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  1. One of my fondest memories from childhood is celebrating Guy Fawkes Night ( or Bonfire Night if you prefer. ) I remember going out on cold November nights with my sparklers to watch the fireworks. It is a very idiosyncratic British celebration. Has anyone from the US experienced it? If so, what did you think to it?
  2. I see what you mean, @Greylien. It's basically just market forces. I didn't think of it like that. But then again, I have never been to a live wrestling match myself. Whenever I see WWE on TV, it's usually a mix of the two.
  3. My wife thinks that schools these days make girls play football, and she is dead against it. She thinks that girls should have a choice what sports to play. She has never been a football fan! When I was at school, we had to play what we were told to play, namely football, rugby and cricket, with a little bit of swimming as well. Do you think girls should have a choice?
  4. I am the first to admit that my wife and I worry too much about things, especially the welfare of our daughter. But whenever we take her to a playground, I see danger everywhere. The height of the climbing frames, for example, or the gaps she could fall through on the slides and other things. Also, a lot of other kids seem to be there unsupervised. Are we the only ones to worry like this?
  5. Now that the start of the new Premiership is only days away, what are the chances that West Ham United can be a significant force,or at least better last season's performance? Do they really need to invest so much on new strikers? David Moyes has been offered the chance to sign Tammy Abraham, the Chelsea striker, on loan. If this does not happen, who else could they invest in?
  6. If there is one thing that typifies the English summer more than anything else, it has to be cricket. There is a cricket pitch at the center of almost every village. But it occurred to me, there is no interest in cricket in the US. Or is there? Does anyone at all across the pond play the game? I would love to know.
  7. I had to a cherry tree in my garden, that was as tall as the house. One day, for no apparent reason, one of the branches fell. It was huge! I was worried that it could have happened when my daughter was in the garden, so I spent the weekend sawing the whole thing down. I knew, though, that some trees are protected, and that permission is meant to be given from the council before taking them down. But I just did it for safety! Did I do the right thing?
  8. There are, I'm sure you will agree, quite a few idiosyncrasies that the UK has that are not really understood in the US. Is one example that of the "Kitchen Sink Drama?" This is a play, film or book that generally features working class, gritty characters and a lot of realism. One good example is "A Taste of Honey." Is there a US equivalent of this?
  9. My wife and I have for a long time been curious about something that we see on TV. That is, the mail boxes used in the US. Let's see if we have got this right. You have the boxes at the front of the front garden, with a small flag that you put up when you have something for the mailman to collect. So, these boxes are not locked, right? If so the mailman would need a huge bunch of keys. So how do you keep them secure and be sure no one is going to take the mail from you? In the UK we always use a letterbox in the front door. For anything else the mailman has to knock.
  10. I must agree with you @Gareth The Great. He certainly is an interesting character, though. did you know that he has a son who he named XAEA - X11, or something like that. He really does think outside the box!
  11. I see, that could be one reason why their income is less. But there is such a big discrepancy. For instance, the major male players are earning big bucks. For instance, I read that Brock Lesnar earned $12.5 million in 2020.
  12. We had such a hot July and then a really wet August here in the UK, that our vegetables are growing like crazy. The tomatoes are growing very high. But in the shops, it is predicted there will be a shortage of things like flour. People are scared of another spike in the pandemic.
  13. This Enshrinement Hall Of Fame looks like a great party. You guys in the US really know how to put on an event. In the UK, all we really have is a tour of empty football stadiums. And that was before the pandemic!
  14. That's a good point, @Poppy. There has actually been a recent case in the UK where the parents of a boy wanted to christen him "Lucifer," but the registrar told them to think twice about it. They then went on TV to complain about their treatment!
  15. This reminds me of Clive Ponting, the whistleblower who leaked documents to the Labour government proving the Belgrano was sunk in the Falklands War outside of the exclusion zone. Was his actions altruistic, or politically motivated?
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