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  1. Simple question, what is your current favourite theme?
  2. I don't really like the FWA but I live in Newport so maybe I'll check it out. It's not like live wrestling comes here often. Heck, it never comes...
  3. Oh my God 'Bandages' is fantastic! NME and Kerrang! have both made it their single of the week and rightly so. Anyone who hasn't heard it, download it NOW... Totally infectious.
  4. Very nice Si, looks much more professional than your last site.
  5. I was just thinking that Randy Orton's injury created more a response than Kurt Angle's! Of course this could change.... Sad news though, I thought someone was having a laugh at first.
  6. Howdy folks. Just like to give a shout out to one of my favourite traders - Wrestling Outcasts http://www.wrestlingoutcaststapes.tk/ Very cheap, good quality, fast service and updated regularly, especially with US Indy tapes. Very good all-rounder!
  7. Sasuke

    cZw or xPw

    CZW all the f'n way! XPW ifs nothing more than a 'company' full of washed up junkies and cheap porn stars, run by one of the most underhand pieces of crap to ever enter the wrestling business. XPW hires washed up losers with nowhere else to go. (Shane Douglas, The Sandman, Juventud Guerrera... (sorry Juvi, but it's true). CZW makes stars (Justice Pain, M-Dogg 20, Josh Prohibition), XPW steals them. CZW put Philidelphia wrestling and the ECW/CZW arena back on the map after ECW's death, so XPW decides to muscle in on the action, promptly purchases the arena and renames it the "XPW Arena' - how original. CZW has an event every year named 'Best Of The Best'. It's one of their most popluar cards, so what does XPW do? Names it's card "Best Of The F'n Best', you tell me they aren't asking for trouble! Why do you think CZW, ROH and also 3PW have all agreed to work together in promoting their shows and holding them back to back? They may be in competition but they are all united in their fight to get XPW the hell outta Philly. Someone recently spray-painted the ECW/CZW Arena with the words 'XPW GET OUT" - couldn't have said in better myself... Rant over....
  8. Heyyyyyy! Flea (from the Chili Peppers - NOT that guy who writes for The Smarks) does the voice over for one of the characters. And anything with Flea in it can't be half bad!
  9. Hey, I was gonna post about this, but as always, I am too slow....
  10. I'm sorry, no disrespect to anyone on here, but I find your taste in music to be very, very BAD! Linkin Park (as my brother would say, "They don't even look like a band!" Slipknot, Korn, Inme, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, AAARGHHHH kill me now!!! Seriously guys, you need to listen to some FUGAZI - punk rock with intelligence! A novel concept. Or some White Stripes, The Music, even The Vines. There are better bands out there. Next you'll be saying your Avril (the anti-christ) Lavigne fans, oh God no.... Death to Nu f'n metal!
  11. I hope they do not form a deal with XPW, I think that is a very bad idea. Ring Of Nonour - yes, XPW - hell no! 60 quid a year, get real, how many people are gonna pay that? Certainly not me, if they start running shows in Cymru then maybe I'd consider it...
  12. Right now I am making out big time for the Backseat Boyz (from CZW), Missy Hyatt's favourite tag team, lol. Seriously though, I have found myself buying CZDub tapes and fast-forwarding through to get to their match and then watching the rest of the tape later. I just can't get enough of them! Go get through the latest issue of PowerSlam and read the PS Top 50. My main man Trent Acid is in at number 47! For those of u without PS, here's what is says: :D 47 Trent Acid (IND; LYP NL) - 22 year-old native of South Philadelphia is a sure-fire star of the future....State-of-the-art cruiserweight mixes Japanese and American styles with the good looks and attitude of a young 'HBK'...Wrestles mostly in CZW with Johnny Kashmere in the Backseat Boyz team, but shines in singles competition also...Beat fellow high-flyer Ruckus to win the Big Japan/CZW Junior heavyweight belts at Cage Of Death III on December 15...Scored the biggest win of his career over Jerry Lynn on May 11...Was the popular victor of CZW's Best Of The Best tournament in June....Backseats looked impressive in a four-team match with the Hot Shots, new Church and James Storm and Chris Harris in NWA: TNA...Why they haven't been back since is a mystery...Acid continues to steal the show in CZW while awaiting bigger and better things. Finally, some respect for 'The International Superstar'! Note: I also mark for 'obscure' wrestlers Funaki, Randy Orton, Sonjay Dutt, etc.
  13. Hey come on, you had the fabulous Backseat Boyz once again wrestling for ROH, more more could you want? Even though they lost, hmmm. And they just wrestled at the CZW show earlier in the day too, gotta love 'em.
  14. I haven't even seen Hogan's book in he shops yet, though granted, I haven't been looking.... How much are they flogging in for, just our of interest?
