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  1. They kind of had to though, after the loss to Cena. If he had lost to Trips too, his character would have had no credibility. Especially since Brock's supposed to be bringing "legitamacy" to the WWF.
  2. Gotta love Punks Wrestling geekyness... The Hart-like attire, the Jimmy Snuka pose, dude knows how to entertain. Good match. This dude can't sing live for shit... Jesus.
  3. :lol Cenas shorts seem to get tighter and shorter with every ppv.
  4. Yeah, I actually thought about that after I posted, just couldn't be asked to edit. You're right, I for one don't want to see a past his prime Foley on my screen. The Trips thing (if it's true) just pissed me off.
  5. Mick Foley did put "The Game" gimmick over though, the same way he put The Rock having a legitamate Heel side over, and the same way he put Edge over, making us all believe he deserved to be a top guy. If there is any truth to that article, Trips is an idiot. Foley is the go-to guy to get new gimmicks/wrestlers about to break that glass ceiling over. Even McMahon knows that.
  6. Ok, fair enough... In that case... He's nothing but a Mid-Carder who has occasionally been a part of a couple of Main Events.:P :lol
  7. For me, main eventing a couple of ppv's or shows or being given a championship run (Rey Mysterio) doesn't automatically qualify you as a bonafide Main Event. Most guys who work hard and have good relationships backstage will eventually get a shot. Eddie Guerrero is a prime example of this, one of the best wrestlers of all time, great charisma, world champ, etc. But in the grand scheme of things can he (Benoit too for that matter) be truly considered Main Eventers? Sure they Main Evented, but I wouldn't consider them, MAIN EVENTERS per se. For me a Main Eventer is someone who draws consistently, Hogan, Cena, Flair, Austin, Rock, Trips, Dusty Rhodes, etc... Guys who regardless of whether they have a belt or not were consistently at the top of the heap because they put bums on seats, sold merchandise and were who the people came to see. Night after night. That to me, in my opinion is a Main Eventer.
  8. Agreed. To be fair, Main Eventing in ECW, especially towards the latter part wasn't exactly Main Eventing, in the grand scheme of Pro Wrestling... If you understand where I'm coming from? I mean, I personally could never consider Sandman or Mickey Whipwreck Main Eventers, if that makes sense?
  9. The "Goldberg" chants cracked me up at the last Raw. If nothing else, his re-introduction has been a lot more impressive then Alberts...
  10. I had a lot of those figures, blue plastic ring included... The memories. :)
  11. Vince's billion $ walk... One word: EPIC... :lol
  12. Anyone got any ideas on how to watch Mayweather/Cotto tonight, my Sky is playing up? Thank you in advance!
  13. This... I've never had so much fun reading a thread before...:lol
  14. Will Benoit ever become a HoF inductee? Probably not. Was it not proven that Benoit had brain damage, I can't remember? If it was, then surely that would mean he was not in control or aware of what he was doing? I know of quite a few murder cases, where the guilty party was proven insane etc and sent to hospital wings, specialist hospitals, even being released back into society after successful treatment. Not that any of the above has any bearing on Benoit being inducted, or re-introduced to the wrestling world. Just thinking out loud.
  15. I said the match was great but seamus going over bryan pissed me off so much I can't comment/lost for words, left me feeling "meh..." That is hardly the same as saying "you're too mad to say anything about a match." ESPECIALLY when I've already called the match "great" beforehand.
  16. But that's not what I said... If I had, then yes, his comment would have had merit.
  17. Nonetheless, the context and way in which he replied to my original post was unnecessary and pointless.
  18. I don't like Seamus, I find him extremely generic unless pitted against someone good enough to make him look good, I.E; Bryan. "Two out of three" is a gimmick match, and I already stated that the actual match was great... I don't understand what exactly you were trying to point out with that useless post mate?
  19. Just watched the ppv... I enjoyed it, solid matches. I guess I'm in the minority (nothing new there, lol) but; I thought Cena/Lesnar was brilliantly brutal and due to the story that was told during the match, it was the right choice for Cena to go over. Both came out of the match looking strong... Lesnar is a BEAST, everything he does looks real, the mannerisms, move set, he is Brilliant. I thought his ring attire didn't suit the "WWF environment," but once they started fighting it fit. He just got better and better. The match ending I'm NOT happy with is Seamus/Daniels, whilst the match was great, Daniels should have won. I'm too pissed to even comment on it... Meh. The Diva match should have swapped places with Orton/Kane in terms of position on the card. I don't know what happened in the match other then my 2nd favourite diva returned. (I don't watch Diva matches, I just stare when a fav of mine is involved. lol) All in all, a solid PPV, much better the WM... Cody should now be given the longest IC title run push... :xyx
  20. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, the Tensai gimmick is utter shite, it's like the Generation era all over again. I've tried to give it time... Gets worse every week. Kofi/Jericho was great, although the middle of Jerichos chest looks more and more caved in every week. Kane is boring, Orton is boring, their feud is EXTREMELY boring... Rhodes and ADR, great wrestlers, worked well together. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, Cody is the future. Even his semi rip-off of AJ's hood ramp entrance was great. He needs to get the IC belt back at extreme rules and go on a Honky Tonk like run with it. Miz being relegated to an extreme rules match against Santino on YouTube......:lol:wallbash: Sky advertising WWF in an advert during the break of what was WWF Monday Night Raw. Priceless. :lol
  21. The sound dubbing was terrible... The crowd reactions... WWE Programmers really know how to ruin the atmosphere of a show.
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