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  1. Yeah, my husband does not watch it either. I stopped a bit ago but wondered who still did. I can't believe that I used to watch. I certainly wouldn't ever go on the show. No way would I let the man I liked date all those other women.
  2. What a feel good story. I love when we see professional athletes get engaged or married to their "before famous" girlfriends. He got engaged over the weekend.
  3. KaliR

    Lid shortage

    You can only use the lids once (when canning). Once they are processed they won't seal a second time. They are sold separately too because the jars and rings can be used for many years. There is a shortage here too.
  4. I read the same. It was supposed to start today and run through the end of the calendar year. I first thought he said it would not have to be paid back if he won reelection. Now it sounds like he will make it be paid back. I think companies have the option to offer it?
  5. I was shocked when I heard this news. Shocked because I like you didn't know he was fighting cancer. I only knew of that movie. What else did he play in?
  6. Does anyone watch these shows? I did back when they first started to air. I wonder how many of these couples are still together. I believe Ryan and Trista... any others?
  7. We have played Animal Crossing. It is pretty fun. The kids love it too. I have seen Modern Warfare. My husband plays this one with his friends.
  8. Yes, heaven! I hope your day was relaxing! I would give anything for a massage! I would love to get a nice head massage and style too.
  9. Any James Patterson fans here? I have recently started reading his books. There are so many to choose from. Any favorites? Any authors that are similar?
  10. I think ticket prices for professional sports will be crazy high. People want to go, they will pay whatever to just go. I know I want to go! I'll pay whatever to just go.
  11. Wow, this is a tough one. I love looking at people's photos! 1. The news! The news is the news, everyone broadcasts a different side. 2. Election year... all the negative politics drive me crazy. 3. Crab legs... ha ha.. so many people love all you can eat crab legs, I think it taste dirty! 4. Fake friends... so many people have a lot of friends (many fake). I like that I have a few close friends. That's it, I try to stay positive!
  12. Some sports are starting back up here too but not all. No football here (not college or school). Our governor is tough too, a lot of his decisions make zero sense.
  13. KaliR

    Group ride

    Love this! I do ride and I've been on a couple of troup rides. Every year we go on a "wounded warrior" ride too. A few weeks ago I went on a benefit ride to support a couple the youth of our town.
  14. Interesting thought, chess with one. I don't have one but I'd be interested into getting one. I honestly don't know anyone that has one. Have they lost some of their bulk?
  15. I loved the X Files too! I'm mad that they canceled Criminal Minds. The show went on and on for ages but I loved it. It scared me but I still watched it. I haven't seen any others that were canceled yet.
  16. Hmmm. I don't know either. I mean with baseball going on now, they have to be there to take pictures. I bet they are able to collect unemployment.
  17. There is a teenager in my hometown that wants to be a MMA fighter. I'm from a small town. Anyone know anyone personally who went into this field? Did they make it to be a professional? Any tips?
  18. Lost was my absolute favorite show to watch back when it was on. I loved watching it. I do have to admit that I don't think I ever watched the last season. Life got busy and I never went back to watch. I wonder if it's on Netflix.
  19. KaliR

    Favorite old movie

    If you've only read reviews, you should watch it. It's a great old movie. I've never watched Honey. I do like Jessica Alba, so I'll have to look to see if I can find it and what it's about.
  20. Yum! I have never made any of those items. I'll have to look them up for the recipes to try. Were they a big hit when you took them?
  21. I've been invited to a cookout almost every week. I always have to take a dish to pass. I'm getting sick of making mac salad. What's your go-to dish? Post a recipe if you have one.
  22. What's your favorite older movie? Do you ever just want to binge watch old movies all day? I've been watching a lot of older movies on TV. I'm watching Bull Durham right now.
  23. Hmmm... it doesn't make a lot of sense, but then again a lot doesn't. I thought in the comics he became some kind of a leader (good guy) after Rick was killed. He's someone you love to hate.
  24. I read where some guy went and trademarked a bunch of Washington names too. Either he is looking to be paid if they choose one or what would be the reason he would do that?
  25. Exactly Bill! Something needs to be done. I hope with all of this and the police brutality issues, something good happens. I don't know if I believe what Nascar came back with, that the rope had been there since 2019.
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