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  1. I've seen an uptick in some colleges around me. Parties, frats, etc. Our governor just closed all in school classes in 2 colleges. Hopefully kids will learn to take it serious.
  2. Interesting. I think I would look for comfy chairs and put pillows and blankets out too. I have a large TV but I was thinking of the screen. I'm going to research it a bit and see what I come up with.
  3. I didn't read that employers had the option. I thought if the President signed an executive order, everyone has to follow. Interesting though. I will look more into this. I have heard nothing at my job and I am finance.
  4. I thought I saw that they were leaving a seat in between empty. All passengers must wear a mask the entire time they are on the plane too. My cousin just flew, I'll ask her what else happened.
  5. I think they are safe but I think you should always watch your children to be sure they are safe. If your children are young, you should be standing with them to help sturdy them.
  6. Football as in soccer? I see nothing wrong with girls playing soccer. Do you mean in gym class? I know a lot of girls that are amazing at soccer.
  7. So I just read the latest on this and it looks like you can take the deferral but would be double taxed next year (for first 4 months). I'm not sure that it is even worth it. Anyone know anything more?
  8. Yes! It is only getting worse too. The prices have almost doubled here. We built a sandbox with pressure treated wood. It cost us $150 for the wood alone.
  9. Ticks! We own a bit of land and some of it is wooded. It has been horrible the last couple of years for ticks. They have been out every season but winter.
  10. I have not played or seen Animal Crossing. It sounded like a kid's game to me too. We do play Modern Warfare at our house. I figured that one would be popular.
  11. I didn't read Snowden's book yet. It is on my list though. Did you hear that President Trump was looking into his case. Do you think he will pardon him? I have never heard of the TV show but it sounds good.
  12. Rylan - those are great names! I say name her whatever makes you happy. I've always gone with the non-traditional names too. If she likes Sarah, Sarah it is.
  13. I was so hopeful in the beginning of the season. We were clicking and winning. We do have quite a few "sluggers" on the IL. DJ LeMahieu is my favorite player. He can hit the ball anywhere! I saw that he could be back by the end of the weekend. Maybe with Judge back and DJ, the bats will get working again. You have to hit the ball to put up the runs. You can't win with limited offense.
  14. That sounds amazing! I've gotten my hair done a few times during the pandemic. I want a massage! I just don't dare or even know if they are open yet.
  15. Okay I can say I kind of understand it to a point. I think some feel that they have to speak out because they are a public figure. We can speak out but we don't have the audience that they have. I also think that there are other ways for them to speak out, instead of boycotting.
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