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  1. i'm surprised because your usually ill on my birthday... but thanks everyone else
  2. my god your getting old now, :lol, still happy birthday bruv, hope you have had a good day!!
  3. alarm goes off at 5:45am hit snooze Alarm goes off again at 6:00am Get up toilet Get Dressed Go downstairs put the kettle on take dog outside/unlock gate have a cuppa smoke brush teeth/wash do hair/make up make sure got everything walk down road for the bus its the same nearly every day, tuesdays are my day off so i have a lazy day, then i have every other weekend off so when those come round i go shopping on saturday and stay in bed all day sunday
  4. i'm an offline advisor for BT, which is a good thing in a way because i dont have to talk to angry customers :lol
  5. i've had 2 tattoo's done and i dont think they really hurt, its more like a straching/stinging more then a pain, mine are on my wrist and the only time i felt a pain was when they went over my vain, as for heeling i found mine ichy and painful if i had knocked my wrist when i was asleep oh and i kept having the urge to pick the scabs
  6. darky what time are we meeting up and where because i've forgotten
  7. i'm working on monday collecting glasses at our local club then i'm babysitting during the night while my mate goes to work
  8. my limp bizkit goodie bag.. i had actually won tickets to go watch him.. but he had to cancel so i got a free goodie bag instead
  9. :(... thats about all i can do really is.. :( anyway.. he still cant get the day off work (am still trying to sweet talk his mum as i cant do anything wrong in his mummy's eyes :)) but if i convince my mum i'll be coming through on my own
  10. he is never gonna live that down hehe, well i'm trying to convince my other half to come with me and also trying to convince mum to let me go.. i know i'm 18 and that but my doggie misses me :lol if i can con mum into letting me come over sorted :) sod my other half if he cant make it hehe
  11. in 5 years i hope to have a nice paying job, nice house, someone special living in the house with me :) maybe a child running around if i got my own way :D
  12. £16 pound on a scratchcard.. not alot i know but i'm proud because it was the first ever scratchcard i brought on my 16th birthday
  13. Happy birthday buddy hope you have a good day :xyx :hbday
  14. i think its wrong, because its a human life that there killing, if they dont want a child they should learn to use protection or see a doctor and go on the pill or something in can stop them getting pregnant, if i got pregnant i couldn't just go and have an abortion, the only way i would have one is if there was something seriously wrong.
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