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  1. Mick Foley. Steve Austin. Bret Hart. They could have good matches with a cinder block.
  2. Where are all the people I used to know gone. I don't know any of you lot.
  3. No he's on the injured list.
  4. It also includes people with multiple accounts.
  5. According to online news, including both actors, this is the plan for season 9. Lincoln has said he will only appear in 6 of the planned 16 episodes of S9 then he is done forever. He did not reveal what might happen to his character. Reedus meanwhile has being offered a large pay rise to take over as the main lead. Kiss goodbye to the comics timeline sounds like A non comic character is now the focus, and both of the main comic characters Carl, and now Rick are gone forever. Also Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will only appear in 6 episodes as well. While its not confirmed she is also quitting she did publicly say she is holding out for a new contract. AMC may cut ties with her rather than do that is the rumour. Neither Rick nor Maggie will be the focus of nor even appear much in S7.
  6. Paul Jones one time big deal in NWA and Bruno Sammertino (sp?) Who was WW(wf)E champion for 7 years died today. My condolences to the families of both.
  7. Hope the draft has some good moves. Also please draft Booker T off my screen into a backstage role.
  8. Anchorman star Will Ferrell has been taken to hospital after a car accident in California that left at least one person critically injured. The actor was travelling on a motorway in Orange County when the crash happened. Captain Larry Kurtz of the Orange County Fire Authority told the Press Association: “It happened at 10.55 last night on the northbound 5 freeway at Alicia Parkway. The vehicles involved were a limo-type SUV and a small sedan. “There were four patients. One female in her 20s and three males in their 40s and 50s. “Three patients considered to have minor injuries were taken to local hospitals. “One patient was deemed to be a critical trauma and was transferred to an area trauma centre. “California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.” Mr Kurtz said he could not identify patients because of confidentiality issues.
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