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  1. Anyone play WWE Champions? If so, what’s you current roster talent, and what factions you with?
  2. What matches would you book using everyone that has appeared on TWOstars, and in what type of match. You can have as many matches as you want.
  3. I've just been reading about the gentleman’s agreement in place between the British international teams, and was wondering what you lot think about it. In the report, it spoke about how Scotland have abused it by stopping England getting Mikel Arteta, but using it to get Andrew Driver and Jordan Rhodes. FIFA doesn't rule on this so really England could say tough, we want him, FIFA say we can have him, balls to what you say. Spain, Italy, France and Germany have shown what you can do by picking the best avaliable, is it time England (And Wales, Ireland and Scotland) followed suit? Drop this silly rule and maybe we'd have a better chance, this is the same rule that cost England Ryan Giggs and even Gareth Bale. Or on the other side of things, should FIFA bring in the rules for everyone? Just think, would Germany have been as great without Klose up front. Would France have won without Viera Or Zidane?
  4. Wrestler's Name: Markos Andronikos Alias(es): The Son of Ares The Greek God The Ultimate Titan Height: 6'7" Weight: 280 lbs Entrance Music: O'Fortuna (Techno Remix) [video=youtube;rKpwIAP5Wu4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKpwIAP5Wu4 Hometown: Rhodes, Greece. Wrestling Style: All Rounder / Unorthadox Brief Profile: Markos started his career as a Greco-roman wrestler, hoping to take part in the Olympics for Greece, but he was injured meaning he missed out on his big chance. Once fully fit for his injury, the Greek choose to move away from the Greco style and joined the Indies to learn the Entertainment side of wrestling. Still using some of his past wrestling skill, Markos mixed the two styles and soon become a success in the ring… Wanting to improve farther, he agreed to work house shows and dark matches for TWOstars. He signed a contract and spent the last few months finishing off his Indie bookings. Not much else is known about this Greek God… Yet. Entrance(s): The lights go out as the sound of thunder and rain fill the arena.. A few second pass and the thunder and rain is replaced by the beats of the drum as O’Fortuna (The techno Remix) begins to play. JR: Heyman: The Greek God appears under a spotlight, with Spencer Blackworth beside him. Together the pair make the way to the ring, Blackworth in his normal black suit moves just ahead of Markos, who is coming to the ring wearing a old style Greek white Minoan dress with blue cap. Chimel: Making his way to the ring, accompanied to the ring by Spencer Blackworth… Weighting in at 280lbs and hailing from Rhodes, Greece… “The Ultimate Titan” Markos Andronikos Heyman: JR: Spencer holds the ropes open for The Son of Ares to enter. Upon entering he removes the cap and Minoan dress to reveal blue and white trunks with the Greece flag on the back. Signature Move(s) : “Minotaur's Charge“…. (Lariat) Fallaway Slam Knees to the head, while in a Front face lock Finishing Move(s) : “Wrath of the titans“…. (The Insiders Edge) “The Lightning Bolt”….. (Brogue Kick) Alignment: Heel Base: Razor Ramon http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4763205767531108&pid=15.1 Manager - Spencer Blackworth Base - Teddy Long
