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  1. Hey, @Gareth The Great, that is a really good idea. A small recorder would be just the job for saving some prose or dialogue that comes to me when I don't have the opportunity to write them down, for example, when driving. I think I will invest in one as soon as I can and see if it helps.
  2. Does anyone have any idea how social distancing is being carried out on planes, or have any first-hand experience? I have tried to look this up on line, but most of what I have found is just conjecture, or out of date. The way I see it, every occupied seat would need the row in front empty, the row behind empty, and two seats to the side empty too.
  3. This is the first novel by Delia Owens, so it is such an incredible achievement for her to sell so many copies and enjoy such great acclaim for her work. I must read it now. Her own life would make for a great autobiography as well.
  4. I think what I would do it this situation is just buy some products, the cheapest I could find, that come in large jars. Maybe those ones that contain hot dogs? Then freeze some, and eat some. Would give me an excuse to binge! I hate shopping at the best of times, even more if I have to go from shop to shop.
  5. scififan


    As I guess you probably know, the Indian Motorcycle company was the first ever motorcycle in America. So you could say they have more experience than anyone. They went bankrupt in 2003, but were subsequently saved by a British private equity company. If I was choosing between an Indian or a Harley, I would be influenced by what motorcycle specialists are near you. Are there any that are good with Indians?
  6. It seems to be an accepted fact that one of the best ways to curb the effect of global warming that humans inflict on the world, is to become vegetarian! This is due to the amount of greenhouse gases cattle produce. It is second in importance only to the reduction of fuel consumption.
  7. Has any member here had a go at trying to write a novel? If so I wondered if you have any tips. I am about 50 pages into my novel, but it is hard to put aside time to get any further. There always seems to be something else to do! I guess all novelists have to very strict with themselves with time management and have an efficient method of note-keeping.
  8. There used to bar a bar in London called Pages Bar. I just wondered if any of you from the UK, or who have visited the UK, remember it? It was a permanently themed Star Trek bar. The staff were all in costume, most of the customers too. It even served green Romulan Ale. I used to go there with friends long ago, it has since closed. Such a pity! We need more fun places like this.
  9. I'm not just a science - fiction book fan, I also love the art that goes with it, although sometimes it can fall into the trap of all being a bit too similar. One artists that that stands out for me is H. R. Giger. He also created some great LP art. Check this out -
  10. Just seen the amazing news that Elon Musk and his company have inserted a computer chip into a pig's brain! They even made an application to carry out human trials last year. Can you believe it! This company, Neuralink, may get into trouble with animal rights activists.
  11. It seems like you saw into the future, @lymmo! Talks between Manchester City and Messi are at an advanced stage today, and I for one think he will go. It will be sensational to see how he copes.
  12. This is one of a very few programs that I find gets talked about at my workplace, it's a blend of strong characters and interesting history. You are right, it seems to have an appeal to both men and women.
  13. I really liked Olivier Coleman in Fleabag, she was very funny acting with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I guess that it's very difficult playing the part of the Queen, rather than a make-believe character, because the Queen is someone we all know so much about.
  14. Someone may well make a new series, as a lot of old ideas seem to be used again lately. It's interesting to imagine who could take the lead. It would have to be a strong actor.
  15. That hybrid idea hasn't been discussed much here, as far as I know. How does this work? Is the idea to have less pupils in the school at any one time, so they are more able to implement social distancing?
  16. The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, must be such a clever dude. Not only does he write and produce The Walking Dead, he has also co-created Invincible, Tech Jacket, Outcast, and Ultimate X-Men. He is blessed with a very fertile imagination.
  17. Would anyone else agree that there is a distinct lack of good comedy shows on TV these days? So I don't have a schedule because I find there is not much quality to watch. I'm increasingly turning to YouTube for entertainment.
  18. Now that I know there is a link to Stephen King I'm going to check this NOS4A2 out. Good for Joe Hill not to use his father's name, but I wonder what his father thought when he read his son's work? Assuming that Joe put it past him. He couldn't get a much better editor.
  19. scififan

    Project UFO

    Yes, @Dust and Rust, the presentation is very dated, but for me that is part of the appeal. I like to observe how things have changed through the 60s, 70s and 80s, and one good way is by watching TV shows of those eras. Game shows are good for this, because the contestants are not actually acting. The differences of fashion, style, and attitude is all fascinating.
  20. People putting photos of their dinner onto social media always seems bizarre to me, but I must be in the minority because so many people do it. It always makes me laugh.
  21. Here is my top 5, in no particular order, - Celine Dion - Mama Mia ( the film ) - reality TV - designer clothes - steak (I'm vegetarian now, but always thought it was over-rated.
  22. I thought that the original Dune was over-long, in my honest opinion. I remember getting very restless in the cinema. I only went because two of my mates were interested in going, and we were only 14. Maybe I will be mature enough to appreciate this version.
  23. scififan

    Project UFO

    Does anyone remember Project UFO? I didn't watch it the first time around, I would have been too young. It was aired between 1978-79. I think I caught the repeats a few years later when I was in my teens. I have noticed that when I try to find shows like this on YouTube, there are some that are available, but some only have clips that are one or two minutes long, which is frustrating.
  24. RB Leipzig really did show a lot of enthusiasm and freshness when beating Atletico Madrid. They are a strong team, and I am surprised to see that they are ahead of Barcelona in the betting, but of course, Barcelona have to get past Bayern today.
  25. Yes, @Classified, this was their hippy phase, but I think they were just following the style the Beatles went through, for example the use of the sitar. I cannot imagine Davey Jones using drugs. Allegedly, though, Nicholson did when working on this.
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