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  1. Whereas the winner of this year's EPL may not be an outsider per se, it is not going to be easy for them at all. Most teams added numbers during the transfer window, and the depth of a squad may be what makes the difference.
  2. As we speak, I am on four tabs, and I am just about to close two. How are you able to keep track of eighty-two of them? I can picture you scrolling through while looking for a particular website.
  3. Yes, the Champions League is back, and how I wish we had fans in the stadia! The fake noises change the atmosphere, but it would a different feeling if we had at least a few fans. Either way, I believe it is just a matter of time before this happens.
  4. Keeping a regular exercising routine requires discipline, and a training partner doesn't necessarily fix the problem. This arrangement works for some people and doesn't work for others. It depends on the goals and targets set!
  5. It is such a beautiful song; I'd listen to it countless times. The strumming of the guitar adds a certain feeling too. Featuring his daughter highlights the common bond that we see in most father-daughter relationships! I also saw them perform If It Be Your Will (a Leonard Cohen cover) together.
  6. I have been binge-watching documentaries, reading books, and spending time outdoors (hiking and mountain climbing). Unlike a few months back, there are more activities to participate in now. Which one has been your favorite concert so far?
  7. A few months back, I read about WWE and AEW planning to have fans in attendance once again. If I am not wrong, audience-less shows continue to take place. How soon before we go back to the norm?
  8. A recent study found that out of a sample of 5,000 people, 52% of them played games on their PCs or laptops. At the same time, most of them (about 90%), also played on their phones or tablets. Do you, like me, find it hard to game on your phone or tablet?
  9. You can buy either of these, depending on how much you're willing to spend. High-end phones will cost almost as much as a DSLR. Like @coleman says, first be sure that there is a serious interest in photography!
  10. The newly-promoted teams are giving the other teams a run for their money, and now the race for the Champions League spots just went a notch higher. I can't wait for the EPL to resume after the international break.
  11. Have you heard the rumors regarding the return of this TV show? A few days ago, Dominic Purcell hinted at its return but didn't confirm when the filming would begin. The COVID-19 restrictions could delay the announcement, but either way, a lot of people are hoping the rumors are true. What are your thoughts?
  12. Then this means that the mailman has a whole bunch of keys? I saw a video that was listing the various ways US citizens can vote, and the use of mail is one option; how practical is this?
  13. Future technology will lean towards automation, and some jobs could be at risk. Just as you say, the catch is that the use of robotics is expensive, and it may take a while before every manufacturing company adopts this.
  14. I don't know anyone who uses it, yet I believe that the past few years have seen a rise in speech technology in gaming. Do you think future gaming will adopt this technology, and if so, wouldn't this lower the learning curve for beginners?
  15. The hype is understandable, but it comes down to whether the representatives for both athletes want to make this happen. It would be great to see these two fight. Who do you think would bring the superior pure wrestling pedigree to the ring?
  16. No one is leaving anything to chance now, but I am unsure if everybody around your area is agreeable to this? What if, as @coleman says, every other group is doing their part and following laid down regulations?
  17. It feels like this competition is yet to grow in prestige and class, but with more blue-chip sponsors coming on board, maybe more people will regard it as a serious competition. Do you think something about the format needs to change?
  18. I didn't watch this game to the end, then woke to the news that Sevilla won the cup for a record sixth time. I was rooting for Inter Milan to win, and at 2-2, both teams had a chance to triumph. Unfortunately, Lukaku scored an own goal to gift the trophy to the opponents.
  19. I was stuck with Grindstone for a while too. Right now, What The Golf, Shinsekai Into the Depths, and Spaceland are my new favorites. I will try out Bleak Sword next. The vast catalog of games can be overwhelming, yet the variety also offers some fun.
  20. You know, watching the trailer took me back to the days when Harrison Ford was the name on everyone's lips. I enjoyed Fugitive, just the same way Paranoia, Air Force One, and Patriot Games were fun to watch.
  21. You know 100 million viewers watched players compete in the World Championship of the League of Legends (a multiplayer online battle arena video game). That tells you how much gaming has gripped the globe. Tech companies like Google and Apple have developed gaming products due to the surging demand; more of them could/will join the fray.
  22. FedEx, one of the team's notable corporate sponsors, actually made a formal request for the change of name. As you say, some guy (a 61-year old actuary) now stands in the way, having (in the past) registered countless team nicknames.
  23. Back in the day, a friend I was visiting was watching Lost. This TV series had passengers from a crashed plane stranded on an island, and many people got confused with the numerous flashbacks. I gladly watched all the six seasons, whereas my friend never got past the first!
  24. I haven't been to a picnic cookout for a while. Either way, I always have to choose from a lemon orzo salad, grilled halloumi, avocado, and tuna salad wraps or salmon with grapefruit and lentil salad.
  25. Bill W

    Favorite old movie

    Bull Durham is such a blast from the past, but I only remember going over online reviews and not watching it. My favorite movie from the past is Honey, starring Jessica Alba. I watched the movie countless times!
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