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  1. I do like them but they should be apart. The was better back in 2000. Now they just suck. :D
  2. I think Hardy suck.He would look terrible with the title on his waist. Actually the hardy boys suck. I would rather see Dudley boys.
  3. It was a fluke but it also was nice.
  4. I am currently watching Spider Man 3
  5. So far the best gender is male. Male= 12 Female= 11
  6. What was the worst HIAC match? I think the worst one was HHH vs Jericho. What was yours?
  7. edd

    Your fitness

    I am fit. I lift weights, eat good foods, eat 3 diffrent fruits, eat vegetables and more.
  8. edd

    Peer Pressure

    Well when I was 12 if I didnt smoke a blunt I was a punk. Luckly i dont smoke no more :)
  9. edd

    Peer Pressure

    You ever was pressured to do a certain thing? I have. I been pressured to smoke, fight,and other things I should not discuss. Have you been Peer Pressured into doing something?
  10. If there was 78 hours in a day that means i have more school time, more weekend time, and more computer time :P How would this affect you?
  11. I think mine is my height which is 5'9
  12. The sports I play is basketball. I also play football on some occasions. What sports you play?
  13. edd

    Yo moma jokes

    Im not trying to be one. Im actually trying to get people back to the subject. :roll
  14. Thats a nice thing but i dont really think its ok to use it on MSN.
  15. edd

    Yo moma jokes

    This is getting a lil out of control.
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