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  1. i believe he was talking about himself. i guess he has no trainees.
  2. The midlands is a fairly big place, can you be more specific?
  3. So by what you're saying KSW shows should infact be labelled trainee shows? Guys like Carl Mizery, Ligero, Bubblegum, Joey Hayes, Aviv Mayaan, Martin Kirby, Spud, Luke Phoenix, Pac are all cruiserweights who can do flying stuff and they all look good and are in shape becuase they put the time in away from training and shows, so they look more professional to the average person. I'm not even talking about internet fans. If they can do it, then others have no excuse other than, "i can't be bothered" or "why do i need to i'm already on shows". They shouldnt be put on shows if they have that attitude and it shows a total lack of wanting to better themselves. Working hard at training is one thing, but their reward is that they get trained to be wrestlers which they do, everything else they should work extra for with only the ones that work the hardest getting the rewards. Then the ones that don't wonder why they arent getting anywhere and eventually they get the message, or leave and open up their own promotion/school and generally fade into nothing. You've said it yourself in other posts that you think the UK scene isnt very good and one of the main reasons for that is that people dont act like professionals and take pride in their appearences. Have you even looked into getting better shape guys in, either cruiser or heavyweight? I doubt any of them cost anywhere near £200.
  4. But surely you saying that they can even be on the shows before they have worked hard to get a look makes them think that there is nothing wrong and they dont see the need to change things. There are plenty of big guys in this country that arent clumsy oafs. Bringing them in might make your product look more credible and bring in even more fans. And thats what they bring to the table, along with their wrestling skills, is a credible look to the average punter. You cant put a price on that if you want to grow as a company.
  5. Why dont you hire some bigger and better wrestlers? There's plenty out there.
  6. yeah, Johnny Phere has/had a good look too. Great psycho character too. Johnny Storm and Jody Fleisch also, they just have a look or presense about them, something about the way they carry themselves. Might not carry over on a poster though.
  7. Taking into account the look, proper gear, a tan (which always helps) BIGGER GUYS:- Doug Williams Johnny Moss Stixx Martin Stone Dave Moralez Eamon O'Neil James Tighe Andy Boy Simmonz Phil Bedwell Paul Malen Joel Redman Phil Powers Mikey Whiplash Shabazz Sha Samuals Terry Fraizer Leroy Kincade SMALLER GUYS:- El Ligero Jospeh Hayes Kris Travis Carl Misery Bubblegum Martin Kirby Mark Haskins Pac Luke Phoenix Spud Cant think of everyone but that should get people started. Anyone wanna add?
  8. Depends. i think, although small, people like Jospeh Hayes and Ligero look like wrestlers, cause they're in great shape. Do you mean who in the UK is big like over 6ft and 240lbs?
  9. Well, there you go. He's realised his strengths and his weakness's and he's highlighted the former to a great degree. Wish more in this countrey would do that. He also has a fantastic underdog character as a face and an amazing heel character as the rockstar. But people will still say, he's too small. Although he looks alot bigger than he used too, been in the gym i think.
  10. haha, Doug missed it by 1 place on the 1PW one, oh well. Pac i think is pretty much a favourite of most people in the country. He's in top shape, so people can't hold that against him, Now, has a character to go with his amazing ability, is without a doubt one of the top flyers in the world and nearly always has good-great matches. The only people i could see not liking him are people who dont like the style, but even they should be able to respect his ability. Hes like the next oversea's face of britwres, Doug was always the first. As for Spud, the only thing people can hold against him is is size. THE best seller in the UK today without a doubt.
  11. So you agree that they all should be in the top 50, but not in the order they are?
  12. The ukff list is the most complete top 50 list you'll find, although the placing of some is questionable, i dont think anyone doesnt deserve to be on there. Most of the wrestlers put the time in away from the ring and look like proper wrestlers and that, along with being the best all round workers, is the reason that most of them get the most work in the bigger companies, in front of the bigger crowds around a wider area of the country and abroad. Imo those 50 are the core of british wrestling. The Wrestling Phoenix, who do you think is a joke on the UKFF one and why? Just curious?
  13. So 1PW are better cause they booked those 4 guys, who came over for a pay day? 1PW has a bigger international name because they paid americans to come over for a few shows? 1PW are better known to who exactly? Dont get me wrong, 1PW are good, even better know with the new management that'll sort out the old bad points i hope, but to say that any company is bigger,in any way, than All Star is wrong because no one in this country, maybe even in Europe, can touch them.
  14. It all comes down to taste, im sure to a Steps fan, they are better than Led Zep. All star is the biggest, most successful and to many the best, obviously not to you. As for the bigger stars, they're only in 1PW because 1PW book them, nearly all of the wrestlers that come over and do All Star do so because they know they're the top company in the country the they enjoy all the successful shows they run.
  15. as for the kind of company, we're going for a professional look. doesnt matter about style cause the best companies have a mix of everything to appeal to a wider audience.
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