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  1. if we're getting a new World heavyweight championship I hope we get two tag belts too. One show having the tag team and one having a trios. New Day, The Club, Wyatts, Social Outcasts. It would be something different for WWE and fresh.
  2. Really? The three way, Owens/Zayn, Wyatt/New Day and even the 6 man all seem like PPV worthy matches to me.
  3. Sparrow

    UFC 200

    Stop trying with Bones, he does not want to be saved. He should just go to WWE get one of those part time deals and never be tested again.
  4. I'm still obsessed by FF14. If anyone plays, hit me up on the moogle server.
  5. I've heard in the place of Iron Fist. Which would make sense since no news or details has come out for Iron Fist in forever. Barely even a casting rumor.
  6. At 24 surely Fénix is a better option then both Del Rio and Carlito. While he hasn't got the star power they could easily build him up. He is hands down the next Rey that they are looking for. Plush they have Lucha Dragons and Primo and Epico there who need a repackage. I mean they have got options there, they don't need to waste money.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is pretty funny, should give that a watch.
  8. Lucha Underground has a Dragonball belt?!
  9. Are there any decent second or third generation wrestlers to look out for that are not signed by WWE?
  10. I read a news item that they're under staffed and looking at that they do seem to be really under staffed.
  11. Does anybody know the list of trainers who work at the performance center?
  12. Is the winner down to public voting? Surely ZZ has got this in the bag if it is? I think Patrick, Tanner, ZZ and Yeti are all going to get signed anyway. Bags of potential there, with ZZ and Patrick being 18 and 19 respectively.
  13. I have been dividing my time between Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn and classic Kingdon Hearts 1. Brought myself an old PS2 and making my way through all the Final Fantasy games starting with KH 1 and 2.
  14. Sparrow


    Finn Bálor special has been awesome so far, they should do more of these. An Enzo one would be first on my list.
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