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  1. He loved his arm and knee pads did Ahmed How he kept getting injured while being covered with all those cushions is beyond me Max Moon
  2. Jesus from Los Boriquas? Didn't he have his career ended by a debuting Edge messing up a sommersault plancha?? either way he was rubbish Jimmy Powers
  3. Does anyone remember when 'Macho Man' Randy Savage came to TNA not all big names and superstars from the past equal a step forward
  4. Most controversial Champion in WWE history apparantly Koko B Ware
  5. They have Survivor Series to promote They cant have Benoit, Finlay, Regal etc pissing about trying to get Harry Smith over when they are trying to promote one of the 4 biggest PPVs of the year There is plenty of time to get Harry over after that
  6. What could Bret and Kurt do together apart from talk? Brets the most boring man alive anyway have you seen any interview with him in the last 5 years, all he does is act bitter and go over the same boring stuff his hearts not in it, he's said so himself Bret can't even have his photo taken for more than a few minutes and he has to sit down so how he can do promos in front of thousands of camera flashes would be a mystery to me if this was 10 years ago i would be all for it, but it just can't and shouldn't happen
  7. Because they have enough established stars already! They've got Sting, Jarrett, Bagwell, Steiner , Luger etc They need to concentrate on creating new stars not bringing in washed up old ones that can't even physically do anything Unless they want to be thought of as a WCW and WWE old peoples home they should be concentrating on what seperates them from all that, and that is elevating and creating exciting new talent that can put on matches that only WWE can dream of Not bringing in bitter legends
  8. No it wouldn't be a coup if WWA and 1PW can do it, why would you be so surprised that TNA could do it! it would be the total opposite of a coup a blatent backwards step
  9. Your right, he SHOULDN'T but then again you shouldn't walk on the grass but people still do it If you were to just promote him as a great wrestler then he would need to be in the same league as Benoit, Finlay, Regal etc, but sadly hes nowhere near that level yet, so why on earth would people get behind him without a gimmick at least make it known to everyone that hes the Bulldogs son first of all, show vignettes to hype his debut etc but he needs something No point hyping his debut now anyway cos its too close to survivor series They have the right idea about waiting in my opinion until SSeries is over and done with, Maybe wait until The Rumble and hype his debut for that just an idea
  10. how old is he? 20 or something? why rush him in there with just any old gimmick or angle and ruin him He has nothing but time and i think they are doing completely the right thing by waiting until something perfect presents itself Because if they did that then everyone on here will be saying "Why did they rush him blah blah blah"
  11. He just wants one big payday he reminds me of Tyson bless his little heart The only , and i mean ONLY way he will have any chance of winning is if Ortiz goes into the match thinking that it will be as easy as last time Iam sure he won't though and Shamrock will be completely and utterly destroyed again
  12. If your going to jump around playing sports games on your computer then why don't you just do it properly , with a proper racket on a court or sumthing how ridiculous One of things i love most about my computer is playing it when i cant be bothered to do anything
  13. Iam sure if it was that easy to get their programming on one of the biggest broadcasting networks in the UK then they would have done it already
  14. Yes it could, is the answer to that what would Bret bring to the table?? I saw him at 1PW and he just doesn't seem to have anything to offer anymore He cant wrestle anymore, He never looks interested in anything unless it revolves around him Yeah he was amazing in his day but its time to move forward Unless TNA wants to be remembered as a glorified WWA its time to let go of Bret Hart
  15. It will defo be Umaga and he won't win, then he will be thrown into mid-card obscurity and maybe form a team with some-one then get fired and go to TNA Then come back to WWE as a Cuban Mafia member called Carbino Ruskus this has been 100% confirmed by Dave Meltzer* *Not 100% confirmed by Dave Meltzer
  16. Brother Ray should end it just for a laugh
  17. Anyone that orders this event has personal demons
  18. iam sorry about that i blacked out
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