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  1. Mushrooms. In particular stealth mushrooms - the ones that hide in meals resulting in my intense distrust for menus.
  2. Forbidden Zone. It was...well, it was very weird.
  3. Hearing someone laugh so hard, they reach the point of wheezing, or go totally silent. I laugh more at other people laughing, than at funny "things".
  4. Similar to Chris's with work - waking up and thinking it's time to get up, looking at the time and realising you still have a few hours to sleep.
  5. Chappie. Oh. My. GOD. What a film. I cried SO damn hard I didn't think I was going to stop. Amazing film but I will never ever watch it again.
  6. Ah well I love the Hunger Games films. Loved the books, really impressed with the transfer to film.
  7. Ah but the last Twilight book was twice the thickness of the first. All 3 Hunger Games books were the same thickness.
  8. The 3rd book is actually easily the best and has masses of content so splitting it is definitely a good thing.
  9. Yep, film 3, The last one is out towards the end of the year and I am DEFINITELY going to the cinema to see it.
  10. After a powercut halted my viewing last night, just finished watching Mockingjay Part 1. I was curious as to where they were going to cut the book, and then felt dumb for not working it out as it was obvious. Loved it, can't wait for the last one now!!!
  11. I want an ice-cream that big...
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