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  1. if we're getting a new World heavyweight championship I hope we get two tag belts too. One show having the tag team and one having a trios. New Day, The Club, Wyatts, Social Outcasts. It would be something different for WWE and fresh.
  2. Stop trying with Bones, he does not want to be saved. He should just go to WWE get one of those part time deals and never be tested again.
  3. At 24 surely Fénix is a better option then both Del Rio and Carlito. While he hasn't got the star power they could easily build him up. He is hands down the next Rey that they are looking for.


    Plush they have Lucha Dragons and Primo and Epico there who need a repackage. I mean they have got options there, they don't need to waste money.

  4. Is the winner down to public voting? Surely ZZ has got this in the bag if it is?


    I think Patrick, Tanner, ZZ and Yeti are all going to get signed anyway. Bags of potential there, with ZZ and Patrick being 18 and 19 respectively.

  5. I have'nt really posted too much in years, this forum was a big part of my life growing up. So I think I will always lurk. I am always lurking in hope one day the e-fed springs back to life. (A guy can dream)


    I always say I am going to post more but then forgetting about the site for a couple of weeks and then going back to just lurking. Not really as much interest as I did have in WWE. Now only really watching because the girlfriend is in love with it. I hope the site grows again to what it was but I think it's gonna have a harder time with Twitter and Facebook. This forum is too awesome to be this dead.

  6. Is there really any room for Spidey in Civil War? I thought Black Panther was playing the Spidey role? Also won't the unmasking feel a bit lackluster. I know how big of a deal it is because i've read the comic but storyline wise you're getting a guy who has barely been seen unmasking and they could go down the route of Spiderman has been around the whole time but then where was he when New York was getting ripped apart?


    I'm really not interested in Spiderman in the MCU at the moment. There's just too many things going on. Better things.

  7. Lucy which was an okay little sci-fi flick, couldn't establish a lock on the character or story and then by the time I did it was over. 20 mins too short for me but the action was cool, like a baby inception meets Leon. I liked the idea of the movie but could have been a lot better and I wish it was better, just because I want the man who gave me Léon and The Fifth Element to do better than the Family.


    The Guest was a nice little movie, a John Carpenter action film. Dan Stevens killed it and hopefully bright things for him now.

  8. Tusk. You can see where Kevin Smith tries his hardest to be Tarantino with some of his dialogue and some of his camera shots. Micheal Parks and Justin Long killed it, it's just them two for most of the film and every thing they do together is gold, I have a feeling that's Parks for than Long. Not too sure about the ending I easily picked it a part and it ruined it for me, the whole ending felt like an inside joke I wasn't involved in because I don't listen to the Podcast but other than that I enjoyed it.


    I enjoy Smith's later films where he seems like he is trying to shy away from geekier films and move on to obscure stuff. For me Smith has made two decent films Red State and Tusk.



    The Walrus costume will leave you disturbed!


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