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  1. And what does that have to do with Cena turning heel?
  2. Oh f*ck off DC! Coming from you of all people :lol You are only saying it because I said it to Nimf, who knows (as well as you do) as I am saying it as a joke even though it was spelt incorrectly. You are the worst on the site for pulling people up on spelling, so dont pull the big man with me because it really doesn't wash. If Nimf is really that offended, I will await her text and will apologise if I embarrased her. Yet I think she will see I was saying it not to humiliate her, like you have done with many a time to JayFunk. Well done on being chivalrous, but seriously pot kettle!
  3. Yeah I agree fully with regards Cena. They seem happy to keep him going along as he does, selling merch and being around the main event, without making him into something along the lines of Hogan and Austin. As I said, Cena could do with a run as a heel, bring some interest back in him. Because at the moment, its the same face promo every week, and thats why people have become bored of him
  4. Maybe not so now, but I was answering your question on who 'could' become bigger than the WWE With Cena it all depends on how they manage him in the future. He has become stale. Yes he will always be popular with the young fans and sell lot of merch, but he needs a heel turn....even if he eventually turns back to being a face, they just need to break the monotony. If they do that, then the character and Cena could, become bigger. To keep him face for the whole of his career would be a waste in my opinion
  5. Yeah and the first pics emerge from the night...note, I cant stand Louie Spence http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h70/jordanpalk/38071_410916767814_515157814_455421.jpg :lol
  6. I cant see anyone from the current WWE roster encroaching on that list or moving higher. There isn't a standout star in the WWE anymore, like Hogan, Austin or The Rock, bar Cena, and certainly no one who would hold the belt long enough like Sammartino, Backlund or HHH from the current era, who seemed to have the belt for months on end. As DS stated, the WWE is the draw now, not the individual champion/wrestler...
  7. I did...so much so, even reading this hurts... :lol
  8. I did say.... BT make a profit, however you try and paint it.... But they have. They have worked extensively with BT Tower, Ascent Media and Globecast to provide stronger signals and picture quality, especially since they went HD Also Try the 1.5 billion Sky pay for the Premier League, and the fact OFCOM has forced the price on them that they have to charge BT Vision to carry Sky Sport channels which is significantly less than what should be market value...it swings in roundabouts... Thats why I said it should be shared between the Goverment and BT. I would say exactly the same if it was the Goverment and Sky, Talk Talk etc... You cant expect companies, not to have to help with the infrastructure, when they are going to reap from the benefits, such a infrastructure provides... Anyway I am off to get drunk! See you all in the morning!
  9. So they shouldn't be made to pay to provide a service they will ultimately make money on? If that's the case then Sky and the general public can start asking the Goverment to start paying the price for the installation of Sky dishes. And as for charging a customer £150,000 for it, it's very poor customer service. As you can see by it being reported on various new sites. It can only been seen as in a bad light for BT
  10. But the customer should? I am actually with you on this one. It's not BT's fault, but they should not really be quoting the customer £150,000, thats unjustifiable. The Goverment has pledged to get everyone connected, so costs should be shared between themselves and BT
  11. Best comment I have seen in relation to this on the Fox website was... 'What Hyprocrisy! The Democrats love women on their knees, just ask Monica!'
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