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  1. How many people have been to a live concert? Which artist was your favorite? Was it the music or the show? I've been to many concerts. It's hard to pick my favorite. I would say Skynyrd was my favorite.
  2. We are doing pretty good right now. Schools will be starting up in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly. I really hope that there is a vaccine soon.
  3. I am a 4H leader and I also help out with swimming lessons in the summer. I love giving back and I love kids, so both of these do just that. It's great to see other people volunteer too.
  4. I played softball, volleyball and basketball. My favorite was softball. I play on a woman's league still. I was going to try playing on a coed team this fall. Fordy is the league you play in fast pitch or slow pitch?
  5. Coleman, I wish I knew. There is cheating in every sport and it stinks. I really hope that it stops but I doubt it will. Look at the Pats in the NFL.
  6. Okay maybe I exaggerate a little. My dad just traded me my bike (Suzuki) for his Harley Sporster (anniversary series with 2600 miles on it). He isn't able to drive it anymore and wanted it to stay in the family. I should say that he bought me the Suzuki 4 years ago.
  7. Honestly I am not 100% sure where the money went or how it helped. I just know that we were told that all proceeds went to the Fort near us. I have done many toys for tots donations too.
  8. We have had a very hot summer (short though). It's a high of 68 today and back into 80 degree days next week. It's just silly. Global warming or not. Although I don't think global warming has anything to do with the odd snow and cold we had.
  9. Wait, the games aren't the same depending on where you live? I didn't know that. It's kind of crazy if you ask me. I thought the Switch was the same regardless of where you live.
  10. Too many injuries! Their sluggers are out right now. Stanton, Torres, DJ and more are out on the injured list. Judge just came back and didn't have great games yesterday.
  11. Betts, same here. A hybrid schedule which works just fine for now. The only problem is that they aren't allowing most Fall sports to be played. A lot of parents are scared to send their kids back.
  12. This weekend I'm finally going to get a day of pampering in. I've got a manicure and pedicure appointment in the morning. I'm also getting my hair done! It's been too long!
  13. Today we went on a motorcycle group ride to benefit the military. There were about 240 bikes! It was great. People lined the streets with flags and waves. I've been on many rides, this was my favorite. It was called a troup ride. Anyone ride?
  14. Loved how they piped in noise to try to make it more normal. Did you see Dr. Fauci's throw! What the heck! Aaron Judge got the first hit of the season and Stanton the first homerun! Let's go Yankees!
  15. Exactly Greylien! Nothing peaceful about that mess at all. There have been many peaceful protests but this wasn't one of them. I totally agree shame on the City of Portland.
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