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  1. With the various restrictions in place, it would be advisable to train alone most of the time. However, training in a group can have a positive effect on each participant, especially when there are similar goals.
  2. It is good to realize that the sporting arenas are now witnessing some activity, especially when everyone thought that it would take a year for normalcy to return. It could take sometime before the stadiums are full of fans, but at least we are in the right direction.
  3. I have not been keen on any comedies this year, though I wouldn't mind a few recommendations to keep me going. The Gentlemen seems like a fun action-comedy based on the trailer.
  4. The competition just got started, and it may be too early to predict how it will progress. However, I expect that the usual teams will reach the last eight. Bayern Munich, in particular, could be in this year's final.
  5. Boxing continues to be the most popular combat sport in the world, followed by mixed martial arts (MMA). Do you believe that the latter will surpass the former over time?
  6. Did you know that action games can enhance attentional control? A 2012 study found that games (in general) train gamers to learn and shape their attention. Unlike what most people think, they can also promote learning and discourage negative behaviors.
  7. Someone once suggested that mobile games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Archer, and Dr. Meep, among others. It takes a while for the hands to get used to gaming, and not playing for a long time could make a gamer rusty.
  8. I am content-obsessed, yet podcasts have never been my thing. I know a few friends who listen while running errands, cooking, or commuting. Perhaps I could start with your suggestions?
  9. The pandemic has probably gotten more people to explore more options, and unlike in the past, you're likely to come across a gaming controller in most living rooms. It is a trend that will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.
  10. I hadn't heard of this. Does this mean more teams from the different leagues? It would be more competitive if the draws got altered to include more clubs. We've seen teams from Spain dominate this competition for a long time, and this could change in the future.
  11. Well, it is not surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed celebrity. He cuts across the board, within or without football, as a sportsman, model, and endorser of brands. It would help if Instagram followed in Twitter's footsteps and got rid of the fake followers or bots. However, this seems highly unlikely, right?
  12. With an archive of about 1,300 chants and crowd noises, EA Sports is creating an artificial atmosphere during live matches. Before figuring this out, I used to wonder how there would be loud cheers when teams scored or boos when there was a controversial decision. How are you finding this?
  13. I just saw the trailer and spotted a Wade Williams look-alike (remember him from Prison Break?). I'd never heard of this until you mentioned it, and it should be an intriguing series to watch. When does it premiere?
  14. You are on the right track, though I'd choose fictionforums or thevividlines because they are both catchy and easy to remember. Are all these names available? All the best as you start the website.
  15. Would you say that these last three months of the year could see more movement and lifting of restrictions? Even when that happens, how long do economists predict it will take to turn around the global economy?
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