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  1. I liked that the Dudley Boys/Team 3D had memorable runs as tag-team champions in ECW,WWE and TNA. In particular, their pursuit of the NWA world tag titles in TNA made the belts look important.
  2. Most of the time that's because it's clearly too challenging to book more than two wrestlers in the world title picture
  3. Another example that being good at what you do still does not look as impressive to WWE bigwigs as being related to a famous wrestler.
  4. Luis Suarez - Cheating little f**ker who gets away with more than he should. Carlos Tevez - It's alright for the City gloryhunters to forget that he went AWOL for months and could not be arsed to play football and just demanded a transfer, he would never have got away with that at Utd.
  5. Call me a nostalgic fool, but I genuinely enjoyed both of his matches at Wrestlemania with Undertaker. The tables,ladders and chairs match where Kane had no tag-team partner was a classic too.
  6. When the Lord Tensai gimmick debuted, I was not entirely sure what to make of it. Upon reflection, I think there are similarities with the Umaga gimmick, here we have two former WWE wrestlers who went to Japan, improved a lot and returned with gimmicks that many didn't see long-term/much potential for advancement in. Fatu's hard work and sheer ability got the Samoan savage gimmick over to the point that it was a believable threat to anybody on the roster. I have a feeling that Matt Bloom will have similar success.
  7. Austin Aries is easily the most entertaining wrestler in TNA, but the clowns running that company have no idea what they are doing most of the time. The X Division could be great again, but that would mean less spotlight on Hogan,Flair and Bischoff father and son.
  8. William Regal - I think his character and his in-ring style would have worked in any era.
  9. We all have an opinion on Triple H, he is one of the most powerful men in pro-wrestling today and heir apparent to the empire that is WWE. The Game continues to divide opinion, and I have noticed that many fans have a very real hatred/dislike for him and very seldom take his undeniable talent into consideration. One of the popular theories is that he would not be where he is without having married into the McMahon family, but I think he would still have broken into the main-event barrier even if it took a little longer to happen. I think he is a future hall-of-fame inductee and easily one of the biggest stars of the last 15 years, he may not be a huge draw in the Austin,Cena or Hogan class, but I would wager that he has been a big reason behind many PPV orders during his career. For me, his greatest accomplishments and work have been as a heel, he has always projected an air of confidence and believable villainy that has made it easy for fans to boo him and cheer his babyface opponents. I'm not going to try and defend some of the burials he has had a hand in, or even attempt justify how he has used his influence at times, but when it comes down to pure and simple talent, he is that damn good.
  10. John Cena - He Must Beat The Rock The Rock - Only There For Self Promotion The Undertaker - The Streak Must Not End Triple H - Although Triple H Might Disagree CM Punk - From Honor To Entertainment Effortlessly Chris Jericho - Not The Best In World John Laurinaitis - Execute Vice President You Know Cody Rhodes - Future World Champion Right Here
  11. 'Limited talent' ? The guy can work and is easily one of the most charismatic promos out there. Also it's ironic that you describe him as a limited talent, but have a profile picture of the Bella twins.
  12. I was excited when I heard Hogan was going to TNA, but he really has not made a difference to the company. TNA are still viewed by many as a retirement home/step down for former WWE talent, and that is regardless of the great talents they have who did not establish themselves up north, it's just easier for critics to bring up the old boys/former WWE argument. It irks me that TNA can afford Hogan's salary, but that various talents have left the company because they were being paid crap money, Jack Evans turned them down because the offer they made him was so insulting that he realized his prospects would be bleak there.
  13. CM Punk is one of very few reasons I still bother following the WWE product.
  14. It was bad enough that TNA managed to take Samoa Joe's main-event status/the belief that he belonged in the title picture and flush that straight down the toilet, but now it appears that AJ Styles is heading in a similar direction. Ever since Bischoff,Hogan and Flair came in, AJ's profile has never been so low in TNA, but then they are more concerned with getting Eric's son over,right? Associating AJ with the spotlight stealing Flair did nothing but make him look like a buffoon most of the time, and quite how TNA managed to waste a collection of talent like Beer Money,Kazarian,Daniels and AJ in a group is beyond me, but they managed it again and again until the eventual and merciful spit of the group. Now AJ is stuck in a feud that is going nowhere fast with Kazarian and Daniels where he seems to be outsmarted and made to look the fool on every occasion. He still delivers in the ring, that's why he is referred to as phenomenal, but when I see him cutting a promo I can't help but feel that the drive and energy has been sucked out of him by TNA's frustrating booking. I honestly think that they take his loyalty to the company for granted and feel that he won't rock the boat and leave because he will just get buried in WWE, but there is more than one promotion to work for and make a decent living from in wrestling. AJ Styles deserves better than being stuck in the mid-card and watching guys like Jeff Hardy get chance after chance,only to let the company down. Do you think he will leave TNA? I think it may become a question of can he afford not to for the sake of his career.
  15. I think R-Truth's crazed heel gimmick with his conspiracy delusions made 2011 the best year yet for the former K-Kwik in WWE. Now he is a babyface it appears that the merchandising machine is getting behind him, which could mean a big push if the sales figures are impressive. Personally I would love to see Truth get a run with the WWE title, or even jump to Smackdown and win the World Heavyweight title. Would he be an effective draw as champion? Who can tell, but it would be entertaining to watch.
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