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  1. I dont agree with the Edge part in the slightest. the guy is a joke the stupid faces he pulls and sticking out that Bruce Forsyth chin are so over the top. I personally hav'nt heard an Edge promo where i've thought damn thats a money promo. Jericho is ok but as always in WWE he will be misused and undervalued.
  2. Personally i like seeing JBL in the main event picture. For me the guy is the best heel in the company.
  3. I first started watching the Boosh in about 2003 when they put early live shows on a website and i loved it. The first series was hilarious and different. Since that however its got worse, i saw the live show last year and it was pathetic. The last series itself just came across as a bunch of guys trying their hardest to be random.
  4. For anyone who likes acoustic music i highly recommend you check out William Fitzsimmons. I found his music about a year ago and he has quickly become my favourite artists. I really think its a travesty that this guy has not yet developed a large fanbase in this country, i do think that in time he will become huge. This is some of the most beautifull music i've ever heard. http://www.myspace.com/williamfitzsimmons
  5. Rematch from past - Henning v Bret Hart Should have been - Bret Hart v Angle (damn Goldberg) Dream match for today - Sting v HBK or AJ v Jericho
  6. Either Vader or Bigelow. The only Big men that could do it all.
  7. Dont worry i was joking, i dont think its possible to offend me:)
  8. No lol and i kinda hope ur the last.
  9. Me and the guys on my Birthday night out. http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/8906/jamessammebertierickyom1.jpg http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/4567/mesamjamesro7.jpg
  10. http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/4194/meandtheguysrk1.jpg Me and my Irish mates at Rock night. L - R. Jamie, Me, Bertie and Trev who for some reason appears to be raching for my nipple:?
  11. You've sold me on Canterbury their man. I love homeless people.
  12. Music Industry Management
  13. I'm trying to make my mind up whether to go to Southampton uni or Canterbury uni in September. So guys help me out here does anyone go to either of these uni's? or do you live in Southampton or Canterbury, whats it like?
  14. Will we ever see JJ back in a TNA ring? He has spent the last year off our screens (but has done some fantastic booking) and to be honest ive missed the guy. I think a run against Angle would be the way to go and for me would give us match of the year. So what dya think guys will JJ be back?
  15. http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/8962/albumpic1bn5.th.jpg' alt='albumpic1bn5.th.jpg'> Pic from my new album.
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