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  1. Wasn't think of that but yeah it sucks man. I would like to see a great band live but unfortunately I don't have the time for that.:(
  2. WWE Worst Wrestler- The Great Khali Worst Feud- Show vs. Sabu Worst Angle- Exposing Eddie's name Worst Match- The Big Show vs. Undertaker at Great American Bash Worst Decision- Bringing Back ECW Worst PPV- December To Dismember Worst Finisher- Masterlock Most Overrated Match- DX vs. The McMahons Worst Actor- Rey Mysterio Worst Segment/Promo- The Orton/Mysterio one in February Worst Newcomer- The Miz Worst Diva- Torrie Wilson TNA Worst Wrestler- A-1 Worst Feud- Raven vs. Larry Zybysko Worst Angle- VKM declaring "war" on the WWE Worst Match- Raven vs. Larry Zybysko Worst Decision- Putting Vince "Promotion Killer" Russo in charge of the booking Worst PPV- The overrated Genesis Worst Finisher- The Stroke Most Overrated Match- Joe vs. Angle Worst Actor- Borash Worst Segment/Promo- Anything with VKM Worst Newcomer- Machete Worst Diva- So Cal Val
  3. Best bet for those is rohwrestling.com, TWCShop.com and ebay I think.
  4. Unfortunately I haven't been to a gig so I can't go on.
  5. Yeah your right man. I really need to debate more. Anyway the thing with ECW is that it isn't going to be long term if they keep doing the same stuff they doing on TV and do another DTD. They should had let Heyman & Dreamer run the show not Dave whats his name and "That fat oily guy". Because I said it before it will die in their hands and bring in Masters & Snitsky will be the first step to disaster.
  6. Happy Birthday Clarkey, Hope you have a good one.:xyx :hbday
  7. What I was meaning there was ECW isn't the same promotion that exist in 1992 to 2001. It's just another brand under the WWE umbrella and the guys who are running the brand now don't know what ECW was and/or is. I do agree with you there DC it run its course. My point is they should run for two hours IMO. Same with TNA Impart! on Spike TV if TNA chooses to. I just think one hour isn't much time for an wrestling show. I think I said that because the matches they have on those shows are short and usually dull. Don't get me wrong they were a couple of good matches on some ECW shows and some ECW shows were quite decent aswell but not anymore since Heyman is out. I just feel they should go two hours if Vince and co really want to but I doubt that will happen. Yeah it's the same people doing them and I agree it isn't really recycling gimmicks/angles/storylines. It's really recycling wrestlers who can't get over on Smackdown and Raw like Striker, Burke, Terkay, Davirai, Khali, Dupree and soon Masters & Snitsky . I think that's one of the main reasons why ECW is doing so badly IMO. I fix that for you.:xyx And checked.:xyx
  8. Thanks man, much appreciated. I'll put in more WCW links in the near future and also some stuff from wrestlinggonewrong.com.
  9. I think it will be on about 9pm or 10pm G2G not sure yet.
  10. Thanks man, you are cool and the gang.:xyx
  11. Inno- He's a great guy and funny too. wyndorf- Another class act and funny as hell. Christof- A really nice guy. Darkstar- Me and him really never talk much. Cool guy that I want to know better. A.C. A very helpful fella and a great guy. MrFill- A hell of a guy who mysteriously left TWO. Miss T- She maybe doesn't like me but I like her. Great sense of humour. Draven Cage- Brilliant debater and he sure shut me up a couple of times.:lol Ray- Great guy and one of my best friends. ahsatan- She a great girl. Big Craig-Check my last post. Antihero- I don't really know Antihero much. Wish I did know. Popsi- Again another person had I don't know much. Slim Jim- He's cool and the gang. Jimmy Redman- She's cool and the gang aswell. Drake- Don't know much about Drake. Nimf- A hell of a girl and another good friend of mine. dave7g-He's okay, a bit judge mental at times. Gothic Angel- My favourite avatar maker and another good pal of mine. SuperKick Kid- A class act. Jack- I don't much about Jack. BeltMark- Don't know him but I love his photos. Mr. Perfect- I had problems with him in the past but another than that an alright guy. El Moobio- A legend. Boyo- I don't know much about Boyo. Darkette- She an alright girl who I don't know much about. Telf- Great fella and a hell of a mod. BRM- Another guy who I don't know much about. Russ- Wish I known him better. Naitch- Has great taste in wrestling and he's funny as hell. Twiggie- Another great fella. Evil Gringo- Another great guy with great taste in wrestling. Love his Catch Ups threads in the International section. TGO- Hardly know him. Nicole- Great girl who I wish I know her better. Proudy- A good friend of mine and funny as hell. Fletch- Brilliant guy who has great taste in music. Colin- Funny as hell. Anime_Otaku- Another great guy. PHIZZLE- I hardly know him. Chris2K- A great guy and a hell of a mod.
  12. I joined TWO because its the most friendy and it's the best forum in the web by none. It separates from other forums on the web. I didn't want to join the other forums because mainly its full of jerks and people who don't do nothing in their life. But with TWO it's full with great people that I get along with really well. I just like TWO and it is the internets best.:xyx
  13. Yeah I found dailymotion.com weeks ago and it is a hell of a site. That's were I got the WWE links from.
  14. There one of the examples why I don't like BC. He thinks I'm Russ which I'm not and the last time I've been in the chatroom & this is a classic. He's thinks I'm a hacker. BC is mainly the only problem I have on TWO. Him and his lies ALL LIES.
  15. I agree with everything you said there Naitch. Those were the days of when wrestling was at its best when Flair, Dusty, Hansen, Midnight Express, The Rock, Austin, The Funks, Stemboat and so on were at their primes. Wrestling these days aren't as good as it used to be IMO. I'm proud that I was a wrestling fan, I'm proud to be a wrestling fan and I'm proud to be here in a forum full of great wrestling fans.:xyx
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