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  1. Haven't Sky1 got the rights to every brand new HBO series now? Hope so, as I have heard amazing stuff about this show.
  2. Hey, If you were a TV Producer and had to pick a TWO member for a certain reality show, which member would you choose? Which member would suit the format of each reality show? Would you pick someone crazy for Big Brother or someone who displays intelligence in their posts at TWO to take part in The Apprentice? Make your picks now - Which TWO member would suit (bearing in mind their posting styles); Big Brother : I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here : The Apprentice : X Factor : Strictly Come Dancing : Thank you.
  3. Pabster


    Good to see you Marky.
  4. Robbie was on 25k a week at Liverpool during his second spell at the club. I'm sure Cardiff will be able to offer just about lower package, especially if you count the £5m income from Chopra's sale.
  5. Hey, Today is the 23rd Birthday of Miss T! Happy Birthday Misty, have a brilliant day. :)
  6. Pabster

    TWO = SEVEN!

    I have been asleep for a year, my alarm just went off!
  7. Pabster

    TWO = SEVEN!

    Happy 7th Birthday to TWO. :)
  8. Did you buy the can of Fanta today too?
  9. Looking forward to what 2K Sports have got to offer this year, especially NBA 2K8 as NBA 2K7 is a top top game.
  10. Well in Nando! Made up for him.
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