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  1. Spade


    I don’t know about China but honestly different rumours have been crazily spread recently everywhere and I feel like it’s just creating more and more fear. And this is very likely what politicians want for their own political purposes. The world is getting crazier and crazier (as always though).
  2. Seems like my beach dream will indeed just stay as a dream. Some people I know are trying to have virtual travels on the Internet. There seem to be some websites that have real time cameras in different countries. It can be a fun thing to watch real time street view (I must be bored). I’m asking for the website honestly.
  3. Nothing changed much to me honestly. I don’t think celebs’ responses to the pandemic is that influencing because probably it’s well scripted to suit their own images. I don’t know. It’s just how I think.
  4. I like channels such as Crash course and TED the most. They are inspirational. For entertainment purpose, I watched Buzzfeed a lot back then but now I just feel like I want something else.
  5. Interesting topic. I honestly, doubt if it is entirely possible because going online is just like you walking on the road, you must have some footprints somewhere. Whether those footprints will be intentionally tacked or not might be another question though.
  6. It’s almost May but the corona situation doesn’t seem to get any better. I was having all my hopes and expectations for this summer but now I am not so certain. Though I truly hope that things can get better in the coming couple of months and that we can still have our summer on the beach or somewhere, at least. Are there any plans you want to achieve in the summer?
  7. Spade


    I never used Zoom for social gathering online. As far as I know there is time limit for each session on Zoom. Or am I missing something?
  8. Even if it’s not mandatory, I just think we should all wear it, not only for protecting ourselves, but others as well. Of course social distancing is much more important but sometimes you just can’t avoid getting contact with other people.
  9. I don’t hear people using DuckDuckGo often. I don’t even know it that well personally as well. I just have doubts whether it is indeed as trustworthy and protective as it claims to be.
  10. It’s somehow sad when we think about whether corona will affect relationships, if you think about it. That means people can’t get it together when they spend more time with each other or when they are under stress. I hope the figure won’t be big.
  11. The kanjis in Japanese are indeed quite difficult but you can get used to it and even the locals don’t always know well about the kanji system. Of course getting yourself to speak with the natives help a lot. Learning the grammar only allows you to know about the language, but if you talk with the locals or immense yourself into the culture and learn the language from the way they think, it helps you grasping the essence of the language quicker than you can expect!
  12. I spent time with my assignments and quarantine has actually made me forgotten that it’s Easter. Somehow the concept of time is running weird for me right now I guess!
  13. Oh I thought you can already call yourself a multilingual if you know 3 or above. I think most Swiss people are multilingual. They at least know the language of their region (French/German/Italian) and they have to learn one other language of a different region, plus English, The Swiss I know mostly know about 4 or 5 languages. Though sometimes it’s hard to say when you truly feel like you know a language. I learned Japanese for years, and it was only around the 3rd year that I am confident with saying ”I know Japanese” to others. Languages feel like a never-ending journey to me, but usually a fun one!
  14. Binge watching... depends on the person and probably the mood that day. Sometimes I can, some days even when I have nothing to do, I still don’t feel like watching anything, at all.
  15. I hope he will be fine... well, everyone else too... I mean, all are lives. I think many, even the academia are still in shock that a virus can be that threatening to the society order, in a global scale.
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