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  1. A choice between hockey and golf, hands down hockey! The fighting, blood, missing teeth and gore! I do watch golf though. I'm still a Tiger Woods fan. There has been a lot of golf on tv lately.
  2. My wife watches these. I can honestly say that I might have watched 15 minutes of an episode once ever. There are shows she watches alone and shows I watch alone.
  3. I've got to look into these adult softball leagues. I'm not sure I could hit a slow pitch. Aren't those usually pretty high arc? There is no way I'd be in shape enough for a semi professional football team.
  4. I read that they were leaving the middle seat empty. I have not flown in a while and probably won't. I don't want to breathe in people's germs right now. I think mandatory masks would be a start.
  5. This sounds like a great idea! I bet the local children would love it. I'm going to look into it too. Let me know how yours turns out. I wonder what those screens cost now.
  6. Do you volunteer with children? It could be by being a scout leader (either boy or girl). You could coach a youth sports team or be a parent helper. Do you do anything?
  7. Were you athletic in school? What sports did you play? Do you play any as an adult? Do you have kids? Are they into sports? I played baseball, basketball and football all through school. I play baseball with friends now.
  8. Now that is pretty cool! I love science! Yeah, way too close for comfort! I think it would be cool to see in person but at a distance.
  9. I have been expecting these things to happen. I really thought it was going to be more motorcycle gangs against the antifa. I really hope that something gives soon and things stop.
  10. DJames


    I was waiting to see if you went. I'm glad you decided to give it a go. Yeah, my shoulders hurt after my first time too. Hope you didn't forget your sunscreen.
  11. Sanchez for a grand slam to take the lead in game 2. 5 to 1... Come on team. They play the Ray's tomorrow. That will be a key series for them. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and to get the next 3 outs.
  12. My wife ripped out some dying summer flowers today and tomorrow we will be planting mums. We got local pumpkins and gourds today too. I'm ready for fall, football, chili and sweatshirts.
  13. Not a single one! I love rock music. HairNation is the radio station I listen to. I have been to numerous rock concerts here in the U.S. Who are your favorites?
  14. I was lucky because Troy was picked on his first eligible year. I can wait another year. It will be great to see everyone next year. This is 1 event that I didn't get a refund for.
  15. My wife and I just stumbled onto this show on Netflix. I believe there are 2 seasons now. Anyone watch it? So far I really enjoy it. We are only 4 episodes in but we are loving it. Anyone up to date? Does it stay good?
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