  15. Yes, but people's definitions of who has "it" vary greatly. I remember Alex Marvez once saying that Chuck Palumbo has "it". Hmmm, I suppose it depends how you define the meaning of "it". Slightly off topic, but there you go. Oh, and abgout MPW.... Buy 'These Days' because the 10-man tag on there is just awesome!
  16. Hey that's good news dude. I don't really know you either, but anyone who can gives the Big C a whoopin' has my respect! Good luck to you....
  17. I don't usually do these things, but oh well, here goes nothing.... 1. What is you real name? Laura Marie Francis the first (and probably last). 2. How old are you? 17 3. Do you have a job/Go to school? Coleg student. 4. How tall are you? I dunno. Average for a chick I guess. 5. How much do you weigh? Changes regularly. 6. What you nickname? Err, Sasuke I guess, maybe Sas. Someone used to call me Franny once, *shudders*. 7. How long have you been watching wrestling? Since some point in 1992, I think... 8. What you favorite tv show? The legend that is DALLAS 9. What you Favorite movie? The Godfather 10. What you favorite drink? Water 11. What you favorite food? Pizza (I don't eat it, but I can dream) 12. What kind if car do you have? A Ferrari 13. Do you have any brothers/sisters? 2 older brothers. 14. What you closet friend on the forum/internet? Ummm, Dean I guess. 15. Do you have any pets? Two dogs. 16. Who you favorite celebrity? *No comment* Oh wait, maybe John Frusciante, but is he a 'celebrity'? NEVER! 17. Who is your Favorite band? Chili Peppers 18. Do you smoke? Nope 19. How do you dress? Grungey (otherwise known as scruffy). 20. Are you single/married/relationship? Single 21. Were do you live? Cymru 22. What you favorite football team? Man Utd., Barca, CYMRU 23. Who you favorite wrester? Chris Benoit/Eddy Guerrero 24. What you ideal job Hmmm, maybe some kind of journalist, be it wrestling or music related. I don't really know. 25. What kind of hobbies do you have or what do you do for fun? 'Fun' - what is that?! Errr, I'm sort of an 'arty' type of person, I try to do lots of drawing, painting, gerneral doodling, etc. Also listend to a lotta music, because without music, life is just a walk through the desert. And I surf the net and make webpages that no one will ever see, but it gives me something to do.
  18. Lol, what are you people, babies?! I though advent calenders were for kids, that's what I was always led to believe anyway. Hmmmm, I've been getting screwed all along!
  19. Yeah, but have you seen Torrie's kicks? They are beyond horrible, it's painful to watch. Being a 'woman' I have mixed feelings on the whole women's division topic, one part of me wants them to succeed and put on enjoyable matches, the other part of me doesn't really care. To the person to said that women are meant to look up to Trish as a 'ole model', lol, that made me laugh. I mean come on, Trish is not your average 'chick on the street' now is she? The reason Lita and to a lesser extent Chyna were so popular with women is because they weren't your stereotypical silicone enhanced blonde bimbo. Sure they were silicone enhanced, but umm, they weren't blonde! Seriously, it was because they looked different and they were taken seriously as grapplers inside the ring (even if they shouldn't have been), and they were seen as being equal to men in a certain respect and the gals got behind them because of that. Trish, equal to the men? Yeah right. Really though I don't know who's (errrr, how can I put this tactifully) member Trish is sucking to always be so highly placed on Pay Per Views.
  20. Yeah Jeff did screw up the run the rail/clothesline spot, but then again, a lot of spots were messed up in that match. Someone said a fan grabbed his foot but I'm not sure if that's true or not. Rico and Jeff were both to blame fo the moonsault spot, Jeff for being so forgetful but perhaps Rico even more so for being so unprofessional and screaming at Jeff right in front of the camera. I like Rico, but that totally ruined the match for me, all attempts at realism were wrecked there.
  21. Finally I can see Raven back on my TV!
  22. Lol Russ, who needs Columbo or Jonathan Creek with you around? Highlights or Raw, for me, were... * The Orton Update * The HHH, Bischoff backstage promo, sure HHH whinged too much but I was laughing to myself when HHH started watching the vid of Steph and Bisch getting, ummm, 'done to business' on Smackdown. Shoot-esque stuff like that is usually interesting to watch. What's up with Flaor though, he has become nothing more than Helmsley's nodding donkey? * Is it me or does Jeff Hardy need new entrance music? Mind you, he needs a lot of new stuff, a brain would be a good start. What is the deal with all that body paint? * Also, am I the only one who finds the sight of Bubba Ray in shorts to be disturbing?
  23. OK, I would trade.... Albert for Christian Big Show for Jericho Undertaker for Van Dam Al Wilson for Hurricane and... Stephanie for Bischoff I know, I know, then RAW would be the worst show ever, but at least SmackDown! - without all the dead weight - would rule even more!
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