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  1. That's awesome that you are writing a book! I have never tried to. I doubt people would want to read anything that I write. I bet they do have to really buckle down and get things done.
  2. My wife loves to make homemade soup and chili. I don't cook much but I love cooler weather food. I do make a mean chili but I just toss things in.
  3. We have bonfires all the time. We have them in the summer but my favorite are in the fall when it is cooler. We do sparklers on the 4th of July.
  4. I saw they suspended Chapman for 3 games. He appealed it though. Both managers were fined too. Yankees are getting beat right now. It will be interesting in the playoffs when they meet again.
  5. I hate deadlines! I have them often too. I just do what I can and then leave it at work. Taking the tension and frustration home is no good. It's not healthy for anyone.
  6. RandyW


    I have been looking into buying a new bike. I own a Harley and a Suzuki. My buddy wants me to look at an Indian. Who owns one? How are they? I'm having a hard time thinking about not buying a Harley.
  7. That is sweet! You really are lucky. I own a couple of bikes, one is a Harley. If this Sporty is more powerful than your Suzuki, be careful. I know some Sporty bikes are light in the front. Too much gas and you'll be on one tire!
  8. RandyW


    We went and I'll be happy to report that I had a blast! I didn't fall in, must be I can balance (I drive a motorcycle). We were out for about 2 hours. I figured that was enough to start. I was sore the next day but not too bad. I'm looking to buy some kayaks now.
  9. Shadowedge, it's not coming along very good. I had to pour the floor first and the concrete company changed my date. He pushed us off for 2 weeks! I checked lumber prices again and it's crazy.
  10. I loved all of these movies too. I have no favorite, thought all were great. I've never heard of Hobbs and Shaw... I'll have to look that one up.
  11. I couldn't or wouldn't want to do it that late but kudos to them. My kids were up and off to college by then. I wanted to be a young grandparent.
  12. We are in the beginning stages of building a new garage. I can't believe the cost of lumber and the shortage too. The pressure treated looks horrible with knots and cracks! Anyone else seeing this increase?
  13. Probably not because I think the cost will be through the roof. I'd love to but I've got other things to buy. I bet a lot of people will though!
  14. Anyone see the news about the Rock buying the NFL for 15 million? I have watched a game or two of the XFL but I don't really know any teams. Do you think that this was a good choice?
  15. Not a fan of the NBA so I don't know whats up with this bubble? I'll have to look it up too. Doubt it will make me watch but I'll look.
  16. Sweet on being a lineman, a real one too as it sounds. We got hit pretty hard with the storm. We didn't lose power thankfully! Good luck if you get called out.
  17. I am loving watching baseball. I just hope that the teams stay healthy enough to continue playing. Yankees are doing great, losing right now but doing great for the season.
  18. Anyone watch this show? I was thinking of catching up on Netflix. I've never seen it. Is it anything like The Walking Dead? Any of the same actors?
  19. I hate fingerprints on my phone so I use an eyeglass wipe cleaner on it several times a day. I've been doing this for years though. I don't do anything extra to my phone due to COVID-19.
  20. I just read where Michonne will be back next season for the entire season. I'm not sure how true that is. To be honest, she's not one of my favorites. I hope Negan is around for a while.
  21. I really don't have extra time. I'm an essential worker so I'm still working crazy hours. I don't have to run the kids around as much but that's about it.
  22. I don't know how they are going to let fans in the stands this year (for any sport). It sucks, but I read Troy's statement on it. Pretty much, what's another year. He was the bomb on the field.
  23. What's your favorite Marvel movie? Have you seen them all? I really enjoyed Endgame but to be honest I liked most of them. I'm pretty sure that I've seen them all.
  24. Any other places popping up like this? I was afraid if they didn't do something soon these groups would be popping up everywhere. Glad it's been taken care of.
  25. Nope, but it was one that I wanted to go see. It's pretty cool that these artists are doing things like this. I'd love to see Garth live someday too.
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