  5. What about tag titles? Also, under most titles is it just world titles?
  6. JR: Welcome to Austin, Texas... Home for this weeks TWOstars XTV. I'm Good 'ld JR Jim Ross, along side me is Paul Heyman. PH: What a show we have instore tonight. Suddenly... [video=youtube_share;BD0MzWzsF_Q] BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!. JR: Looks like this weeks show is going to begin with the man, who just two weeks ago won the right to be the last man in this years Rumble match. PH: And the man who last week on TWOstars.com announced that if anyone is going to drive Arron Winter out of office, it’ll be him, along with The Craft. Not this group that Fox and Gray are putting together. Having seen the clip, some of the boos actually change into cheers for the former TV Champion. PH: Team TWOstars is looking the stronger side when you think about whom Fox and Gray have annoyed so far. JR: Did you hear that Paul? Rebellium have demanded a match tonight and told Winter to send in three of his best. PH: I have, I can’t believe the three names. While the duo continues to talk, Eagles has grabbed a mic and is heading into the ring. JR: Arron has selected Donald Erics, along side him is Lucian L Jones and…. CHRISTOPHER RYAN EAGLES!!!. PH: Can Chris get along with either of them two? JR: We will find out tonight. CRE: To start things off, I am NOT here to talk about Rebellium. I am here to talk about something much more important to me right now. Two weeks ago, I walked into San Antonio with the same chance as everyone else, but I left there with a greater chance of winning the Rumble, as I’m the last man in the match. JR: Can he do it though Paul? PH: Eagles has never main evented Wrestlenova, that’ll surely push him to his best. CRE: Whoever is the World Champion at Nova, be ready, the Cancer is spreading, and it’s ready to take over. 2013 is the year of the Eagle… Christopher Ryan Eagles that is. Chris Eagles drops the mic, awaiting his music to kick back in, but instead a strange war type of music begins to play… [video=youtube_share;5QSP51TNTdQ] Suddenly from behind Eagles, two men dressed in camo, and masks jump him. The pair lay into the fallen Eagles driving hard blows to the shoulder and neck area, seemingly trying to hurt him ahead of the big debut for the group later on. JR: Even Eagles isn’t safe from them. PH: And Marc and Drew haven’t arrived at the arena yet from what I’ve heard, and Eagles doesn’t have many friends. For at least two whole minutes, the Cancer is beaten upon when suddenly… [video=youtube_share;1rTcTMm580E] http://youtu.be/1rTcTMm580E JR: BAH GAWD BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP! PH: These two men are huge, but are they bigger then the Craft? Meanwhile the duo in the ring crosses the top and middle ropes, trapping Eagles within. The Rebellium members stand, waiting for the Craft to appear. In between looking at the crowd and entranceway, the pair appear to have words before… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! PH: BAH GAWD!!!! JR: That’s my line. The masked men are in fact Drew and Marc Wilkinson. Unsure if Eagles has noticed, Marc slaps him around the face to bring him round. He finally notices and the look of shock, followed by angry appears across his face. JR: Chaos Dragon face them later tonight in a handicapped match, I thought it had Eagles all over it, but looks like Gray has used his ownership of Dragon’s contract to force it through. Drew Wilkinson releases Eagles from his trap following a stiff right-handed shot to the jaw, before placing the head of Eagles between his legs… [video=youtube_share;5Cb5ZjDCCCk] http://youtu.be/5Cb5ZjDCCCk YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! !! Suddenly from the back, the biggest rival Eagles has had here sprints out to help. Seeing this the Craft exit the ring just as the King of Bling gets in. Jones stares a hole through the now former Re-Evolution members as the hurt Eagles calls for a mic. CRE: You two ungrateful bastards. You want to side with them? Fine, how about this… At Battle Royale, you two jackasses face the most likely team in TWOstars history… Christopher Ryan Eagles and… LUCIAN L JONES BITCHES!!! The Austin crowd erupt at this. Heyman, Ross and even Lucian himself looks shocked… Suddenly Paul Gray comes out to meet his newest recruits. PG: You two are on. YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! !!! JR: Huge match announced for Pay Per View Paul. PH: Surely Eagles shouldn’t be going into battle before his biggest chance at being in Main Event. The screen fades with Gray in between the Wilkinson Brothers…
  7. When you look at holidays, do you think you can do anything you want within a week? Or is ten nights the best? Or must you go for two whole weeks?
  8. For the last few years, TWO has had a game for the main event where everyone posts to gave a number. This year we carry on, Kam will be giving the winner 30 days access to the arcades. 1 - Steely - The Miz 2 - J Rock 3 - Paul 4 - Wayne 5 - B-Man 6 - Jamster26 7 - Springsteen 8 - Hanahbananabob 9 - Etz 10 - Shaun2J 11 - The Bisch 12 - Chris2K 13 - TPIB 14 - Jimmy Redman 15 - Maxx 16 - The Magic 17 - Ciaran The King 18 - The Fury 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Good luck.
  9. Christmas is coming, so what is on your list?
  10. [video=youtube;6yg1aiFA1M4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yg1aiFA1M4 Well within the rules, but bad sportmanship? I think he was well within his right.
  11. Happy Birthday to Craig Van Dam
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