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  1. Well thanks very much for your comments peeps. Yea surely a weekly chart or 7@7 would be better than daily. defos thanks for your posts I'm definently up for it, and as soon as given the OK, I'll begin work. Thanks also for your kind comments all! Best & Regards Chris
  2. I know lol! Well the 7@7 was a bit daft - but I enjoyed doing it and everyone got a cance to see how their fave tunes were doing at popular demand to the members of TWO. I'm up for some sort of revival - but that's all upto the mods etc. Are they still called mods? It's been so long now I don't know!
  3. Hi apologies for this somewhat out of place post, I was just thinking, a while, well 2 or 3 years ago there was a TWO Music Charts. I was wondering would there be any chance of a revival. I know it was ran (very well) by Nicole and Peter, and I used to a somewhat daft 7@7 charts, where every night I posted the songs voted, in order by YOU - The members. Anyone want this to return? Anyone wanna be involved? Thanks :xyx Best Chris
  4. Uniting Nations - Out Of Touch Michael Gray - The Weekend Christmas Songs Party Songs Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For?
  5. Hi, long time no speak eh? Wow this place has changed...I logged in and immediatley noticed that there are loads of new members lol! :xyx I am at a loss of knowing what to say/do any more :help So whilst I get the hang of things again round here, as I've been away for a while, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me! :) Chris.
  6. Yeha lol it's no problem I didnt wanna start off anything or I didnt take offense to owt...I was just agreeing with Peter and stating my point...anyway...Music... :xyx
  7. Er,hence the phrase (no I'm not bringing that up again) In other words...I'd forgot I'd said it...
  8. Well, I'm surprised... The reasons I don't post here are basically because I know for an absoloute fact people dont like me particularly...But I'm not getting into all of that now, basically I do post here now and again here and there. But if you've noticed,not a lot. I keep my posting now to a bare minimum, therefore keeping the peace. because,I,like Peter found that no matter what I said/posted about - People were gonna complain. and hence forth TWO turned into a place where EVER THREAD (Excuse caps) is a "moan on". It's always people mocking the subject,saying how crap it is,etc,you get the idea. When I used to post here frequently I'd be the one to try and lift the spirits of those "moaners" who moaned on and on about how crap somemthing was. I agree with Peter,if you don't like it,dont say it! So I now tend to read through the threads of people saying how crap something is - and I'm dying to reply saying my point of view - But I'm actually afraid because I know that no matter what I say,people reply giving you some cause of grief and make you feel bad for liking something. Anyway that's my moan on, I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular,but I still seem to think the Forums here (while I have no problem with tjem and still think theyre great) have been taken over by "moaners" :evil
  9. Actually Music is my life lol it is my passion. I sit thru school in a day with the sounds of music (NOT the film!!!) running thru my head...funnily enough
  10. ...wow... :? Now you might think I'm saying this on purpose but Call On Me is one of the best songs I've ever heard! :xyx Its a really really great dance tune - I agree with Peter. Chris :worship
  11. True Crime...another hyped up game ......turned out to be rather different than expected eh? This however sounds like its not being hyped up ENOUGH!!! I love it!! Cant wait for it - Xmas letter to Santa already in post!!!
  12. I'm listening to anything on the radio (again!) But more particular my fave tunes are... Natasha Bedingfield - These Words Anastacia - Sick & Tired Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme Jameila - See It In A Boy's Eyes Beverly Knight - Come As You Are Puff Daddy Feat. Jimmy Page - Come With Me Rob Dougan - Furious Angels Alcazar - The World We Live In Lemonescent - Cinderella And many more besides!!!
  13. ...And here's me with my lonley copy of NOW 58..what's going on...? :eek
  14. Thanks for that looks like finally WWE SD VS. RAW May be the game to finally break the record of a WWE game being an "out of date in 6 months dont play it for a yr" kinda hit.
  15. I don't really think it's a problem I just think that in this day and age all superstars will be of different cultures etc anytime soon.
  16. Yeah I thought of that one PSM2. In fact I was actually thinking of it because of the comedy, I think it's important in a mag. MAX was very very funny and brilliant in my view. Very enthusiastic. The main reason I originally got it was truthfully coz it was the cheapeast and best value mag on the shelf...lol...cough...anyway (well quids count!) How much is PSM2? Coz to my knowledge its the 2nd cheapest, in other words its about £4? Is that right?
  17. I would imagine so as the world of WWE is changing all the time, they won't release the final roster draft until the month before its release I would imagine. I mean they may have started process of GM Kurt Angle - Only to have to chnage it to LLong and make Angle an active particapant again...I think...
  18. And another mistake says that the year 2204 doesn't exist so we'll call it 2004 for argument's sake - lol sorry anyways which mags do you read?
  19. Sorry this was meant to be a Poll but my com froze up and it went haywire so we'll just go ahead and do it this way... Which PS2 Mags do you read? PS2 MAX Official PS2 Mag EDGE Games Master PSM2 Cheatzone PSW Other (Please State) I read - Or DID read PS2 MAX, but this issue (Sept 2204) is the last ever issue so now I dunno which I'll buy - anyone have any reccomendations for a good mag? Cheers! :xyx CfB
  20. It'll be Kane as the WWE will get to show a "wedding" and maybe Jeff Hardy will return and attack Kane saving Lita from marrying Kane forever, or maybe Matt will win but at the wedding Kane attacks Matt ending his career, or Lita will turn on Matt at Summerslam...?
  21. Had to be for me the turning of Stone Cold from WWF to WCW/ECW at Invasion. And maybe even Angles turning on the WWF. :thumbsup
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