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  1. Sorry guys and girls, i've just caught up with this post. I've always wanted to get the tribal tattoo (the original, without the extentions) that Randy Orton has on his back. What do you all think of that? By the way Adrian, a HBK inspired one does sound awesome.
  2. PPVs Been To Royal Rumble: 2004 - 2006 WrestleMania: 21 (2005) - 22 (2006) Backlash: 2004 ECW One Night Stand: 2005 SummerSlam: 1992 - 2004 - 2005 Survivor Series: 2004 :worship :worship :worship Bow Down To The... Bow Down To The King! :worship :worship :worship
  3. no, I think Triple H knows at heart that I just want to cheer for him :) It may seem like that if your the newcomer heel, but if you're a long-term veteran you know you are going to pick up a fanbase, no matter what you do. Dickie
  4. But lets be honest, dont you enjoy cheering for someone people are not cheering for? Or booing someone people are not booing? I love cheering for Triple H when I'm the only one, especially when I'm close to the ring, but when everyone pops for him too, its a goosebumps job. (live obviously) And I liked booing Rey Mysterio at Wembley Arena, when most around me were cheering, and I liked cheering JBL, until he did the whole American thing, i did agree with some of the things he said though! But I dont see how cheering my favourites is a sign of disrespect. You wouldn't be cheering them to make it seem like they weren't doing their job, that's for sure. You only cheer someone if you like them, but you can boo for several reasons, there's heel heat, and then there's x-pac heat. (to quote Belty)
  5. I dont follow the theory... I cheer Triple H regardless... I cheered him at the Wembley tapings along with everyone else, but I also cheered him at the Birmingham and Sheffield tapings.. on my own, or with very few people. Dickie
  6. I do think that should advertise them on the life show, IMO. Makes it easier, and you never know, some yanks might want to come over here. Dickie
  7. Ahh that's right, ambulance match, what a joke, always felt like a last man standing.
  8. I'm sure the Kane/Shane one was at Survivor Series 03? Not unforgiven? Anyhow, I voted for Shane/Big Show... Backlash 2001
  9. He was bi-sexual I think Mr.Perfect
  10. I think it's rotating in a circle? Manchester--Birmingham--Sheffield--London
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