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  1. Hang on, you're getting CoD fans lambasting you for being a 'casual' RPG player? CoD is one of the most casually played games on the planet, and while you're playing for the new experiences gaming can give you, they're doing the same thing day in day out to watch their virtual number go up without much to show for it besides bragging rights. My peeve is excessive swearing and vulgarity, it can really ruin a game that I might otherwise had played through (Bulletstorm) and it doesn't do the image of the gamer as an immature, trash-loving nerd any good. I mean, dicktits. Seriously
  2. She looks like she's on ecstacy or something similar to me. On a crowded bus. With a kid on her lap. Hardly a good first impression before the racist tirade. Anyone sticking up for her is an idiot. That's the problem with racists; they might have a valid point to make in there somewhere if they weren't so uniformly thick.
  3. It's looking very much like an iterative improvement on IV to me, rather than the big leap between 2 and 3, and from 3 to 4. Which is a little disappointing, but then there's only so far they'll be able to go on the current gen of console hardware. Here's hoping for a PC version more in line with what's offered by the GTAIV photorealism mod. Still, a lot of little improvements could go far - I'm hoping for branching storylines, and more realistic AI. Hope they keep the handheld cam thing from the trailer too.
  4. I thought libertarianism was as far left as you can get - rejecting any kind of state intervention or control. I think the legalisation of weed is inevitable - it clearly doesn't carry the same stigma as it used to, especially among the younger generations. 'Reefer Madness' is a long-dead meme now, and I think people are waking up to the fact that any evidence to suggest it's a menace to society just isn't there. Wasn't it just a few months back when a government advisor stated that the dangers compared to tobacco and alcohol were minimal? Our government can't fly in the face of public opinion for the sake of out-dated ethics forever, especially since they're making criminals of thousands upon thousands of ordinary, reasonable people. And even more so when the damage to society caused by alcohol is evident on the big cities' streets every single night. I think it will happen in our lifetimes. Sure, it turns some people into nervous wrecks, but I had my life made hell for years due to the aggression and mental manipulation an alcoholic family member inflicted on me. So why the double standards? I think the more liberal US states that are trialling marijuana regulation have the right idea. 'Patients' have to carry a card, so let the dinosaurs think what they want. Just don't force me down a shady back alley to meet equally shady characters anymore when I go to work and pay my dues just like anyone else.
  5. I reckon this is all going to turn out as a PR stunt for Wu Lyf's album release.
  6. I reckon this is all going to turn out as a PR stunt for Wu Lyf's album release.
  7. Charlie Sheen won't be in Celebrity Big Brother because he's a celebrity.
  8. Also, would having a new console on the market really provide us with more diverse games? I guess the games available on Wii have their own character, due to its (until recently) unique control system and technical limitations, but the only marked difference between PS3 and 360 are the platform-exclusives (and the Wii U's power means that it'll get a lot more cross-platform titles than its predecessor did). Sure, the online facilities are different, but a new console wouldn't automatically mean, say, more JRPGs or other minority interest games, because if a company wanted to compete with Sony or MS, it'd have to offer the kind of games that people will part with their money for. Would it really be worth splashing out on another console for a handful of exclusives and a different-shaped box to play Modern Warfare 5 and Forza on? That said, if Sega had the means to develop a new console, their exclusives might make it worth it.
  9. Brought to you in part by the good people at anagramgenius.com. Post your name in anagram (don't feel the need to post your actual name, obviously). Mine's Did a knave.
  10. While I get No Mercy's appeal in terms of depth of gameplay mechanics, it was far too slow for me. Like wrestling underwater. I have fond memories of Wrestlemania for the SNES - the arcade port - although I'm sure they'd be forever tarnished were I ever to play it again.
  11. I like this guy! I got Beyond Good & Evil from Game :D I'd say that for better or worse, Nintendo are the market leader, in terms of number of consoles in homes, anyway. Even if it is likely that most of its users only have a dusty copy of Wii Sports and some shovelware Zumba game. Apple could probably have a fair crack at that crowd, given the excitement about the Wii U controller (yeah, like I have time to be looking down at the HUD on my lap every few seconds when I'm playing CoD on Veteran). The cloud-based gaming platforms like OnLive and Gaikai sound like a great idea, but they'll need to get their marketing skates on. I'm betting most casual gamers haven't even heard of them.
  12. The biggest offense is that organised religion still exists.
  13. Nah, I think most Morrissey fans these days find it quite endearing how he tries to kill his own career stone dead every few months.
  14. Is the act of dancing around a pole so important to some people that they're making a concerted effort to remove the stigma from it? Or are they just keeping fit and getting to feel a bit sexy at the same time because they quite like the fantasy of being a stripper? At the end of the day, it's quite a seductive thing to do. Can't they just send their kids to Zumba classes, or something vaguely useful to someone not in the sex industry?
  15. From the Metro: Ha, I love this guy.
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