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  1. I didn't like Gowen's match against the big show because I find it impossible to even remotely believe that a one legged man could beat anyone in a wrestling match. Surely you'd just kick the shit out of his one leg and keep tripping him up - LOL mental picture. All he can manage are pathetic dropkicks a few planchas and a moonsault, how long til the novelty wears off with that moveset. Plus his erm one leggedness means his opponent cant perform the majority of moves on him e.g. he could seriously injure himself taking the west coast pop having to carry rey's weight while flipping forward. The kids a liability. He's also in terrible shape. Here's a crazy idea, how about WWE push wrestlers with wrestling ability - preferably those with some mic ability - and not steroid enhanced freaks, circus acts and backstage politicians. What's next, the bearded lady as U.S champion. ...And will someone please tell Gowen not to run off the ropes, its embarassing and stretches Kayfabe to breaking point.
  2. Firstly this Hylen fella is an ignorant muppet and I'd put money on him being another member using a new pseudonym trying to make trouble. It really annoys me how people - normally those who've only seen a handfull of matches - say wrestling isn't a sport. I'd agree professional wrestling isn't a competitive sport as the results are predetermined, but there is no reason why it can't be considered a cooperative perfomance sport such as gymnastics. Pro Wrestling combines high flying athletisism like gymnastics (A SPORT), incredible strength just like weightlifting (A SPORT) and strikes, holds and counter holds where the purpose is to ground your opponent just like amateur wrestling and Judo/Karate (OLYMPIC SPORTS.) On the subject of Pro Wrestlers not being athletes, lets compare our beloved wrestling 'actors' to 'athletes' in other so called sports. What's more athletic a golfer or cricketer standing around hitting a few balls with a nice rest break in between... OR two wrestlers such as Kurt Angle (former Olymic amateur wrestling gold medalist) and Brock Lesnar (former NCAA amateur wrestling champ), both men over 250lbs of pure muscle, going full pelt for half an hour throwing each around the ring and exchanging holds. Or what about this one, what's more athletic a group of swimmers racing a few laps of a 50 meter pool/some sprinters running a 100 meters...OR 4 pro wrestling actors, Low Ki' (who's mastered numerous martial arts), Chris Daniels, Spanky (both in superb physical condition) and Doug Williams (Former British Judo Champion) putting their bodies in the ultimate cadiovascular test - a 4-way 60 minute iron match in a hot building in the summer. Just because pro wrestlers perform promos and skits outside the ring this should not detract from their atletisism inside it. Afterall, would a sportsperson be considered less of an athlete if he appeared on a soap opera or sitcom? No. Or would Mohammed Ali be considered less of an athlete because of his staged, pro wrestling - the late Classy Freddie Blassie in particular - inspired promos/interviews. I think not! Finally, wrestling is not to blame for backyard wrestling. Professional wrestling companies such as the WWE spend their time and money on video packages highlighting the dangers of "trying it at home" and constantly tell the fans not to imitate what they see. The blame SHOULD be placed on the moronic children themselves and their irresponsible parents and guardians who dont pay attention to what their children get up to. Being a responsible person myself I made sure to tell my younger brother that Pro wrestling was predetermined and safely staged so he doesn't go around immitating wrestling moves on friends and family under the impression that they'll get up unhurt almost immediately. This hasn't made him enjoy wrestling any less, infact, he now enjoys it more but on a different level. Of course the media ignore these points because they dont sell papers or bring in ratings the same way they ignore the fact that young people who carry guns are more likely to listen to hip hop because they like it and not that hip hop causes gun crime. Hylen I suggest you shut up and **** off and leave us to enjoy what we want as it doesn't affect you in any way and is therefore none of your business. Edit: Oh yeah Hylen I suggest you go spend some more of your valuable ( :lol ) time registering at the UK Fan Forum so the members their can poke even more holes in your moronic argument.
  3. Cheers guys. Not been a bad day. I've got £365 and it was a day without exams which was nice, but it really passed me by. I didn't even realise til yesterday that my birthday was coming up. Being 18 doesn't feel any different to 17 or even 16 especially when you've got the mental age of a 14 year old. I'm having a bit of a get together saturday so maybe it'll feel more like my birthday then.
  4. It's really strange I was just listening to Liveaudiowrestling's Freddie Blassie biography show which was aired Monday morning which was very entertaining. It had some of his promos and interview clips on there and from that you could tell he was awesome on the mic, with a character quite similar to Chris Jericho. He obviously had a great sence of humour. Although I'd never seen him wrestle its always sad when a legend passes away. Nice of WWE though to use him in so many PPV opening vignettes and angles.
