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  1. Awesome game. Glad the Cowboys won. The game was really emotional. Dan Quinn should be the interim head coach more often.
  2. Great WIN for Francis the Hardest hitter since Brock or Cain, and Fedor. That spinning elbom out of the clinch in the 3rd round was very impressive. Have you watched this fight yet?
  3. Today I decided to play poker. Also, a friend suggested building a nuclear power plant in Minecraft. In general, the list of any games is quite large, the main thing is to have time to play. lol.
  4. Also recently watched The Matrix. Definitely the whole atmosphere of the first parts was lost. I hope that the new part will be better than this one.
  5. I like Halo Infinite but I have somewhat stopped playing it. The lack of content like maps is a huge drawback to me. Also extremely disappointed on the store items and the weekly rewards.
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