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  1. President Trump says that our economy will bounce back quickly. I have my doubts. A lot of restrictions get lifted here and then all heck breaks loose and we get a lot more positive cases.
  2. Anyone play any of the Crash Bandicoot games? I heard there is a new one coming out. I'm pretty excited about it. It will be a fun family game. I'm sure my kids will like it.
  3. Betts


    This is my favorite time of the year, when the leaves change color. We are going to take a motorcycle ride this weekend to scope out the changing leaves. We have 4 different seasons where I live (different weather seasons).
  4. What is your go to dish in the fall? Temps are getting cooler and we are looking to try new things. If you make chili, post your recipe.
  5. What is the lemon law there? I would think sold as-is or unseen would be bad. How the heck did it catch fire? Like what part did?
  6. Ha ha scatman! Well they lost 7 in a row! Finally won last night. Double header today against the Mets (Subway Series). Who is your team?
  7. I have not paid as much attention but I would imagine it has. I can't imagine any MMA fighting has been going on. Heck our governor just gave the okay to open gyms back up. 33% capacity and mask wearing at all times!
  8. That is wonderful! Your dad sounds great! I drive a Harley too. It's been many years for me. There is nothing like it! Is it an 883 or 1200?
  9. Who? Ha... I didn't even know that this was Michael Jackson's son. The crap they put put there these days is ridiculous! Who cares, really? Then again what else is there to report on?
  10. Oh, interesting for sure. I watch it too and I read every Stephen King book. What a great advantage Joe had. I'm going to be thinking about this now that I know.
  11. Here in the U.S. it's up to each state as to what they are doing. Some have already opened, some not yet. Here where I live, schools open September 8th. They are all hybrid, so 2 days in class, 3 days home (virtual).
  12. Anyone else a Yankees fan? They have lost 5 of their last games in a row! Ugh!! Sometimes I think it's Boone and the way he plays so many different players. I feel like they can't get into a rhythm.
  13. Wait, so you think by just eliminating referees and umpires it will make sports safer? I don't see how anything will make football (American) safe. There is no social distancing there.
  14. As in sports here in the states. The home team has the advantage, home fans. They yell loud when needed and heckle the other team. Yes, fans have an influence on a game.
  15. Betts

    Only... movie

    I just read that Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) has a new movie out. It's called Only. It's only on Netflix I guess. Anyone watch it yet? Is it any good? I liked him on The Walking Dead but not sure I'd like this movie.
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