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  1. When bingeing, no one ever wants to move from an excellent movie to a boring one, and so I understand why you would abandon some of them along the way!
  2. It is one of those things I consider subjective because different things work for all of us. Everyone should stick to what works for them, rather than going for what others call popular opinion.
  3. I had a chat with a friend this evening who predicted that an outsider would win the EPL this season. It may be too early, but some teams have shown signs of aiming for the top. The top four could end up with one new entrant.
  4. I have heard numerous stories of people who left their careers to concentrate on writing. Some followed this path as a hobby, then ended up overwhelmed and having to make a choice. It may be about timing and also being passionate about everything they do.
  5. A good book isn't always a bestseller. In my view, it is that which gets read widely and receives good reviews. Some books get hyped and get mixed reviews, whereas others get popular without a lot of advertising.
  6. I prefer to set my regime rather than have someone else determine when I should keep fit. The downside is that inconsistency can set in. I think it depends on one's schedule, and a training partner can help in keeping someone in check.
  7. Everton is an improved team this season, and James Rodriguez has fitted into the EPL perfectly. When he arrived at Goodison Park, some fans were quick to criticize him with doubts as to whether he'd adapt to English football. Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara dictated the pace in midfield, but his prowess was not enough to earn the team the full 3 points.
  8. When sporting activities got canceled, arenas, fields, and stadiums remained vacant and silent. The prediction was that the situation would last until 2021 at the earliest. It was exciting to witness LA Lakers winning the NBA playoffs. Which competitions are you now eager to watch?
  9. The standards displayed in this season's competition could be the highest fans have witnessed in a long time. Manchester United and Liverpool lost by big margins over the weekend, but luckily, there is still time for the out-of-form teams to rectify their mistakes.
  10. Back in 1864, there was an election in the middle of a civil war. As per the constitution, the president's term ends on January 20, so delaying the elections could complicate matters. Doesn't mail-in voting create a proper and secure way to vote?
  11. I think having a clear understanding of the law, but not going to law school, helps politicians discharge their legislation-making mandate. Having a good team could help, and no, I would never want to be a politician!
  12. If you want to appreciate that technology and gaming go hand-in-hand, you have to look at what has changed in say, a decade. Different levels of difficulty weren't available at some point, but now, beginners can slowly advance their way up!
  13. According to Forbes, Brock Lesnar is the highest-paid member of WWE's active roster, yet the list doesn't include the likes of John Cena or Ronda Rousey. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Triple H are the other names in that order.
  14. Wow, I will have to watch this one hoping that it is worth every minute of the hype. What the story is all about will become clearer once it airs, but I can already see how interesting but twisted the plot could be.
  15. I have countless friends, some of whom I don't know. When Facebook got launched, there were mass registrations as everyone rushed to get the hang of it. I no longer accept any new friend requests; neither am I as active as I was twelve or so years ago.
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