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  1. I just read that the show NOS4A2 was canceled and won't be back next year for season 3. I was shocked but it happens. I didn't know that Kirkman was involved with all of those either.
  2. I think soccer is a great sport. Here in the US people aren't made to play (unless it's gym class). If you are speaking about gym class then yes they should be made to play. I've got a couple of friends that let their daughters play real American football in school.
  3. What a sad story. He died from cancer on Friday. I didn't know that he had cancer. I read that he kept it a secret and battled it while acting and visiting children with cancer. He played some great parts in excellent movies. My favorite was Black Panther.
  4. My wife loves these days too. I buy her gift certificates for manicures and pedicures at each holiday. I know a lot of guys complain how much their wives spend on these things. Not me, if it helps her relax I am all for it.
  5. Oh my goodness, you want to rehome the flies. They will just come right back inside! I have not noticed too many flies. The ticks are crazy though. They have been for a few years.
  6. My parents want to build an addition on to their house. They had a contractor come over for an estimate. Holy smokes! It was crazy high. The contractor said the cost of lumber is out of control right now.
  7. What are your thoughts on Wade? I see he was commentating. I heard he might "unretire" and join NXT. Anyone excited about this? I think he retired in 2016.
  8. Are any of your favorite fall shows canceled? Which ones are you most excited to see come back? I have not checked yet to see what is back or not. I know my favorite, The Walking Dead will be back soon.
  9. I knew the Rays would give them a hard time, but the Braves. I was miffed after watching yesterday's games! I do think that part is because of ever changing rotation of players. Like where is the connection when it's different players every other game.
  10. Thoughts on some teams boycotting the playoffs because of all the social injustice? I'm all for protesting but if I boycotted work I wouldn't be paid. This is their job. Honestly though I don't watch the NBA anymore because of all of the politics.
  11. That was great! I loved listening to them back in the day. I do agree that it's great that a lot of older bands are still out there doing their thing.
  12. I'm from the states and have no idea about this "bubble". You've peaked my interest so I'm going to go look it up. I'm more of a NFL and MLB fan though.
  13. Eastman Kodak did deal with imaging ages ago. They have really taken a downturn over the years. I live about 45 miles from their headquarters. I think it's great news that they are taking this step! They have never made prescriptions before, totally different field for them. I hope it brings a ton of new jobs.
  14. I'm on the East coast of the states. We are having one heck of a storm. 600,000 people up the coast without power. I've got a feeling I'll be called out of my area to work this week.
  15. Yeah, I hope it's just a rumor. I like what Negan brings to the show. They keep killing off the fan favorites. I'm ready for them to move on past the Whisperers. I can't wait for season 11.
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