pipebomb promo, but also because WWE actually let CM Punk win. Also, Michaels vs Taker, it barely makes the cut as part 2 was in 2010, but damn if that didn't have me invested.
  17. Ok, so from the perspective of someone who has both an xbox 1s and a ps4, though neither and xbox 1x or ps pro, I'd say it comes down to 2 considerations. The most important is : what do you want to play? And by this I mean the bullshit that is exclusives. In the current gen, PS4 has this on lockdown. Spidey, God of War etc, etc, we've heard it a million times. And that is all true. But, the second is : if you're going to subscribe (as in, pay monthly), and I really can't recommend this enough, the xbox gold + game pass is the fucking bomb. All the exclusives on day 1, a massive back catalog and Xbox or PC? Sony just can't touch that. Bear in mind, this is from someone who accidentally renewed their PS+ subscription until 2024, and thought, well, shit, I'd have done that anyway.
  18. I'm kinda biased to Roger, since he played Hugh Fitzcairn in the Highlander TV series... but I have to go with Elton. Anyone who can make a cynical bastard like me well up is pretty damn good. And no, it's not Candle in the Wind. Fucking Daniel though, gets me in the feels every time....
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