  5. Believe it or not, before sports entertainment, 'Pro-Wrestling' had storylines, OTT characters and different styles of wrestling. RoH call themselves pro wrestling and not Sports entertainment *spits* because pro wrestling matches comabout because of titles, feuds, grudges, to build someone's status or just to determine the better man. However, sports entertainment matches are booked because of race, corpse raping etc etc. I'm a big fan of RoH because they offer so many different styles of wrestling on one tape and normally one match of the year candidate. Which is very refreshing when you're used to watching that bullshit bland WWE style between two characterless nobodies like rodney mack and test. I watched the Roh 1st anniversary show a few days ago and their storylines are really starting to get going, especially between Corino's group and Daniel's prophecy. That show was actually so similar to a 99 ecw show its scary, some great promos and matches and the awesome riot angle. If you want to see ring of honour's best check out their later shows where they're not so hung up on the cheesy code of honour and their roster is its strongest. unfortunately you'll have to sit through the painfull scramble matches involving the dog shit special K and Devine Storm.
  6. I'll be there, bought my tickets at 9am this morning. So if you see a blonde haired guy with a birthmark marking out for Low'ki that'll be me.
  7. Another problem that leads to injuries is how wrestlers are reluctant to take time off to heal because they might lose their spot on the card. Obviously if they drop so far down the card they might miss out on PPV bonuses they were used to. So they carry on working, making the injury worse, which can also lead to painkiller addiction. It'd be nice if WWE gave those guys who are PPV regulars, compensation for PPV bonuses they're missing while injured. This leads to the idea of a wrestlers union so it's very unlikely.
  8. As I'm in an incredibly good mood at the moment I thought I'd post what I think is an interesting topic. Post your own opinions and suggestions. Listening to the LAW this week Jeff and Dan brought up an interesting question: What can be done to solve the injury crisis the WWE are currently going through. So far we've had Angle, Benoit, Edge, HHH, Lita, Scotty 2 Hotty and Rhyno - to name a few - all pick up serious injuries, and potentially damage the quality of the product with their absence. Jeff, Dan and even Singhy's favourite journalist Dave Meltzer, all suggested solutions such as slowing down the in-ring action and making it more mat based. They also mentioned that steroids weaken your tendons which can cause injury problems, especially with half the roster on them. I think the amount of times the guys wrestle a week is a serious problem. Not only does the amount of house shows they're doing increase their chances of picking up injuries, but they end up spending more time on the road which means less time to heal. Steroids is obviously a problem which might be solved by having someone with a smaller build get a push *cough* Matt Hardy *cough*. This could encourage some guys to concentrate on their wrestling ability more than their physique. Then again Vince has a hard on for big guys. O.k I've written too much so what are your opinions.
  9. Happy Birthday Col, have a great day and get totally plastered. Keep up the good reviews (I mark out for catchphrase related wrestling game jokes.) As a special birthday treat I've got you this Col's Birthday Present ...Oh yeah and Russ, as its Colin's birthday, i think today should be casual friday in the games forum office.
  10. *Directed at all the above posters* Know FAR too much about each other. Despite that, I love you all becuase I'm having a ****ing GREAT day.
  11. *Directed at all the above posters* Know FAR too much about each other. Despite that, I love you all becuase I'm having a ****ing GREAT day.
  12. Cant really judge til I see it next week but it looks a fairly average show. TNA need to get the X belt off Kash because he's probably the least talented in the division (except Jorge Estrada :sick ) His matches have zero heat (even last week's bout against Red) and he only has one move, the hurricanrana, which gets VERY old VERY fast. He was also half of the worst x-division match I've ever seen. Just him and Cross standing around waiting to pull off their spots...For 15 minutes...In silence. They've also got to stop bringing in these names from the past. A fortnight ago it was Eric Watts (who noone recognised) last week it was Kevin Sullivan, who served no purpose in the Sandman/Raven match, they need a set roster. They seem to be over booking everything too, I just watched last weeks show and apparently Russo's quit wrestling (I smell a swerve), Jarrets feuding with Flair, Watts and Lawler (not the legends but their useless offspring) and S.E.X *sigh* are falling apart. It's very confusing. On the other hand Raven's promos are excellent, they're all worthy of being quoted in forum signatures. I'm liking Lynn and the Luchas (< that would be a great band name) though - Konnan is cool - and I'm looking forward to seeing D'lo being his old self.
  13. Russ you bastard, that theme's mine. Ok instead I'll have a really depressing theme like Terry Funk... I choose "Ben" by a young michael Jackson, that song rules.
  14. Hi Wolf I was just gonna PM you this. Apparently the number is 01727 822696
  15. I'd have to say the best thing about Two is you learn from talking to English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Americans that we are all the same. Being part of the Two community is great too, there's always someone able to answer a question you might have. From questions about games that Russ can normally answer to technical PC problems that MWNN can normally sort out.
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