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  1. The best thing for fans of WWE is Linda failing miserably, once that's over an done with maybe they'll abandon all this PG crap. And it doesn't take a genius to see why Vince nixed the WWE network either. Even with strict censorship, old style WWE footage is not PG friendly.
  2. The topper to that is that Hunter and Shawn are clearly taking him to the locker room at the end. Presumably he would be leaving later with tons of goodies. Nice to see, and a shot in the eye for people who believe Paul Levesque is an ass hole.
  3. In terms of lasting effects I think it was, any heart attack is obviously serious by definition - so I assume you are talking "as in damage done" (A heart attack is a medical emergency, and often without prompt medical attention leads to arrest and death) The great thing about that picture is he looks very well and in high spirits. You can see from the picture that he's had to switch to the diet version of his beloved Coca Cola, and I'm betting there's a diet plan in his future.
  4. As I've said before, I would be happiest for his health if he stopped life on the road full stop. As for his in ring career, he shouldn't even be THINKING of another match. As for this "work hurt, work ill" mentality of "the business" Maybe that's why we've lost so many wrestlers down the years. Just because it's what "the business" expects, does not make it right.
  5. Excellent news. The prompt and correct CPR would have ensured that, but it's nice to have it confirmed.
  6. For me, a lariat or clothesline has to rely on the guy selling it, to make it look beautiful. Ryback's lariats in his jobber matches looked brutal (in a good way)
  7. Interesting. Just out of interest, which era do you think Steph was at her hottest? I'm a 2000-2 man myself, although I think the enlargement actually ruined her figure - she looked a lot less natural. She's still smoking hot now, especially after having two kids!!
  8. I actually remember Morrison using it after Burchill was released.
  9. I agree totally, also I think it really has to be the point where WWE cuts down on the travel stresses and workload on their staff. Lawler from what I understand was not a drinker, or a drug abuser - so the key cause of this was either poor diet or stress. Let's not forget that Jim Ross' Bells Pausy was caused primarily by stress, either. I would be surprised if the doctors supported Lawler's return to the WWE touring company in any capacity. They will suggest minimal stress and the end of his wrestling. A heart attack is a warning to change your lifestyle, be that excessive abuse, or stress. I hope he takes it easy, and maybe concentrates on his graphics and possibly the odd WWE date here and there. He's lived the fast life for too long, and his body has said "enough" As much as I love Jerry's commentary, the priority has to be his health.
  10. He might in future, but the fact they stented and ballooned the artery suggests that the damage was luckily minimal. Also my previous boss had a bypass done through keyhole surgery!! A frigging HEART BYPASS through KEYHOLE! Is medical science amazing, or what?
  11. Your Stephanie? Get in line pal she's mine :D
  12. Is that the open handed thrust to the throat that he does? Or a standard uppercut. I have to say that Paul Burchill's "C4" backflip urinage was pretty sweet to see too. (Rock bottom position but he'd flip backwards) Shame WWE stopped him from doing it (because apparently it made the Rock Bottom look weak) Also the majority of top rope moves when hit absolutely perfectly are beautiful, such as a shooting star press of 450 splash. I love AJ Styles' springboard forearm too.
  13. I think it's human to want to see exactly what happened. In the way that if you only ever heard of Ayrton Senna's crash - you'd like to see it unfold. I was the same with Owen at Over the Edge (I missed the PPV) It's not "laughing at events" but perhaps a human need to understand exactly what happened. That's why programmes like "Seconds from Disaster" are popular. Of course you always get the ghouls on youtube who revel in it.
  14. If anything, Triple H's haircut probably indicates he sees himself more of a business man and his role away from being on screen. He could well be effectively retiring the "HHH" character and be Paul Levesque, WWE official. Or even "HHH the COO".
  15. Diving elbow drop, especially the HBK variation. Also I have to say the Canadian Destroyer stands out.
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